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A.L. Egg, ‘Past and Present: III’ 1858
1. Bank of England, John Soane, 1794-1 810, London
10. Maurice Denis, ‘The Pardon at Perros’, c.1890-91.
12.Edouard Vuillard, ‘The Newspaper’, c.1898.
14. Pierre Bonnard, ‘The Meal’, 1899.
1600 BC
18-19th Century British Landscape
19thC Academies and Education
19thC Art and Mechanical Reproduction
19thC Artistic Identities
19thC Artists and Publics
19thC Baudelaire and Modernity
19thC British architects
19thC Class and Labour
19thC Emergence of the Modern City
19thC Exhibitions and Art Markets
19thC Introduction
19thC Landscape and Nationalism
19thC Nature and Nationalism
19thC Orientalism and Photography
19thC Portraiture: The Hero and the Sovereign
19thC Primitivism
19thC Ruskin and Revivalism
19thC The Domestic Sphere
19thC The Functions of History Painting
19thC The Historical Present
19thC The Nude
19thC Tourism and the Picturesque
19thC Women Artists
2. Regent Street, John Nash, c.181 1-1823, London
23.Edvard Munch, ‘Melancholy’, 1892.
26.Edvard Munch, ‘Madonna’, 1894-5.
3. Caillebotte Man on the Balcony 1880
30. Caillebotte Bridge at Argenteuil 1880-5
4 Manet Music at the Tuilleries 1862
429 BC
431 BC
7. Emile Bernard
7. Emile Bernard (1868-1 941), ‘Pont-Aven’, 1892.
8. Emile Bernard, Breton Women at a Pardon’, 1888.
A Carracci, Triumph of Bacchus (Farnese Gallery)
A. Boime, Art in an Age of Bonapartism, 1800-1815 (Chicago, 1990)
A. Boime, Art in the Age of Revolution, 1750-1850 (Chicago, 1987)
A. Boime, The Academy and French Painting in the Nineteenth Century (New Haven and London, 1986)
A. di Cambio, Tomb of Cardinal G. de Braye, Romanini reconstr.
A. Renoir, The Bathers, 1887
A.Boime, The Academy and French Painting in the Nineteenth Century (New Haven and London, 1986)
A.C and H.C.White, Canvases and Careers: Institutional Change in the French Painting World (London, 1965)
A.W.N. Pugin, ‘Contrasted Residences of the Poor’ in Contrasts, 1836
Academies and Education
Acropolis 1670
Advantages and disadvantages of Doric
Aegina – pedimental sculpture
Age of Enlightenment
Albrecht Durer
Albrecht Durer Christ Carrying the Cross from the Large Passion. 1497-1510 Woodcut
Alexander Rodchenko
Alexander Sarcophagus
Alexander Takes Leave of Hephaestion
Alexander the Great
Alfonso d’Este Duke of Ferrara
Alfred Sisley
Allori Nudes
Allori Susanna
Amalienberg, Munich
Amasis painter ‘Dionysos and two Maenads’ (Paris) c.540-530
Amedeo Modigliani
Amiens Cathedral, la Grange Chapel
Amiens, Coronation of the Virgin (south-west doorway)
Andrea dal Castagno, Trinity + St Jerome c. 1455
Andy Warhol (1928-87) A Lavender Disaster. 1964 Screenprint
Anne Stuart Queen of England
Annibale Carracci
Annunciation to Shepherds, Baroncelli Chapel
Anon. Photograph, John Everett Millais in his studio, 1886.
Antonio Allegri Correggio
Antonio Lombardo, Forge of Vulcan (St Petersburg)
Antonio Pollaiuolo (1432-98) Battle of the Nude Men Engraving
Apparition at Arles, Assisi
Arch of Septimius Severus, Rome
Arch of Titus
Archbishop Walter de Gray, York Minster
Architectural Terms
Arnoux, The Pacha and His Hareem, Egypt, print from a photograph, 1870-80
Art and Architecture in Europe 1250-1400
Art and Architecture in Europe 1250-1400 – Reading List
Art and Mechanical Reproduction
Art and Society in the 19th Century
Art and Society in the Nineteenth Century – Reading List
Art Miscellaneous
Articulated Cloud
Artist Training
Artistic Identities
‘Artists in Exile’ (photograph, 1942).
Aubrey Beardsley, illustration for the Yellow Book, 1890.
