Lectures & Courses on Art History

 Course: A Stroll Through Tate Britain

Held at: The White House, 45 The Avenue, Hampton TW12 3RN
(free parking, café on site)
Lecturer: Dr. Laurence Shafe
Dates: Part 1: Wednesday 20 September 2017 – 29 November 2017
(10 classes with a half-term break the week of 25 October). Extended by a week to Wednesday 6 DecemberPart 2: 3 January 2018 – 7 March 2018
(10 classes with no half-term break)
Time: 10:45-12:45 (with a 15 min coffee break)
Fee: £70 for 10 classes (paid by cheque at the first or second class). Note that all fees, less the hall hire, are donated to charity
Description: Twenty talks on the art at Tate Britain from 1545 to the present day. The talks combine art appreciation and social history with information on the works, the styles and the lives of the artists. The art at Tate Britain is hung chronologically and most of the talks discuss the art as it is displayed, room-by-room. The class will not be taken on a specific tour but Laurence Shafe is a Tate Guide and will inform the class when his guided tours take place.

  1. A History of the Tate
  2. From Absolute Monarch to Civil War, 1540-1650
  3. From the Commonwealth to the Georgian Period, 1650-1730
  4. The Georgian Period, 1730-1780
  5. Revolutionary Times, 1780-1810
  6. Regency to Victorian, 1810-1840
  7. William Blake
  8. JMW Turner
  9. John Constable
  10. The PreRaphaelites, 1840-1860
  11. The Aesthetic Movement,1860-1890
  12. Late Victorians,1890-1900
  13. The Edwardians,1900-1910
  14. The Great War and After,1910-1930
  15. The Interwar Years,1930s
  16. World War II and After
  17. Pop Art and Beyond, 1960-80
  18. Postmodern Art, 1980-2000
  19. The Turner Prize
  20. Summary