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The Complete Index

1. Bank of England, John Soane, 1794-1 810, London
1. Paul Gauguin
1. Paul Gauguin (1848-1903), 'The Vision after the Sermon. Jacob Wrestling with the Angel', 1889.
1. Pissarro The Crystal Palace 1871
10. Brighton Pavillion, 1815-23, John Nash, Brighton
10. Maurice Denis, 'The Pardon at Perros', c.1890-91.
10. Morisot On the Balcony 1872
11. St Katherine's Docks, Thomas Telford, 1824-8, London
11.Cassat The Bath 1891
11.Edouard Vuillard
11.Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940), 'Mother and Sister of the Artist', 1892.
12. Lami Le Boulevard des Italiens 1842
12.Edouard Vuillard, 'The Newspaper', c.1898.
12.Opera House, Charles Gamier, Paris, 1861-1875
13. Leighton House, George Aitchinson, 1877-79, London
13. Monet Westminster Bridge 1871
13.Pierre Bonnard
13.Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947), 'Woman in a Check Dress', c.1891.
14. Monet Bridge at Argenteuil 1874
14. Pierre Bonnard, 'The Meal', 1899.
14.St Pancras Station, Scott (engineer Barlow), 1868-74, London
15. King's Cross Station, Lewis Cubitt, 1851-52, London
15. Manet Argenteuil 1874
15. Pierre Bonnard, 'The Large Nude', 1937-9.
15thc tapestry, Narcissus
16. Monet Unloading Coal 1872
16. Paddington Station, Matthew Wyatt, 1854-5, London
16. Pierre Bonnard, 'Nude in the Bath and Small Dog', 1941-6.
1600 BC
17. Monet Impression. Sunrise 1872
17. Paris, Galerie d'Orleans, Fontaine
17. Paul Gauguin, 'Self-portrait', 1889.
18. Caillebotte Le Pont de lEurope 1876
18. Paul Gauguin, 'Portrait of Vincent Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers', 1888.
18.Great Exhibition Building, Joseph Paxton, 1851, London
18-19th Century British Landscape
(after) Simone Martini, Christ Blessing, c. 1340
.A.L. Egg, 'Past and Present: III' 1858
1. Bank of England, John Soane, 1794-1 810, London
1. Paul Gauguin
1. Paul Gauguin (1848-1903), 'The Vision after the Sermon. Jacob Wrestling with the Angel', 1889.
1. Pissarro The Crystal Palace 1871
10. Brighton Pavillion, 1815-23, John Nash, Brighton
10. Maurice Denis, 'The Pardon at Perros', c.1890-91.
10. Morisot On the Balcony 1872
11. St Katherine's Docks, Thomas Telford, 1824-8, London
11.Cassat The Bath 1891
11.Edouard Vuillard
11.Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940), 'Mother and Sister of the Artist', 1892.
12. Lami Le Boulevard des Italiens 1842
12.Edouard Vuillard, 'The Newspaper', c.1898.
12.Opera House, Charles Gamier, Paris, 1861-1875
13. Leighton House, George Aitchinson, 1877-79, London
13. Monet Westminster Bridge 1871
13.Pierre Bonnard
13.Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947), 'Woman in a Check Dress', c.1891.
14. Monet Bridge at Argenteuil 1874
14. Pierre Bonnard, 'The Meal', 1899.
14.St Pancras Station, Scott (engineer Barlow), 1868-74, London
15. King's Cross Station, Lewis Cubitt, 1851-52, London
15. Manet Argenteuil 1874
15. Pierre Bonnard, 'The Large Nude', 1937-9.
15thc tapestry, Narcissus
16. Monet Unloading Coal 1872
16. Paddington Station, Matthew Wyatt, 1854-5, London
16. Pierre Bonnard, 'Nude in the Bath and Small Dog', 1941-6.
1600 BC
17. Monet Impression. Sunrise 1872
17. Paris, Galerie d'Orleans, Fontaine
17. Paul Gauguin, 'Self-portrait', 1889.
18. Caillebotte Le Pont de lEurope 1876
18. Paul Gauguin, 'Portrait of Vincent Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers', 1888.
18.Great Exhibition Building, Joseph Paxton, 1851, London
18-19th Century British Landscape
19. Vincent Van Gogh
19. Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), 'Sunflowers', 1888.