Auguste Rodin
Augustus Welby Pugin
Austin Friars (ground plan)
Autun tympanum Last Judgement
B.R.Collins, (ed.) Twelve Views of Manet’s Bar, (Princeton, 1996)
Baalbeck Temple of Jupiter 32AD
Back gables: Resurrection cycle
Back main panel: Passion cycle
Baroncelli altarpiece, c.1328
Barr Diagram of the Development of Abstract Art
Barry & Pugin Houses of Parliament 1836
Barry Reform Club 1841
Bartolomeo Bon, Porta della Carta,1438-42
Basilica of S. Maria Maggiore
Bassano Nudes
Batoni, 5th Duke of Devonshire, c. 1770
Baudelaire and Modernity
Beardsley, Lysistrata, 1896.
Bellini Nudes
Benjamin West, ‘The Death of Lord Nelson’ 1808
Benjamin West, ‘The Departure of Regulus from Rome’ full 1769
Berlin painter ‘Athena’ (Basel) c.500-480
Bernardo Daddi, polyptych
Bernini, Catedra Petri (St Peter’s)
Bernini, David. Rome, Villa Borghese
Bernini, Ecstasy of St Theresa, det., light source
Bernini, Louis XIV (Versailles)
Bernini, Pluto & Persephone (Borghese)
Bernt Notke S.George, Stockholm
Berthe Morisot
Birkbeck BA History of Art Lectures
Bishop Evrard de Fouilloy, Amiens Cathedral
Bishop Pontano and the Magdalen
Black Death
Blenheim plan
Boccini, Matena, 191 1-12
Boccioni, Automobile 4829, c.1901
Bologna Rape of the Sabine Woman 1583
Book Lists
Book Summaries
Botticelli Calumny of Apelles
Bourges, tomb by Jean de Cambrai and priants (drawings by Holbein)
Braque, Still-Life with Guitar (1914)
Brasses, Stoke D’Abernon (Cobham)
Braun Albert – Hoop Dance 2 views, 1928-9
Bristol Cathedral (choir and Lady chapel)
Bristol, St Augustine’s, east end (1298-, 1320s – 1340s)
Bristol, St Augustine’s, exterior (1298-, 1320s – 1340s)
Britain Timeline 1250-1400
Bronzino Nudes
Bronzino Venus
Butterfield All Saints, Margaret Street 1849
Byzantine 21-01-2004 Handout and Slides
C. Goldstein, Teaching Art: Academies and Schools from Vasari to Albers (Cambridge, 1998)
C.Harrison, and P.Wood, (eds) Art in Theory, 1900-1990: An Anthology of Changing Ideas (Oxford, 1992)
C.Harrison, P.Wood and J. Gaiger (eds), Art in Theory 1648-1815: An Anthology of Changing Ideas (Oxford, 2000)
C.Harrison, P.Wood and J. Gaiger (eds), Art in Theory 1815-1900::An Anthology of Changing Ideas (Oxford, 1998)
C.W. Cope ‘Life Well Spent’ 1862
Cabanel The Birth of venus
Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas
Caillebotte, Man at his Bath, 1884
Cameron Pomona
Camille Pissarro
Canterbury Cathedral, stained glass
Canterbury, Archbishop Pecham (d. 1292), by Michael of Canterbury?
Caravaggio The Inspiration of St Matthew 1602, Rome, Contarelli Chapel
Caravaggio, Calling of St Matthew (S. Luigi de’F.)
Caravaggio, Conversion of Saul (S.M. del Popolo)
Carrey drawings
Casa di Livia, Palatine c.30BC
Caspar David Friedrich
Cassatt Woman in Black at the Opera
Cesari Diana
Cezari Nudes
Chapels and Chapel Decoration
Charles I and Henrietta Maria Mytens
Charles IV
Charles R. Mackintosh Willow Tea Room facade and interior, Glasgow 1903-4
Chartres west facade north portal
Chartres west facade south portal
Chicago Tribune building (Adolf Loos)
Christ on the Cross. c. 1430 Woodcut
Cimabue, S. Croce Crucifix, Florence, c. 1280-85
City plans: Florence
Class and Labour
Classical period
Classical Tradition
Classical Tradition Renaissance to Baroque Architecture 15-05-2004
Classical Tradition slides 15-10-2003
Classical Tradition slides 17thC Classical Iconography 6-05-2004
Classical Tradition slides 22-10-2003
Classical Tradition slides 29-10-2003
Classical Tradition slides 8-10-2003
Classical Tradition slides Baroque Style 29-04-2004
Classical Tradition slides Byzantine 21-01-2004
Classical Tradition slides Carolingian 28-01-2004
Classical Tradition slides Early Christian 14-01-2004
Classical Tradition slides Fifteenth-century architecture in Italy 11-02-2004
Classical Tradition slides Fifteenth-century Italy Lecture 1 25-02-2004
Classical Tradition slides Fifteenth-century Italy Lecture 2 3-03-2004
Classical Tradition slides Greek and Early Roman Architecture 12-11-2003
Classical Tradition slides Greek and Roman Painting 10-12-2003
Classical Tradition slides High Renaissance 10-03-2004
Classical Tradition slides Imperial Roman Architecture 19-11-2003
Classical Tradition slides Middle Ages 4-02-2004
Classical Tradition slides Revision Strategy 10-05-2004
Classical Tradition slides Roman Sculpture 26-11-2003
Classical Tradition slides Venice 17-03-2004
Claude Lorrain
Claude Monet
Claude Monet, ‘Bathing at La Grenouillère’, 1869, oil on canvas
Claude, View of Carthage with Dido and Aeneas
Claydon House, Bucks
Complete book list for Art and Society in the Nineteenth Century
Constable Stonehenge
Constable The HayWain
Constantinople, H. Sophia, Deesis, Christ ?c1270
Controposto was the counterbalance
Coronation and Death of the Virgin (V&A)
Correggio Jupiter and Io
Correggio Nudes
Courbet Bonjour Monsieur Courbet
Courbet Funeral at Ornans
Courbet Portrait of the Artist
Courbet Stone-Breakers 1849
Courbet The Bathers
Courbet The Meeting 1854
Courbet The Painter’s Studio; A Real Allegory 1855
Courts I
Courts II
Courts III
Cover of La Revolution surrealiste, no.1, December 1924.
