Giambologna, Astronomy. Florence, Palazzo Vecchio

Giambologna, Astronomy. Florence, Palazzo Vecchio


Giambologna Astronomy.

The beautiful young woman depicted in this statuette is an allegory of astronomy as can be deduced from her attributes: prisma, armillary sphere, straight edge, ruler, plumb and drawing compass. Because of these attributes the sculpture in old inventories was listed as Venus Urania. It marks the culmination of Giambologna ‘s efforts to form the perfect nude. The beauty of its spiral composition demands appreciation from an infinite number of viewing positions. The statue was executed in 1573, and it was at about the same time that the artist created his Apollo sculpture for Francesco de’ Medici ‘s studiolo. The figure of Astronomy is its compositional counterpart.

Giambologna Astronomy. jpg

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