1913] 1923-29
Oil on canvas
41 3/4 x 41 7/8 in.

19thC Academies and Education
19thC Art and Mechanical Reproduction
19thC Artistic Identities
19thC Artists and Publics
19thC Baudelaire and Modernity
19thC British architects
19thC Class and Labour
19thC Emergence of the Modern City
19thC Exhibitions and Art Markets
19thC Introduction
19thC Landscape and Nationalism
19thC Nature and Nationalism
19thC Orientalism and Photography
19thC Portraiture: The Hero and the Sovereign
19thC Primitivism
19thC Ruskin and Revivalism
19thC The Domestic Sphere
19thC The Functions of History Painting
19thC The Historical Present
19thC The Nude
19thC Tourism and the Picturesque
19thC Women Artists
2. Edvard Munch
2. Edvard Munch (1863-1 944), 'The Scream', 1893.
2. Monet Pont de L'Europe 1877
2. Regent Street, John Nash, c.181 1-1823, London
20. Eiffel Tower, Paris, 1887-9, Gustave Eiffel
20. Monet La Plage de Trouville 1870
20. Vincent Van Gogh, 'Gauguin's Chair', 1888.
21. Cassat Woman in Black at the Opera 1879
21. 'The Red House' for William Morris, Philip Webb, 1859-60
21.Vincent Van Gogh, 'Night Café', 1888.
22. Morisot Girl on a Divan 1885
22. Paul Gauguin, 'Café at ArIes', 1888.
22.William Morris, Green Dining Room, South Kensington Museum, London,
23. Manet At the Cafe 1878
23. William Morris, design for Kelmscott Press, edition of Chaucer
23.Edvard Munch, 'Melancholy', 1892.
24. Manet A Bar at the Folies-Bergere 1881
24. Morris, 'Willow and Vine' wallpaper, 1870
24.Edvard Munch, 'Anxiety', 1892.
25. Monet La Grenouillere 1869
25.Edvard Munch, 'Jealousy', 1895.
25.'Wey' chintz, 1884
26. Gleyre Evening 1843
26. RC Mackintosh, Glasgow School of Art, 1896-1909, Glasgow
26.Edvard Munch, 'Madonna', 1894-5.
27. Chicago, Auditorium Building, Adler and Sullivan, 1886-89.
27. Monet La Japonaise 1876
27. Paul Gauguin, 'Nevermore, 1897.
28. Monet Boulevard de Capucines 1873
28. Paul Gauguin, 'Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?' 1897.
29. Paul Gauguin, 'Selfportrait' pot, 1889, tinted, glazed stoneware.
29. Pissarro Lower Norwood 1870
3. Caillebotte Man on the Balcony 1880
3. Cumberland Terrace, Regent's Park, John Nash, c.1820-1 824, London
3. Gustave Moreau
3. Gustave Moreau (1826-98), 'The Apparition', 1874-6.
30. Caillebotte Bridge at Argenteuil 1880-5
30.Odilon Redon, 'Gauguin', 1904.
31. Pisserro Factory near Pontoise 1873
32. Pissarro Boulevard des Italiens. Morning Sunlight 1897
4 Manet Music at the Tuilleries 1862
4. British Museum, Robert Smirke, 1823-46, London
4. Pierre Puvis de Chevannes
4. Pierre Puvis de Chevannes (1824-98), 'Decollation of John the Baptist',1856
429 BC
431 BC
5. National Gallery, William Wilkins, 1834-8, London
5. Renoir La Loge 1874
6. (National Gallery, Sainsbury Wing, Robert Venturi, 1988-90)
6. Morisot Reading 1869-7O
6. Morisot The Wet Nurse 1880
6. Odilon Redon, 'Sita', 1893, pastel and crayon on paper.
7 Dega Dancer in her Dressing Room c. 1880
7. Emile Bernard
7. Emile Bernard (1868-1 941), 'Pont-Aven', 1892.
7. Tate Gallery, Sidney Smith, 1894-7, London
8. (Tate Gallery, Duveen Galleries, Romaine Walker, 1909)
