1250-1400: Italian Sculpture

Slide 1: Pisa, Baptistery and Duomo, general view


Slide 2: Pisa, Baptistery, interior

Slide 3: Nicola Pisano, Pisa Baptistery Pulpit (1258-60)

Slide 4: G. da Como, Pulpit (Pistoia, S. Baa in Panz) 1250

Between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries several well-known artists from Northern Italy were active in Tuscany and left remarkable examples of their work in cities like Lucca, Pistoia and Prato. In the early twelfth century, Guidetto da Como was working on the cathedral in Lucca where he sculpted the small colonnades on the façade.
Awhile later in San Giovanni in Corte in Pistoia Lanfranco dei Guidi sculpted the baptismal font: a great basin composed on the inside of two circular sections faced with marble, one of which bears the inscription and date of the work. The outside of the font is also decorated, with square panels in white and red marble carved with ornamental motifs typical of the Romanesque period. Another artist Guido Bigarelli carved one of his masterpieces for Pistoia: the pulpit in the church of San Bartolome.

Slide 5: Nicola Pisano Siena Duomo Pulpit (1265-8)

Slide 6: Giovanni Pisano, Pisa Duomo Pulpit (1302-11)

Slide 7: Giovanni Pisano, Pistoia, S. Andrea, Pulpit (1298-1300)

Slide 8: Nicola Pisano, Pisa Baptistery Pulpit (1258-60)

Slide 9: Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Fortitude, from below

Slide 10: Roman, Phaedra sarcophagus (Pisa, Caniposanto)

Slide 11: Roman, Phaedra sarcoph. det., Hippolytus(image not found)

Slide 12: Nicola, Siena Pulpit, det., Humility(image not found)

Slide 13: Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Charity from front

Slide 14: Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Charity from below(image not found)

Slide 15: Giovanni Pisano, Pistoia Pulpit, det., Sibyl

Slide 16: Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Nativity from below

Slide 17: Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Nativity from front(image not found)

Slide 18: Nicola, Siena Pulpit, det., Nativity

Slide 19: Giovanni Pisano, Pistoia Pulpit, det., Nativity

Slide 20: Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Annunciation

Slide 21: Giovanni Pisano, Pistoia Pulpit, det., Annunciation(image not found)

Slide 22: Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Annunciation, det. Virgin(image not found)

Slide 23: Capua, Fred. II’s Gateway, det., Juno c. 1240(image not found)

Slide 24: Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Adoration

Slide 25: Roman, Phaedra sarcoph. det., Phaedra(image not found)

Slide 26: Nicola, Siena Pulpit, det., Adoration

Slide 27: Giovanni Pisano, Pistoia Pulpit, det., Adoration

Slide 28: Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Presentation

Slide 29: Giovanni Pisano, Pistoia Pulpit, det. Massacre

Slide 30: Siena Duomo, plan (reconstruction) c. 1260

Slide 31: Siena Duomo, façade (lower part, 1280s)

Slide 32: Giovanni Pisano, Plato, in situ on façade c. 1285

Slide 33: Giov Pisano, Prophets & Sibyls in situ on façade(image not found)

Slide 34: Giovanni Pisano, Plato (Siena, Mus. dell’Opera)(image not found)

Slide 35: Giovanni Pisano, Moses (Siena, Mus. dell’Opera)

Slide 36: Giovanni Pisano, Isaiah (Siena, Mus. dell’Opera)

Slide 37: Giovanni Pisano, Moses, det. (Siena, Mus. dell’Op)(image not found)

Slide 38: Giovanni Pisano, Sibyl (Siena, Mus. dell’Opera)

Slide 39: A. di Cambio, Sta Reparata (Florence, Mus dell’Op.)(image not found)

Slide 40: Florence Duomo, plan (originally 1296)(image not found)

Slide 41: B. Poccetti, drawing of Florence D. fa'ade (1577)

Slide 42: Florence Duomo, façade, reconstr (Weinberger)

Slide 43: A. di Cambio, Angel (Harvard, Fogg)(image not found)

Slide 44: A. di Cambio, Virgin of Nativity (Flor. Mus dell’Op)

Slide 45: A. di Cambio, Virgin of Dormition (ex-Berlin)(image not found)

Slide 46: A. di Cambio, Virgin & Child (Flor. Mus dell’Op)

Slide 47: Lorenzo Maitani?, Virgin & Child (Orvieto Duomo)(image not found)

Slide 48: Orvieto Duomo, façade, central lunette (c. 1330)(image not found)

Slide 49: Orvieto Duomo, façade (c. 1320)

Slide 50: Orvieto Duomo, façade, lower levels(image not found)

Slide 51: L. Maitani?, Eagle of St John (Orvieto Duomo façade)

Slide 52: L. Maitam?, Angel of St Matthew (Orvieto D.façade)(image not found)

Slide 53: Orvieto Duomo, façade, 1st pilaster, angels and trees

Slide 54: Orvieto D., façade, 1st pilaster, Creation of Animals(image not found)

Slide 55: Orvieto Duomo, façade, 1st pilaster(image not found)

Slide 56: Orvieto Duomo, façade, 1st pilaster, plan of blocks(image not found)

Slide 57: Orvieto Duomo, façade, 3rd pilaster, top(image not found)

Slide 58: Orvieto D., façade, 1st pilaster, Creation of Eve

Slide 59: Orvieto D., façade, 1st pilaster, Temptation(image not found)

Slide 60: Orvieto Duomo, façade, 3rd pilaster

Slide 61: Orvieto Duomo, façade, 3rd pilaster, Annunciation(image not found)

Slide 62: Orvieto Duomo, façade, 4th pilaster

Slide 63: Orvieto Duomo, façade, 4th pilaster,, det., blessed(image not found)

Slide 64: Orvieto Duomo, façade, 4th pilaster det. damned

Slide 65: Orvieto Duomo, façade, 4th pilaster, det. damned(image not found)

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