Crevole Madonna, c.1280, OdD
Critical Approaches to the History of Art
Critical Approaches to the History of Art – Reading List
critical realism
Crucifixion and Entombment, Book of Hours of Jeanne d’Evreux (NY, The Met)
Crucifixion from a Biblia Pauperum Netherlands. c. 1465 Woodcut
Crucifixion, Assisi
Cruikshank London Going Out of Town 1829
Crystal Palace
Curvature of stylobate
D. Cherry, Painting Women: Victorian Women Artists (London, 1993)
D.Abulafia et al., Church and City 1000-1500 (1992)
D.Preziosi, (ed.) The Art of Art History: A Critical Anthology (Oxford, 1998)
D.Waley, Later Medieval Europe: from St Louis to Luther (2nd ed 1985)
Dante Gabriel Rosetti, ‘Monna Pomona’, 1864, watercolour and gouache on paper
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Dante Ganriele Rossetti, ‘Dante’s Dream at the Time of Beatrice’s Death’, 1841
David Brutus
David Coronation of Josephine 1805-7
David Hockney
David Hockney, ‘Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy’, 1970, acrylic on canvas
David Oath of the Horatii
Death and Commemoration I:Italy
Death and Commemoration I:Northern Europe
Death of the Artist
Degas, The Tub, 1886
Desiderio da Settignano, St Jerome. Washington DC
Deutsch St. Luke painting the Virgin
Dijon, Chartreuse de Champmol, The fountain of Moses, the portal and the tomb of Philip the Bold
Discobolos (Myron)
Domenico di Tomaso Bigordi
Domenico Ghirlandaio
Domenico Veneziano
Domus Aurea
Domus Aurea (oriental style decoration)
Donatello, Limbo I Resurrection. Florence, S. Lorenzo
Donatello, Magdalen. Florence, Museo dell’Opera del Duomo
Donatello, St Mark. Florence, Orsanmichele
Dore A Couple and Two Children sleeping on a London Bridge Dore & Jerrold London A Pilgrimage 1871
Duchamp Fountain
Dura Europos
E. Kris and O. Kurz, Legend, Myth and Magic in the Image of the Artist: A Historical Experiment (New Haven, 1979), translation of Die Legende vom Kuenstler (Vienna, 1934)
E.Fernie, (ed.) Art History and its Methods: a critical anthology (London, 1995)
Early Christian 14-01-2004 Handout and Slides
Early Renaissance
Edgar Degas
Edgar Degas, ‘After the Bath’, 1884
Edmund Crouchback, Westminster Abbey
Edouard Manet
Edouard Manet, ‘Concert in the Tuileries’ 1862
Edouard Manet, ‘The Absinthe Drinker’, 1859.
Edward Weston
Eiffel Tower
Eleanor Cross Geddington
Eleanor Crosses at Geddington and Hardingstone in Northants (1290s)
Eleanor of Castile, Westminster Abbey
Ely cathedral, nave
Ely cathedral, presbytery (1234-52)
Emergence of the Modern City
Emily Mary Osborn, ‘Barbara Bodichon’, before 1891.