8. Emile Bernard, Breton Women at a Pardon', 1888.
9. Hoses of Parliament (palace of Westminster), Charles Barry (overall design) and Augustus Welby Pugin (exterior 'perpendicular' details and interior details), 1835-1852, London
9. Paul Gauguin, 'The Vision after the Sermon', 1889.
9. Renoir La Grenouillere 1869
A Carracci, Rome, Palazzo Farnese, Gallery vault, general
A Carracci, Triumph of Bacchus (Farnese Gallery)
A selection of diagrams from Klee's Pedagogical Sketchbook
A selection of diagrams from Klee's Pedagogical Sketchbook 2
A. Baldovinetti, Nativity, Florence, SS Annunziatac. 146
A. Boime, Art in an Age of Bonapartism, 1800-1815 (Chicago, 1990)
A. Boime, Art in the Age of Revolution, 1750-1850 (Chicago, 1987)
A. Boime, The Academy and French Painting in the Nineteenth Century (London, 1971)
A. Boime, The Academy and French Painting in the Nineteenth Century (New Haven and London, 1986)
A. Cabanel, The Birth of Venus, 1863
A. di Cambio w/shop, Tomb of Pope Adrian V. Viterbo, S. Francesco
A. di Cambio, Angel (Harvard, Fogg)
A. di Cambio, Sta Reparata (Florence, Mus dell'Op.)
A. di Cambio, Tomb of Cardinal G. de Braye, Romanini reconstr.
A. di Cambio, Tomb of Riccardo Annibaldi, det., frieze of acolytes after A. di Cambio, Tomb of R. Annibaldi (d. 1289). Rome, S. G. in Lat.
A. di Cambio, Virgin & Child (Flor. Mus dell'Op)
A. di Cambio, Virgin of Nativity (Flor. Mus dell'Op)
A. di Giovanni, Tomb of Cino Sigibuldi (d. 1337). Pistoia, Duomo
A. Pollaiuolo, Martyrdom of St Sebastian (NG), detail, landscape
A. Pollaiuolo, Three Saints altarpiece (Florence, Uffizi) 1466
A. Pollaiuolo, Tomb of Sixtus IV (Vatican)
A. Renoir, The Bathers, 1887
A. Thomas, Expanding Eye: Photography and the Nineteenth-Century Mind (London, 1978)
A. van Dyck, Charles 1: 3 views (Royal Coil)
A. van Dyck, Cornelius v.d. Geest (London, NG)
A.Bermingham, Landscape and
A.Bermingham, Landscape and Ideology: The English Rustic Tradition, 1740- 1860 (London, 1986)
A.Bermingham, Landscape and Ideology: The English Rustic Tradition, 1740-1860 (London, 1986)
A.Boime, The Academy and French Painting in the Nineteenth Century (New Haven and London, 1986)
A.C and H.C.White, Canvases and Careers: Institutional Change in the French Painting World (London, 1965)
A.L. Egg, 'Past and Present: I' 1858
A.L. Egg, 'Past and Present: II' 1858
A.L. Egg, 'Past and Present: III' 1858
A.Rossellino, bust of Chellini
A.W.N. Pugin, Contrasted Residences of the Poor in Contrasts, 1836
A.W.N. Pugin, 'Contrasted Residences of the Poor' in Contrasts, 1836
A.W.N. Pugin, Contrasted Towns in Contrasts, 1836
A.W.N. Pugin, 'Contrasted Towns' in Contrasts, 1836
Aachen Minister choir
Aachen Minister exterior
Aachen Minster (Gothic Choir)
Aachen palace chapel and furnishings
Aachen Pulpit
Aachen Rathaus exterior
Aachen, Charlemagne and 'Three-Tower'-reliquaries, 1370s
Aachen, Three-Towers reliquary
Academies and Education
Achilles on Scyros, Pompeii
Acropolis 1670
Acropolis general aerial view
Acropolis general view
Acropolis model
Acropolis Stevens reconstruction
Adriaen de Vries
Advantages and disadvantages of Doric
Advert for Eastman Kodak, 1888
Aegina - pedimental sculpture
Aegina, detail of corner
Aelbert Cuyp
African Baule Warrior Mask
Age of Enlightenment
Agias (Lysippos)
Agnolo Bronzino
Agnolo Gaddi
Agostino de Giovanni and Agnolo di Ventura, tomb of Bishop Guido Tarlati, c.1330, Arezzo, cathedral
Agostino di Duccio
Albert Bierstadt The Great Trees Mariposa Grove 1879
Albert Dubois-Pillet
Albert Gleizes, Man on a Balcony (Portrait of Dr. Morinaud) (1912)
Alberti, Tempio Malatestiano (church of San Francesco) at Rimini, begun c.1450
Albrecht Altdorfer
Albrecht Durer
Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Apocalypse 1498 Woodcut
Albrecht Durer Christ Carrying the Cross from the Large Passion. 1497-1510 Woodcut
Albrecht Durer Melancholia I. 1514 Engraving
Albrecht Durer, Last Supper (woodcut, 1523).
