Correggio Jupiter and Io

Correggio Jupiter and Io


Correggio Jupiter and Io

Correggio (Antonio Allegri)

Jupiter and Io


oil on canvas 64 x 28 in

Kuntshistorisches Museum, Vienna

Correggio who painted the the end of the High Renaissance was a master of of all moods and paint textures. this painting is from a series depicting the Loves of Jupiter. It shows the mortal nymph Io willingly accepting the embrace of Jupiter, who has appeared to her as a looming black – gray cloud. Jupiter took this form in hope of evading the detection of his wife while he is chasing after the nearest female quarry. The naked young woman straddles, cuddles, and squeezes the cloud, her head thrown back with the most satisfied look of orgasmic pleasure ever produced in the fine arts.

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