Ephesos Temple of Artemis
Erectheion frieze
Erectheion, Athens
Erectheion, west facade
Essay 16 Century Italian female nude
Essay Doric and Ionic
Essay Writing
Essays and Note Taking
Essential characteristics of Ionic
Etruscan sarcophagus (Volterra) mid-2ndc BC
Eugene Delacroix, ‘A Corner of the Studio’, c.1825
Euphronios ‘Youths oiling themselves’ (Berlin) c.510
European Architecture
Example of Doric
Exekias ‘Achilles and Ajax playing draughts’ (Vatican) c.540
Exekias ‘Achilles slaying Penthisilea’ (B.M) c.530-525
Exeter Cathedral
Exhibitions and Art Markets
F.Borzello, and A.L.Rees, (ed.) The New Art History, (London, 1986)
F.Deuchler, Gothic Art (London, 1973)
F.Frascina, and J.Harris, (eds) Art in Modern Culture: an Anthology of Critical Texts (London, 1992)
F.Frascina, N.Blake, et.al., Modernity and Modernism: French Painting in the Nineteenth Centuty (New Haven and London, 1993)
F.Haskell, Rediscoveries in Art (New Haven and London, 1976)
Female Nude
Filippo Lippi (shop), ‘Drapery study’ c. 1450 (Oxford, Ashmolean)
Filippo Lippi Drapery study (s/p c. 1450)
fine art
First oil painting
First use of perspective
Florence, S. Croce, Bardi Chapel
Florence, S. Croce, Bardi di Vernio Chapel
Florence, S. Croce, Peruzzi Chapel
Florentine Painting 1280-1348
‘Fonthill Abbey: The Stair Hall’, from John Rutter, Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey, 1823
Ford Madox Brown
Formalism — Style & Connoisseurship Slide List
Forster Giotto as Shepherd Boy
Forum of Augustus, Rome
Forum Romanum
Foundry painter lovemaking (Getty) c.480
Fox Talbot, Group of Trees, salted paper print from paper negative,
Francesco di Giorgio
Francis Cotes, ‘Paul Sandby’, 1761, oil on canvas
Francis Frith, Pyramids and Sphinx, Egypt, 1856 (photograph)
Francis Frith, Pyramids from the Southwest, Giza, 1858, (photograph)
Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) Who would have believed it? Aquatint
French Revolution
Friedrich The Wanderer Above the Mists
Fulda, Abbey Church
G. da Como, Pulpit (Pistoia, S. Baa in Panz) 1250
G. di Balduccio, Arca di S. Pietro Martire, det. Funeral of St P.M.
G.Vasari, Prefaces to the Lives
Gaugin The Spirit of the Dead Watching 1892
Gauguin Be Mysterious 1890
Gauguin Idol with a Pearl 1892
Gauguin, Selfportrait, 1889
Gender and the Body
Gender and the History of Art
genre painting
Geometric funerary amphora c.800
Geometric krater c.750
George Seurat’ An Afternoon at La Grande Jatte’, 1884-6, oil on canvas
George Seurat, ‘Bathers, Asnières’, 1883-4, oil on canvas
Georges Seurat
Gericault Raft of the Medusa
Gerome, Phryne In Front of the Judges, 1861, oil painting
Gerome, Snake charmer
Ghiberti, St John before Herod (Siena Bapt font)
Giambologna, Astronomy. Florence, Palazzo Vecchio
Giambologna, Nessus & Deianira
Giorgione Sleeping Venus
Giorgione, Tempesta (Venice, Accademia)
Giorgione?/Titian?, Fête Champêtre (Paris)
Giotto, Campanile, begun 1334, completed 1359 Donatello
Giotto, Justice c.1305, Arena Chapel, Padua
Giotto, Ognissanti Madonna, Uffizi
Giotto, Raising of Drusiana, Peruzzi Chapel
Giotto, The Last Judgement c. 1305, Arena Chapel, Padua
Giovanni Bellini
Giovanni Bellini, Pieta (Correr), c.1460
Giovanni Canaletto
Giovanni di Bicci de’ Medici
Good Government
Gothic Architecture I
Gothic Architecture II
Gothic Architecture III
Grandes Chroniques de France, c. 1375/80, Paris, BN
Greek and Roman Mythology
Greek Dark Ages
Greek Gods
Greek History
Greek Orders
Greek Sculpture
Grinding Pigments
Guido da Siena, PNS no.7, 127- (signed and dated)
Gustave Courbet
Illustrated Lectures on Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance Architecture
Immanuel Kant
Ingres La Grande Odalisque 1808
Ingres The Apotheosis of Homer
Ingres, Turkish Bath, 1862
International Exhibition of Paris of 1889
Interview with former Bauhaus student
Introduction to History of Art
Introduction to Modern Art
Introduction to Modern Art 8/12/03 – Art Nouveau
Introduction to Modern Art 1/3/04 – Constructivism
Introduction to Modern Art 10/5/04 – Post-modernism 1
Introduction to Modern Art 11/11/03 – Impressionism
Introduction to Modern Art 12/01/04 – Symbolism
Introduction to Modern Art 13/10/03 – Academies
