3000 BC Early Helladic civilization on the mainland, Cycladic in the Aegean Sea and Minoan on Crete Cycladic (3000-2000): ceramics, idols, small useful objects

2500 – 2000 BC Achaian and Ionian invasions Minoan (2000-4000BC); frescoes, low relief sculptures, ceramics, statuettes

1500 BC Linear B, early Greek script. Mycenaean (1551-1100BC): masks, golden vessels and funerary objects, ivory and rock crystal trinkets, arms, helmets

1200 BC Capture of Tory by the Achaians (or Mycenaeans)

1150 BC Dorian invasions

1100 BC Colonization of Asia Minor by the Greeks (Ionians) Geometric (1100-700BC): ceramics with linear decoration, small bronzes, implements, funerary objects

900 BC Homer

700 BC Lycurgus (Sparta) Greek colonies in Syria, Italy, Sicily, Egypt, Euxine (Black Sea), Liguria (Marseilles) Archaic (1700-500BC): temples of tufa and sculptures in oriental style, Kouroi and Korai, Corinthian vases, black figure ceramics

600 BC Solon (Athens) Peisistratos (Athens)

500 BC 1 st Persian War: Persians defeated at Marathon (490 BC)

480 BC 2 nd Persian War: Persians defeated at salamis (480 BC) Classical (500-300BC): marble temples, marble, gold and ivory sculptures, great bronzes, red figure ceramics

450 BC Age of Pericles (5 Century): Socrates and Plato in Athens

431-404BC Peloponnesian War won by Sparta

371-362BC Theban hegemony

350 BC Philip of Macedon: Greeks defeated at Chaironeia (338 BC) 330 Alexander the Great

200 BC First Roman incursions Hellenistic (300-100BC): Macedonia tombs and treasuries, stoas, great statues in marble and bronze, Tanagra figurines

100 BC Greece a Roman province: capture of Athens by Sulla (86 BC) battle of actium (31 BC)

50 Paul the Apostle in Greece

130 The Emperor Hadrian and his favorite Antinous in Greece Roman: urban complexes, administrative buildings, baths, arches, busts, portraits, mosaics

200 Barbarian invasions

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