Formalism ' Style & Connoisseurship Slide List

Formalism — Style & Connoisseurship Slide List

School of History of Art Film and Visual Media
BA History of Art Level 2
Critical Approaches to the History of Art
Formalism: Style and Connoisseurship 6 January 2005

Slide 1: Giovanni Morelli (1816-1891)(image not found)
Slide 2: Bernard Berenson (1865-1959)(image not found)
Slide 3: Heinrich W'lfflin (1864-1945)(image not found)

Slide 4: Michelangelo, Entombment, NG(image not found)
Slide 5: Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel Ceiling, details(image not found)
Slide 6: Michelangelo, Doni Tondo, Uffizi(image not found)
Slide 7: Michelangelo, Crucifix, Santo Spirito, Florence(image not found)
Slide 8: Masaccio, Virgin and Child, NG(image not found)
Slide 9: Masaccio, St Peter enthroned, Brancacci chapel, Carmine, Florence(image not found)
Slide 10: Masaccio, Tribute Money, Brancacci chapel(image not found)
Slide 11: Massacio, Virgin and Child with St Anne, Uffizi(image not found)
Slide 12: Andrea Mantegna, Calvary, Louvre(image not found)
Slide 13: Peter Paul Rubens, Crucifixion, Antwerp(image not found)
Slide 14: Fra Angelico, Entombment, Munich(image not found)
Slide 15: Rubens, Deposition, Antwerp(image not found)

Heinrich W'lfflin’s other major books
Renaissance and Baroque (1888)
Classic Art (1898)

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