Introduction to Modern Art 15/3/04 – Abstraction
Introduction to Modern Art 17/11/03 – Post-Impressionism
Introduction to Modern Art 19/01/04 – Fauvism
Introduction to Modern Art 2/2/04 – Paul Klee
Introduction to Modern Art 2/3/04 – Dada and Surrealism
Introduction to Modern Art 20/10/03 – Realism
Introduction to Modern Art 20/10/03 – Romanticism
Introduction to Modern Art 24/11/03 – Architecture in the 19th Century
Introduction to Modern Art 24/2/04 – Italian Futurism
Introduction to Modern Art 26/01/04 – Expressionism
Introduction to Modern Art 26/4/04 – New York School
Introduction to Modern Art 6 October 2003
Introduction to Modern Art 6/10/03 Introduction
Introduction to Modern Art 8/3/04 – Bauhaus
Introduction to Modern Art 9/2/04 – Cubism
Introduction to Modern Art Slide List Carousel 1
Introduction to Modern Art Slide List Carousel 2
Introduction to the four styles
Italian Sculpture 1250-1400
J. Harris, The New Art History: A Critical Introduction (London, 2001)
J.Barrell, The Dark Side of the Landscape: The Rural Poor in English Painting 1730-1840 (Cambridge, 1983)
J.Barrell, The Dark Side of the Landscape: The Rural Poor in English Paintings, 1730-1840 (Cambridge, 1983)
J.F. Lewis,An Intercepted Correspondence, Cairo, 1869, oil
J.M.W. Turner, ‘An Artist Colourman’s Workshop’, c.1807, oil on pine
J.M.W. Turner, ‘Slavers throwing Overboard the Dead and Dying’ 1840
J.R. Herbert, ‘A.W.N. Pugin’ 1845
J.White, Art and Architecture in Italy 1250-1400 (New Haven and London, Pelican History of Art series, 1987)
Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock, ‘Autumn Rhythm’, 1950, oil and enamel on canvas
Jackson Pollock, Pasipha' (1943).
Jacopo Bellini, ‘Three Roman Tombstones’ (Paris)
Jacopo de’ Barbari, View of Venice, dated 1500
Jacopo Sansovino, Apollo (Loggetta)
Jacques Carrey
James Watson after Sir Joshua Reynolds The Honourable Mrs Bouverie and her child. 1770 Mezzotint
Jamin, Brenn and his share of the plunder
Jan van Eyck, Margarete van Eyck (Bruges), 1439
Jan van Eyck?, St Jerome (Detroit) c. 1434
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
John Brett
John Constable
John Constable, ‘Chain Pier, Brighton’, 1827, oil on canvas
John Constable, ‘Flatford Mill’, 1817, oil on canvas
John Constable, ‘The Opening of Waterloo Bridge’ 1832
John Sell Cotman
John Sell Cotman, ‘Norwich Market Place’, 1806, watercolour on paper
John Singer Sargent, ‘Claude Monet Painting at the Edge of a Wood’, 1888, oil on canvas
Joseph Wright of Derby, ‘An Academy by Lamplight’ 1769
Julia Margaret Cameron
Kandinsky Composition IV
Kandinsky Cossacks
Klostemeuburg near Vienna, panels added to Nicholas of Verdun’s ambo, 1331
Kore (including Euthydikos)
Kouros (Aristodikos)
Kouros characteristics were: rigidity
Kouros from Volomandra
Kritios boy
Kutna Hora (Czech Republic)
L. Nead, The Female Nude: Art, Obscenity and Sexuality (London, 1992)
Landscapes and People
Laon cathedral
Laon west facade
Late 13th century Painting in Italy Slide List
Late 13thC Painting in Italy
Late 14thC Northern Painting
Laurence Shafe
Le Brun, Grief, c.1660
Le Figaro, 20 February 1909, Futurist Manifesto
Lecture Notes
Lecture Notes Gothic I
Lecture Notes Gothic II
Léger, The Three Figures (1921)
Leighton, Man with Python
Leon Battista Alberti
Leonardo Study for old warrior (bl.ch c. 1504)
Limoges, dove-shaped host
Lincoln Cathedral interior vault
Link to 19thC Academies Notes
Links to Gothic web sites
Lloyds Building
London triptych, National Gallery London
London, Painted Chambre
London, Temple church
Lorenzo Lotto
Lorenzo Valles The Artists Studio
Lotto Venus and Cupid
Louis IX
M. Pointon and P. Binski, eds., ‘National Art Academies in Europe, 1860-1906: Educating, Training, Exhibiting’, Art History, 20, 1 (March 1997)
M.A. Caws (ed.) Manifesto: A Century of Isms (London, 2001)
M.Gee, Art Criticism since 1900, (Manchester, 1993)
M.Podro, The Critical Historians of Art (New Haven and London, 1982)
Madonna degli Occhi Grossi, early thirteenth century, OdD
Madonna del Voto, Siena Cathedral, C. 1270
Madonna dell Granduca
Madonna of the Franciscans, PNS no.20
Major Artists
Major Periods
Man Ray, photograph of trance session, c.1923.
