Art History by Dr Laurence Shafe

My art history Lectures and Courses page shows my current schedule with the class notes. Past Lectures and Courses lists all the courses and lectures I have given since 2014 with their class notes.

Over the last few years I have covered the complete history of British art since 1500 and from September 2018 to March 2019 I plan to cover most of the major art exhibitions that have taken place in London over the previous year.

There is one two-hour lecture each week in Hampton on Wednesday morning. Each two-hour lecture typically covers between 25 and 30 works of art and for each work I provide one or two pages of notes.

I have given the following talks which can be tailored from between one to two hours.

  • The Power of Beauty in Restoration England
  • The Politics of Early 19th Century Landscape
  • Social Realism in Victorian Painting
  • The Art of Victorian Photography
  • Secret and Puzzling Tudor Art
  • Cromwell’s Extraordinary Art Sale
  • Inigo Jones – Man, Masques and Mansions
  • Images of Elizabeth I – Fashion or Propaganda?
  • How to Read Paintings—Context, Symbols and Form
  • Victorian Art and Darwinian Beauty

I am a Tate Guide and I have prepared twelve guided tours of both Tate Britain and Tate Modern. I recommend visiting the Tate and going on one of these free tours. They are held during the day and you do not need to book in advance, just turn up.

Art History provides a brief introduction to the subject at undergraduate level and is based on the, often sparse, notes I took as a student. ‘Jump to a Page‘ provides an alphabetic list of all the 940 pages covering the course.

Thoughts are some of my ideas and speculations about a wide variety of topics. As my personal research covers both artificial intelligence and art history the subjects covered can jump from science to art and back again.

My biography is on the About page and includes links to the essays and dissertations I wrote as a student from undergraduate to doctorate. If you would like to comment on the site or contact me please use the Contact page or the comment section at the bottom of most pages.

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