Lectures & Courses on Art History

SAVE THE CHILDREN ZOOM TALK: Children in Victorian Art

ZOOM COURSE 2020: A Stroll Round Tate Britain

Held on: Zoom (I will be recording my talk but this will not include any video or audio of participants)
Lecturer: Dr. Laurence Shafe
  • Part 1: Wednesday 23 September 2020 – 18 November 2020 (eight classes with a half-term break on 28 October 2020)
  • Part 2: Wednesday 6 January 2021 – 3 March 2021 (eight classes with a half-term break on 17 February 2021)
Time: 10:45-11:45 (I will start the Zoom session at 10:30 to allow for set up time and I will begin the talk sharp at 10:45)
Fee: Free
Description: The talks are a tour of Tate Britain from 1545 to the present day. The talks combine art appreciation and social history with information on the works, the styles and the lives of the artists. The art at Tate Britain is hung chronologically and most of the talks discuss the art as it is displayed, room-by-room.

The links below display a pdf version of the full notes of the original two-hour talks. Below them are the recordings of the one-hour Zoom talks which are stored on YouTube and can be played directly from here.

September to November

  1. A History of the Tate
  2. From Absolute Monarch to Civil War, 1540-1650
  3. From the Commonwealth to the Georgian Period, 1650-1730
  4. The Georgian Period, 1730-1780
  5. Revolutionary Times, 1780-1810
  6. Regency to Victorian, 1810-1840
  7. William Blake
  8. JMW Turner

January to March

  1. John Constable
  2. The PreRaphaelites, 1840-1860
  3. The Aesthetic Movement,1860-1890
  4. Late Victorians,1890-1900
  5. The Edwardians,1900-1910
  6. The Great War and After,1910-1930
  7. The Interwar Years,1930s
  8. World War II and After