London, Temple church

London, Temple church


London Temple tomb Knight

ENGLAND: LONDON: The Temple Church

  • Consecrated in 1185 – round shape (standard for Templar churches of this period, probably referred to the shape of the Holy Sepulcher Church in Jerusalem, where the Templars were founded). Extensive use of dark “Purbeck marble” in interior.

  • Nave is 59 feet in diameter

  • New, enlarged chancel consecrated in 1240. Height to Vault 36 feet 3 inches (Aisles are the same height as the central space.)

  • Extensively restored in the 19th Century.

  • Greatly damaged during the Second World War, and rebuilt afterwards

  • Famous for its marble tomb effigies, most of which were seriously damaged during the Second World War and are now restored. (effigies in Nave, 6 of them made of Purbeck Marble)

  • Purbeck Marble effigy of a Knight, ca 1245
    Note Crossed Legs
    (Photo from 1912- before effigies were damaged in WWII)

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