Women Artists

Women Artists

Women Artists

Recommended reading:

D. Cherry, Painting
P.G. Nunn, Victorian Women Artists (London, 1987)
T. Garb and K. Adler, Berthe Morisot (Oxford, 1986)
A. Higonnet, Berthe Morisot’s Images of Women (Cambridge, MA., 1993)
A. Boime, ‘The Case of Rosa
W. Chadwick, ‘The Fine Art of

Suggested reading:

C. Yeldham, Women Artists in Nineteenth-Century France and England (New York, 1974)
C. Campbell Orr, ed., Women in the Victorian Art World (Manchester and New York, 1995)
G. Doy, ‘Hidden from
G. Doy, Women and Visual Culture in Nineteenth-Century France, 1800-1852 (London and New York, 1998)
M.D. Sheriff, The Exceptional
D. Ashton, Rosa

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