Albrecht Durer, Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand (1508).
Album page of cartes-de-visite (6x 11cm) of Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra, 1 860s.
Albumen prints collage, Filmer Album, 1860's.
Alessandro Allori
Alessandro Vittoria
Alessio Baldovinetti
Alexander Archipenko, Walking Woman (bronze) (1912)
Alexander mosaic (House of the Faun, Pompeii, late 2nd / early 1st BC)
Alexander Rodchenko
Alexander Rodchenko, Compass and Ruler Drawing (1914-15).
Alexander Rodchenko, Compass and Ruler Drawing 2 (1914-15).
Alexander Rodchenko, Construction (1921).
Alexander Rodchenko, Light Bulb Advertisement 1923, remade 1930.
Alexander Rodchenko, Non-Objective Composition (1918).
Alexander Sarcophagus
Alexander Sarcophagus (Istanbul)
Alexander Takes Leave of Hephaestion
Alexander the Great
Alexandre Cabanel
Alexandre Cabanel, 'The Birth of Venus' 1863
Alfonso d'Este Duke of Ferrara
Alfred Elmore, 'On the Brink' 1865
Alfred Sisley
Ali Sami, Portrait photograph of his fiancée, Istanbul, 1880
Alice Neel
Allen Jones, Hatstand and Chair, 1969
Allen Jones, Table, 1969
Allori Nudes
Allori Susanna
Allori Venus
Alonso Berruguete
Alvise Vivarini
Amalienberg, Munich
Amasis painter 'Dionysos and two Maenads' (Paris) c.540-530
Amaury-Duval La Naissance de Venus
Ambrogio de Predis
Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Allegories of Good and Bad Government, Bad Government 1338/9, Siena, Palazzo Pubblico, Sala de' Nove
Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Allegories of Good and Bad Government, Good Government country 1338/9, Siena, Palazzo Pubblico, Sala de' Nove
Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Allegories of Good and Bad Government, Good Government town 1338/9, Siena, Palazzo Pubblico, Sala de' Nove
Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Allegories of Good and Bad Government, Good Government virtues 1338/9, Siena, Palazzo Pubblico, Sala de' Nove
Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Allegories of good and bad government, Sala dei Nove, Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, c.1337-40
Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Madonna del Latte
Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Maesta, altarpiece, Massa Marittima, c. 1325
Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Presentation in the Temple (or Purification of the Virgin) (S. Crescenzio altarpiece), 1342
Ambrogio Lorenzetti, St. Nicholas resuscitates a child, 1320s
Ambrogio Lorenzetti? (recently attributed to Simone Martini), City by the Sea (view of Talamone), c.131l?/1320s?, Siena, Pinacoteca
Amedeo Modigliani
Amiens Cathedral, begun 1220
Amiens Cathedral, la Grange Chapel
Amiens Cathedral, Last Judgement portal
Amiens Cathedral, west portal
Amiens, Coronation of the Virgin (south-west doorway)
Amiens, Vierge Doree
Analytic Cubism
André Breton, Automatic Writing (photomontage, 1938).
André Derain
André Derain, Boats (1905).
André Derain, Fishermen at Collioure (1905).
André Derain, The Mountains, Collioure (1904).
André Detain, Bathers (1907).
André Detain, Charing Cross Bridge (1905-06).
André Detain, The Dance (1906).
André Masson, Automatic Drawing (1924).
