Westminster Abbey, Tomb of Eleanor of Castile

Westminster Abbey, Tomb of Eleanor of Castile


Westminster Abbey Tomb Eleanor Castile

Eleanor of Castile (born about 1244, died 1290) has a fine tomb in St Edward’s chapel, with a gilt bronze effigy, cast by goldsmith William Torel in 1291. She died at Harby in Nottinghamshire and Edward erected memorial crosses at the places where her funeral procession rested on its way to London. She holds the string of her cloak in one hand but the sceptre in her other hand has now gone. The tomb slab and pillows beneath her head are covered with the emblems of Castile and Leon (castles and lions). On the ambulatory side is a carved iron grille of exquisite workmanship by Thomas of Leighton Buzzard. The Norman-French inscription can be translated as “Here lies Eleanor, sometime Queen of England, wife of King Edward son of King Henry, and daughter of the King of Spain and Countess of Ponthieu, on whose soul God in His pity have mercy. Amen”.

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