Renunciation of the Father, Assisi

Renunciation of the Father, Assisi


Giotto Assisi upper church Renunciation of the Father

Legend of St Francis: 5. Renunciation of Wordly Goods

Fresco, 270 x 230 cm
Upper Church, San Francesco, Assisi

This is the fifth of the twenty-eight scenes (twenty-five of which were painted by Giotto) of Legend of Saint Francis.

When Francis’ father accuses his son before the episcopal tribune of squandering his fortune, Francis returns to him even the clothes he is wearing, and repudiates him. Giotto illustrates this sensational public separation, which signifies the decisive step towards the saint’s future life of poverty, by means of the two groups of people on opposite sides. The buildings further reinforce the gulf between the two worlds.

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