Slide 1: Grinding Pigments

Jan van der Straet (also known as Stradanus) (Dutch, 1523 – 1604), Painter’s Studio, woodcut. As the masterpaints a large canvaswith a picture of St. George and the Dragon at the center, an apprenticepaints a portrait from a model at left, two make drawings and one mixes colors in the foreground, two more grind pigments into oil on the right, and a last one carries a canvas toward the doorway. Windows let in natural light from several angles. There are numerous shelves, drawers and tables for supplies and works -in- progress. See studio.

Slide 2: St. Luke Painting

Slide 3: Deutsch St. Luke painting the Virgin

Niklaus Deutsch born 1484? Berne d 1530 Berne Painter

St. Luke painting the Virginimages (title only)

1515 painting width: 84.25 cm h: 121.5 cm wood

Slide 4: St Luke Painting the Virgin

Saint Luke painting the Virgin and Child

about 1530

MASSYS, Quinten, follower of




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