Aegina – pedimental sculpture

Aegina – pedimental sculpture

slide Aegina – pedimental sculpture

Located on a pine – clad hill and commands a splendid view of the Saronic Gulf — Bay of Ayia Marina

Erected 510-490 B.C.

On site of two earlier temples

Geometric period structure — perhaps apsidal

Archaic temple

Tetrastyle in antis

Shallow porches


Exterior triglyphs — blue

Interior triglyphs — black

f. Altar in front of East side

Has been called the most perfectly developed of the late Archaic temples in European Hellas


Sanctuary may have been site of continuous religious activity from at least Mycenaean times

Deity — Aphia (Aphaea)

Seem to have been a variant of a Mother Goddess from Crete, Britomartis

Daughter of Zeus and Carme

Devoted to hunt — a favorite of Artemis

' in order to escape from the attentions of Minos, who had fallen in love with her, she cast herself into the sea and was caught up in the nets of some fishermen. When one of the fishermen became enamoured of the beautiful girl, she once more plunged into the sea; this time she emerged at Aegina, where she was rendered invisible in a grove. — Aphaea concealed herself in a cave, which is actually situated in the NE corner of the peribolus of the Archaic sanctuary…

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