André Masson, Délire Végétal (drawing, 1924).
André Masson, Nudes and Architecture (1924).
Andrea Bregno
Andrea dal Castagno, Trinity + St Jerome c. 1455
Andrea del Castagno
Andrea del Castagno, Last Supper (Florence, S. Apollonia)
Andrea del Sarto
Andrea del Verrocchio
Andrea della Robbia
Andrea di Bartolo
Andrea Mantegna
Andrea Mantegna, St Sebastian (Partis, Louvre), c. 1470
Andrea Palladio
Andrea Pisano, Annunciate. Pisa, Museo Civico
Andrea Pisano, Sculpture
Andrea Previtali
Andrea Sansovino
Andrea Verrocchio, Putto with a Dolphin (Florence, Pal Vecchio)
Andy Warhol (1928-87) A Lavender Disaster. 1964 Screenprint
Andy Warhol, Electric Chair (1962).
Andy Warhol, Mona Lisa (1963).
Angel of Death (1940) o/c
Angelica Kauffman 'Zeuxis Selecting Models for his Painting of Helen of Troy' c.1778
Angelica Kauffmann
Angevin Tombs, Fontevrault
Anna Atkins, plate from British Algae, 1843-9, cyanotype contact print (blueprint).
Anne Stuart Queen of England
Annibale Carracci
Annibale Carracci Ceiling of the Farnese gallery including Diana and Endymion, love and Juno studies for Ignudi, 1597-1608, Rome, Farnese Palace
Annibale Carracci The Assumption of the Virgin, 1601, Rome, Cerasi Chapel
Annibale Carracci The Butcher's Shop c. 1583, Christ Church, Oxford
Annibale Carracci The Dead Christ Mourned, c 1603, London, NG
Annunciation to Shepherds, Baroncelli Chapel
Anon - Photocourse - Bauhaus - Dessau, c.1930
Anon, 'Mussulman Ladies at Home', The Lady's Realm, 1898
Anon, 'Scenes from Eastern Life', Illustrated London News, 1893
Anon, Studio portrait, Istanbul, late c19th
Anon. Photograph, John Everett Millais in his studio, 1886.
Anon. Postcard photographs of African and Moorish women, late C19
Anon., Tomb of Giangaetano Orsini (d. 1294). Assisi, Lower Church
Another Photograph of view of third OBMOKhU exhibition, Moscow, May 1921.
Ansel Adams; Mount Williamson, Sierra Nevada, 1944. B&W silver print from medium format silver gelatine film (Straight Photography, FM group, Zone system to obtain art prints.)
Antico, Apollo
Antoine Caron
Antoine Coysevox Louis XIV (marble relief), c. 1680, Versailles, Salon de la Guerre
Antoine Pevsner, Fountain (1925).
Antoine-Jean Gros, 'Napoleon at Arcole' 1797
Antoine-Jean Gros, 'Napoleon in the Plague House at Jaffa' 1804
Antoine-Jean Gros, 'Napoleon in the Plague House at Jaffa', 1804
Antoine-Jean Gros, 'Napoleon on the Battlefield of Eylau' 1807
Antoine-Jean Gros, 'Portrait of the First Consul' 1802
Antoine-Jean Gros, 'Portrait of the First Consul', 1802
Antoine-Jean Gros, 'The Battle of Nazareth' 1801
Antonello da Messina
Antonello da Messina, Portrait of a Condottiere (Paris)
Antonello S. Cassiano altarpiece, (Vienna), 1475
Antonello, St Jerome (NG), c.1465?
