Introduction to the History of Art

This website explores the history of art. It is not a list of artists and their works but a guided tour of the art history. But what is art history? Itis not art appreciation but concerns itself with the history of the period when the art object was made, the artist or artists, the social circumstances of the period,the physical attributes of the work of art itself and its reception andassociations at the time and over the intervening period.

This website is also about seeing. The easiest thing in the world or the hardest thing. How are we meant to look at a work of art? What type of object is it? What questions do we ask about it?

As art history is concerned with objects produced by people we need to look at all the ways such objects have been produced as this determines the form of the object and the ways in which the production method and materials used limit the artist or artists. It may seem a strange place to start but each method opens up opportunities and introduces limitations.

Visual Analysis

Materials and Techniques