Manet Execution of Emperor Maximillian 1867
Manet sketch Le Dejeuner sur l’Erbe 1863
Manet, ‘Berthe Morisot’ or ‘Repose’, 1869-70.
Maso di Banco, Sylvester and the Dragon, Bardi di Venuo Chapel, Santa Croce, c. 1340
Materials and Techniques (Building Materials) 15-3-2004
Materials and Techniques (Design Process:Memorials) 9-2-2004
Materials and Techniques (Digital Reproduction) 1-3-2004
Materials and Techniques (Drawing) 26-01-2004
Materials and Techniques (Easel Painting 2) 19-01-2004
Materials and Techniques (Easel Painting) 12-01-2004
Materials and Techniques (Installations) 28-4-2004
Materials and Techniques (Institutions of Art) 8-3-2004
Materials and Techniques (Photography) 24-2-2004
Materials and Techniques (Printmaking) 2-2-2004
Matt’s Old Masters Matthew Collings
Mausoleum, Castle Howard
Maxwell Armfield
Maxwell Armfield, ‘This England — Portrait of an Owner’, 1943, tempera on paper
Melchior Broederlam, wings of Champmol Altarpiece, 1394, Dijon, Musee
Merrit, Loved Locked Out
Metzinger, Woman with a Coffee Pot (1919)
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Michelangelo Study for Lybian Sibyl (rd.ch c. 1510)
Michelangelo, Risen Christ (Rome, S. M. sopra M.)
Mikhail Larionov, Rayonnist Composition (1913).
Millais, ‘Bubbles’, see handout.
Millais, ‘Grandmother’s Apology’, 1859. Illustration for Once a Week
Millais, Illustrations for Trollope’s Novels, see handout.
Millet Gleaners 1857
Millet L’Angelus du Soir 1858-9
Milllet A Huguenot
Minoan Civilization
Minor Greek Gods
Monet Autumn Effect at Argenteuil
Monet Old St. Lazare Station
Morality and Architecture Revisited, David Watkin
Mycenaean Civilization
N. Mirzoeff (ed.), The Visual Culture Reader (London, 1998, reprint 1999)
N. Mirzoeff, An Introduction to Visual Culture (London, 1999, reprint 2002)
N. Pevsner, Academies of Art, Past and Present (London, 1940)
N. Rosenblum, A World History of Photography (New York, 1984)
Nature and Nationalism
Naumburg Cathedral (Ekkehard and Uta; Last Supper)
Navicella mosaic (copy)
Nessos painter ‘Herakles and Nessos’ (Athens) c.620
Noli me tangere Assisi
Northern Renaissance
Northern Sculpture 1250-1400 1
Northern Sculpture 1250-1400 2
Notre Dame St Annes portal
Nuremberg, Schoner Brunnen, begun c. 1385?
