2 thoughts on “Kurt Schwitters, Merzbau (Hanover, 1923).

    • I cannot find my original reference but I found the following footnote in Gillian Whiteley, ‘Junk: Art and the Politics of Trash’ (I.B.Tauris, 2011), p. 166,
      “36. Vere explores scatological aspects of the Hannover Merzbau and the numerous
      grottoes dedicated to individuals (e.g., Hannah Hoch, Hans Richter, Naum Gabo)
      which included personal belongings and body fluids in Bernard Vere, ‘Its all crap’:
      Scatalogical elements in Kurt Schwitters’s Hannover Merzbau, ‘in Nina Pearlman
      (ed.) Arcade (London, 2002). Vere refers to Freud’s classic essay, ‘The sexual aberra-
      tions’ in Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality (Hogarth Press, London, 1962), in
      which he discusses such fetish objects as the human foot and hair.”

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