Titian, Martyrdom of St Peter Martyr (lost)

Titian, Martyrdom of St Peter Martyr (lost)


Titian Martyrdom of St Peter Martyr lost Loth

(detail) Marytrdom of Saint Peter Martyr Carlo Loth (after a lost original by Titian, 1526 – 1530); 17th century (cleaning and restoration, 1997, Boston Chapter, Save Venice Inc.) In 1691, Prince Ferdinand of Tuscany commissioned Carlo Loth to paint a copy, Titian’s Martyrdom of Saint PeterMartyr for his private collection. In 1867, a fire destroyed Titian’s work, the most frequently copied altarpiece in the master’s oeuvre. This painting, as well as Giovanni Bellini’s Virgin and Saints, had been stored temporarily in the Cappella del Rosario. Both were consumed in the conflagration. Loth’s copy now fills the place of the original in its marble frame located above a side altar on the left side of the nave.

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