Octave Tassaert, The Piano, c. 1830
Offering the Keys of the City to the Virgin account book cover of Office of the Gabella, 1482
Old Master
Old Masters
Oppenheim Object:Fur Breakfast
Opus Caementicium
Opus Reticulatum
Opus Testaceum
Orazio Gentileschi Joseph and Potiphers Wife
Orientalism and Photography
Orvieto Duomo, facade, Madonna and Child
P. Barlow and C. Trodd eds., Governing Cultures: Art Institutions in Victorian London (Aldershot, 2000)
Palmer In a Shoreham Garden
Paoline Chapel
Parthenon Door
Parthenon Metope 26 South
Parthenon Metope 27 South
Parthenon Metope 30 South
Parthenon Metope 31 South
Parthenon Plan
Parthenon Plan2
Parthenon reconstruction interior
Parthenon West Frieze: 2 horsemen
Parthenon, W facade
Paul Cezanne
Paul Cezanne, ‘The Castle of Medan’, 1880, oil on canvas
Paul III
Paula Modersohn-Becker, Kneeling Woman and Child, 1907
Peloponnesian War
Percy Tomb, Beverly Minster
Perseus frees Andromeda, Naples
Perugino, ‘Study for head of the Virgin’ (Windsor)
Photograph of Exhibition of Surrealist Objects, galerie Charles Ratton, Paris 1936
Photographic album with printed floral decoration, c. 1870
Picasso Demoiselles d’Avignon
Picasso Life 1903
Piero di Cosimo
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Pisanello, Medal of Alfonso of Aragon
Plantagenet tombs, Westminster Abbey
Plate from S.R. Wells, New System of Physiognomy (1866)
Pollock Number 1
Polyphemus & Galatea, Boscotrecase
Pont du Gard, Nimes
Portrait of a Lady in Yellow
Portrait of Archduke Rudolf IV of Austria, 1358/65, Vienna, Diocesan Museum
Portrait of law student and his wife (Naples, c.60-70AD)
Portraiture: The Hero and the Sovereign
Poseidon/Zeus (National Museum, Athens)
Possible reconstruction of Siena Cathedral altarpiece, 1270s
Poussin Landscape Phocion 1648
Poussin The Death of Germanicus 1627, Minneapolis, Institute of Arts
Prague St Vitus Cathedral exterior east end
Prague St Vitus Cathedral exterior view
Prague St Vitus Cathedral St Wenceslas chapel
Prague, Old Town Bridge Tower
Pronomos painter ‘Satyr play’ (Naples) c.410
Puccio Capanna, Crucifixion, Chapter house, S. Francesco, Assisi, c.1340
Pugin Contrasts
Pugin Own house, Ramsgate 1841
Queen Anna and George of Denmark
R. Barthes, The Death of the Author
R. Rosenblum and H.W. Janson, Art of the Nineteenth Century: Painting and Sculpture (London, 1984)
R.C. Denis and C. Trodd, Art and the Academy in the Nineteenth Century (Manchester, 2000)
R.N.Swanson, Religion and Devotion in Europe c.1215-c.1515 (Cambridge, 1995)
R.Nelson, and R.Shiff, (eds.) Critical Terms for Art History, (Chicago, 1996)
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Realism Linda Nochlin
Reims Cathedral, central and north portals
Rembrandt Blinding of Samson (Frankfurt)
Rembrandt Presentation in the Temple Etching with drypoint
Renaissance medal: Alfonso of Aragon
Renunciation of the Father, Assisi
Reynolds Commodore Keppel
Reynolds Lady Sarah Bunbury sacrificing to the Muses
Ricci, Christ in the House of Simon
Richard II and Ann of Bohemia, Westminster Abbey
Robert Frank
Roman Emperors
Romans in the Decadence of the Empire
Rome, S. Maria della Vittoria, Cornaro Chapel
Rome, Sta Constanza
Rosalba Carriera
Rosalba Carriera, ‘Allegory of Painting’, c.1730, pastel on paper
Royal Academy
Rubens, Assumption of Virgin (Hamburg)
Ruskin and Revivalism
S. Edwards (ed.), Art and its Histories (London, 1999)
S.Carlino, Rome
S.F. Eisenman et.al., Nineteenth-Century Art; A Critical History (London, 2002)
S.Maria del Popolo, Rome
S.Moise, Venice
Sacrifice of Iphigenia, Naples
Sagrestia Vecchia
Saint-Denis, abbey church exterior (c.1140 and 1231 onwards)
Salisbury cathedral
Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali, ‘The Persistence of Memory’, 1931, oil on canvas
San Francesco
San Francesco, lower church, view of Magdalen Chapel
San Giovanni Crisostomo
San Lorenzo, begun 1425
Sandro Botticelli
Scarisbrick Hall, Lancashire, c.1838: garden front
Schism of Churches
Schloss Tirol altarpiece, Innsbruck, Landesmuseum, c. 1370
Scipione Borghese
Scott Foreign Office 1860
Sebastiano Ricci
September 9th 490BC
Seurat Un Baignade Asniers
Seurat, Final Study for Une Baignade
Seurat, Male Nude, c.1878-9
Sherman Untitled no.3
Siegfried Bing
Siena Cathedral
Sienese Painting 1
Sienese Painting 2
Simeon Solomon, Bacchus
Simone Martini
Simone Martini, underdrawing for Salvator fresco, Avignon, cathedral, before 1344
Sir Leslie Martin
Sistine Chapel
slides Materials and Techniques (Carving) 24-11-2003
slides Materials and Techniques (Casting) 1-12-2003
slides Materials and Techniques (Mural Painting) 8-12-2003
slides Visual Analysis (Architecture) 10-11-2003
slides Visual Analysis (Photography) 17-11-2003
slides Visual Analysis (Sculpture) 27-10-2003
Sponge Umbrella
Square Root of 2
St Barbara, Kutna Hora
St Catherine’s Monastery, Sinai, Icon Christ
St Denis west front south tympanum
St Etheldreda’s, Holborn
St George, Weltenberg
St Luke Painting the Virgin
St Pancras station
St Paul’s Cathedral
St Vitus Virgin, c. 1400, Prague, National Gallery
St-Denis, begun 1231
Stigmatisation of St. Francis, Pisa altarpiece
Stigmatisation, Bardi chapel, S. Croce, Florence, 1320s
Stokesay Castle, Herefordshire
Strasbourg Cathedral, west facade, begun 1277, designs ‘A’ and ‘B’
Style and Connoisseurship
Summer reading book list for Art and Society in the Nineteenth Century
Syon House
T. Eagleton, Literary Theory. An Introduction (Oxford, 1983)
T. J Clark, On the Social History of Art
T.J. Clark The Paintings of Modern Life, Paris in the Art of Manet and His Followers, Thames & Hudson 1984, Revised Edition 1999
T.J. Clark, The Painting of Modern Life: Paris in the Art of Manet and his Followers (London, 1984)
Taddeo Gaddi, view of Baroncelli Chapel, S. Croce, c.1328
Talk on the Field of Gold
Tansey Mont Sainte-Victoire rotated 1987
Tatlin Monument to the Third International 1920
Tempietto, S.Pietro in Montorio, Rome
Temple of Apollo, Bassae, Corinthian cap.
