7. Emile Bernard (1868-1 941), ‘Pont-Aven’, 1892.

7. Emile Bernard (1868-1 941), ‘Pont-Aven’, 1892.


7. Emile Bernard (1868-1 941), ‘Pont-Aven’, 1892.


(1868-1941) The French painter and writer who seemed to know everyone; he was pals with Toulouse-Lautrec, Louis Anquentin (with whom he developed Cloisonnism, a style using flat areas of colour with bold dark outlines) and worked closely in Paris and Pont-Aven with Paul Gauguin. He was somewhat left behind by his friends as a painter, and began to concentrate on writing. He published Van Gogh ‘s letters in 1893, an interview with C'zanne in 1905, and was particularly concerned with Post-Impressionism

The picture shown is one of his Pont-Aven pictures.

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