Giotto 1267 to 1337

Giotto was born in Colle di Vespignano, near to Vicchio in Mugello; his father Bondone was an

agriculturer. His name could be derived by abbreviation from Angiolotto, Ambrogiotto, Parigiotto or


1280 to 1290 He spends his long apprenticeship in the workshop of Cimabue. It is assumed that he

made here sketches for the mosaics in the Baptistry in Florence.

1290 He married Ciuta (Ricevuta) di Lapo del Pela. They had four sons and four daughters from this

marriage. The childrens: Caterina who married the painter Ricco di Lapo and became the forebear the

painter with the by- name Giottino; Chiara, married in 1326; Lucia, married in the vicinity of Mugello,

Bice, a Franciscan nun in the cloister of Santa Maria Novella; Francesco, who came of age in 1318 and

later became the prior the church of San Martino at Collo and the trustee of his father ‘s assets; another

Francesco who was a painter; Bondone, called also Donato and Niccolo.

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