Temple of Apollo, Bassae, interior
Temple of Artemis, Sardis, capital
Temple of Athena, Priene
Temple of Concord (AD 10)
Temple of Mars Ultor
Temple of Peace (Forum of Vespasian)
Terence Comedies (Vatican 1 Lat)
The Canon
The Domestic Sphere
The Eiffel Tower
The Erinyes
The Fates
The Functions of History Painting
The Futurist Manifesto 1909
The Graces
The Historical Present
The Houses of Parliament, c.1834-64
The Lady’s Own Paper, ‘Mrs Jameson’, 1867
The Lady’s Own Paper. ‘Elizabeth Barrett Browning’, 1868
The Meaning of Art History
The Muses
The Nude
The Orders
The Raising of Lazarus
The Social History of Art
The Sublime
Theodore Rousseau
Theodoric Mausoleum
Thomas Barker
Thomas Couture
Thomas Gainsborough, ‘Cottage Door with Children Playing’ c.1778
Thomas Girtin, ‘Bamburgh Castle’, c. 1797-9, watercolour on paper
Thompson (Lady Butler), ‘The Roll Call, 1874 (see handout)
Thornham Parva (Suffolk), Retable, and Frontal in Paris, Musee de Cluny, 1330s
Titian Bacchanalia
Titian Venus
Titian Venus Anadyomene 1520
Titian, Assunta (Venice, I Frari)
Titian, Brescia a/p, det. St. Sebastian
Titian, Martyrdom of St Peter Martyr (lost)
Titian, St Mark a/p (Venice, Salute)
Titian’s Venus of Urbino
Tiziano Vecellio
Tomb of the Haterii
Trebon Altarpiece, 1380s, Prague, National Gallery
Tres belles Heures/Brussels Hours for the Duc de Berry, by Andre Beauneveu?, Jacquemart de Hesdin and others, begun c. 1390, Brussels, Bibliotheque Royale
Tres Riches Heures for the Duc de Berry, by Limbourg brothers, begun 1413-16, Chantilly, Musee Conde
Tribal Masks
Trojan War
Tullio Lombardo, Andrea Vendramin monument
Valentine Green after Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-92) Mary Isabella, Duchess of Rutland Mezzotint 1780
Vallou de Villenueve, ‘Nude Study’ for Courbet Les Baigneuses, 1853
van Gogh Self-Portrait 1889
Venice, Doge’s Palace, Scala dei Giganti
Verona, monument to Cansignorio della Scala, by Bonino da Campione, c. 1375
Verrocchio, ‘Study of head of Woman’, 1475 (London, British Museum)
Victoria & Albert
Victorine Meurent
Visual Analysis: Architecture
Visual Analysis: Painting 20-10-2003
Vyssi Brod Altarpiece, c. 1350, Prague, National Gallery
Wall painting from Herculaneum, ‘Hercules and Telephus’
Wells cathedral, chapter house (1290s-)
Wells cathedral, nave (1190s-)
Wells, Lady Chapel
Westminster Abbey (and Tombs)
Westminster Abbey, Tomb of Eleanor of Castile
William Hunt Hireling Shepherd
William Turner, ‘Snowstorm’, 1842, oil on canvas
Wolfgang Paalen
Women Artists
Women Painters
Wooden effigy of a knight, Southwark Cathedral
Zoffany, Tribuna of the Uffizi, 1772
Zucchi Bathsheba
Zucchi Coral Fishers

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