Tullio Lombardo, Andrea Vendramin monument

Tullio Lombardo, Andrea Vendramin monument


Lombardo Monument Andrea Vendramin 1480-95

The Venetian funerary triumphal arch format reached maturity with the Monument of Andrea Vendramin, erected in S. M. dei Servi by Pietro Lombardo and his son Tullio but dismantled by Napoleon in 1810 and re-erected in 1816 in SS. Giovanni and Paolo. In 1819 the nude figures Adam and Eve (known only in a copy), originally in the lower niches, were transferred to the Palazzo Vendramin. As compared with the Mocenigo monument by Pietro, antique principle were now purged of Lombard fussiness, and its Classicism was planned rather than improvised. This clarity is attributed to Tullio.

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