Gothic Art

5th Century to 16th Century A.D.

Gothic Art is the style of art produced in Europe from the middle ages up to the beginning of the Renaissance. Typically religious in nature, it is especially known for the distinctive arched design of its churches, its stained glass, and its illuminated manuscripts.

In the late 14, anticipating the Renaissance, Gothic Art evolved towards a more secular style known as International Gothic. One of the best – known artists of this period is Simone Martini .

Although superseded by Renaissance art, there was a Gothic Revival in the 18 th and 19 th centuries, which was largely rooted in nostalgia.

Chronological Listing of Gothic Artists

Mastro Guglielmo 12 Italian Sculptor

Maestro Esiguo 13

Master of the Franciscan Crucifixes 13 Italian

Benedetto Antelami 1178-1196 Italian Sculptor

Nicola Pisano 1220-1284 Italian Sculptor

Fra Guglielmo 1235-1310 Italian Sculptor

Guido Bigarelli 1238-1257 Italian Sculptor

Giovanni Pisano 1250-1314 Italian Sculptor

Lorenzo Maitani 1255-1330 Italian Sculptor / Architect

Arnolfo di Cambio 1264-1302 Italian Sculptor

Master of San Francesco Bardi 14 Italian Painter

Master of San Jacopo a Mucciana 14 Italian

Simone Martini 1285-1344 Italian Painter

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