Exhibitions and Art Markets

Recommended reading:

P. Gillett, ‘The Victorian Painter’s World’ (Gloucester, 1990)
R.T. Altick, ‘The Shows of London’ (London, 1980)
P. Funnell, ‘The London Art World and its Institutions’, in C. Fox, ed., ‘London – World City – 1800-1840’

Suggested reading:

G. Pelles, ‘Art, Artists and Society, Origin of a Modern Dilemma; Painting in England and France, 1750-1850’
D. Solkin, ed., ‘Art on the Line : The Royal Academy Exhibitions at Somerset House, 1780-1836’
A. Hemingway, ‘Art Exhibitions as Leisure-Class Rituals in early Nineteenth-century London’, in B. Allen, ed., ‘Towards a Modern Art World’ (New Haven and London, 1995), pp.95-108

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