2 thoughts on “Giovanni Pisano, Moses (Siena, Mus. dell’Opera)

  1. What is the Latin inscription on Moses’ scroll?
    Line 1: QDAM (= quondam, formerly, once upon a time, some day)
    Line 2: IPTAAMO (I do not follow and am not sure of all the letters)
    Line 3: TOTA (whole, all, feminine singular nominative)
    Line 4: MORABIT[ur (suprascriptum)] (will delay, prevent, impede, stay)
    Thank you for your help.

    • I don’t know but I did find a reference that said the inscription is from Deuteronomy 33:12 which reads

      12 et Beniamin ait amantissimus Domini habitabit confidenter in eo quasi in thalamo tota die morabitur et inter umeros illius requiescet

      And to Benjamin he said: The best beloved of the Lord shall dwell confidently in him: as in a bride chamber shall he abide all the day long, and between his shoulders shall be rest.

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