Antoniazzo Romano
Antonio Allegri Correggio
Antonio Bregno
Antonio Canova, 'Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker' 1803-6
Antonio Canova, Pauline Borghese as Venus, 1808
Antonio Canova, Venus
Antonio da Fabriano
Antonio de Pereda Vanitas 1634
Antonio Gaudi Guell Palace, Barcelona, 1885-9 (Facade, hall)
Antonio Gaudi Guell Park, Barcelona
Antonio Lombardo
Antonio Lombardo, Forge of Vulcan (St Petersburg)
Antonio Lombardo, Miracle of speaking babe (Padua)
Antonio Marescotti
Antonio Pisanello
Antonio Pollaiolo
Antonio Pollaiuolo (1432-98) Battle of the Nude Men Engraving
Antonio Pollaiuolo, Hercules (Berlin, Bodemuseum)
Antonio Rizzo
Antonio Rossellino
Antonio Vivarini
Apotheosis ivory
Apoxyornenos (Lysippos)
Apparition at Arles, Assisi
Apparition at Arles, Bardi Chapel
Ara Pacis (Altar of Peace) Rome 13-9BC
Ara Pacis, Rome
Arch of Augustus, Rome, capital
Arch of Constantine 312AD
Arch of Septimius Severus, Rome
Arch of the Argentarii 204 AD
Arch of Titus
Arch of Titus, Rome c.80 AD
Arch of Titus, Rome, Composite capital
Arch of Trajan, Benevento
Archbishop Peter von Aspelt, Mainz Cathedral
Archbishop Walter de Gray, York Minster
Architectural Terms
Arco Foscari, begun by Bon and completed by Antonio Rizzo
Arcosolium of cubiculum
Arena Chapel Padua
Arena Chapel Padua Adoration of the Magi
Arena Chapel Padua Annunciation to Anna
Arena Chapel Padua Betrayal
Arena Chapel Padua Crucifixion
Arena Chapel Padua Enrico Scrovegni (detail of Last Judgment)
Arena Chapel Padua Entry to Jerusalem
Arena Chapel Padua Expulsion of Joachim
Arena Chapel Padua Lamentation
Arena Chapel Padua Wedding at Cana
Aries, St Trophime
Arnoux, The Pacha and His Hareem, Egypt, print from a photograph, 1870-80
Arshile Gorky, One Year the Milkweed (1944).
Arshile Gorky, Organisation (1936).
Arshile Gorky, The Liver is the Cock's Comb (1944).
Art & Language, Index 01(1972).
Art and Architecture in Europe 1250-1400
Art and Architecture in Europe 1250-1400 - Reading List
Art and Architecture in Europe 1400-1500 - Reading List
Art and Mechanical Reproduction
Art and Society in the 19th Century
Art and Society in the Nineteenth Century - Reading List
Art History
Art Miscellaneous
'Art on the Line' exhibition, Somerset House: view of the Great Room, north wall
'Art on the Line' exhibition, Somerset House: view of the Great Room, west wall
Artemisia Gentileschi
Artemisia Gentileschi, Judith Decapitating Holofernes, c. 1618
Artemisia Gentileschi, Susannah and the Elders, 1610
Arthur Hughes, 'April Love' 1856
Articulated Cloud
Artist Training
Artistic Identities
'Artists in Exile' (photograph, 1942).
Asiatic sarcophagus (Louvre) late 2ndc AD
Asiatic sarcophagus (Melfl) 2ndc AD
Asklepeion, Pergamon, capital
Assisi San Francesco
Assisi, S. Francesco, Upper Church, M & C, c. 1295
Assisi, St Francis Preaching to the Birds, c. 1295
Assumption of John the Evangelist, Peruzzi Chapel, S. Croce, c. 1320s
Athena and Marsyas (Myron)
Attavante Degli Attavanti
Aubrey Beardsley, illustration for the Yellow Book, 1890.
Aubrey Beardsley, 'Self-portrait in Bed', 1900
Auguste Renoir, 'The Loge' 1874
Auguste Rodin
Augustus as Pontifex Maximus
Augustus Welby Pugin
Austin Friars (ground plan)
Autun tympanum Last Judgement
Autun, west portal
Avignon, Notre Dame des Domes, portal
Avignon, Papal Palace
Avignon, papal palace, murals by Matteo Giovanetti and other workshops, 1340s
Avignon, Pope John XXII
B. Denvir, The Late Victorians: Art, Design and Society, 1852-1910 (London, 1986)
B. Poccetti, drawing of Florence D. façade (1577)
B.R.Collins, (ed.) Twelve Views of Manet's Bar, (Princeton, 1996)
Baalbeck Temple of Bacchus
Baalbeck Temple of Jupiter 32AD
Baccio Bandinelli
Baciccio, Name of Jesus (Il Gesu, nave vault)
Back gables: Resurrection cycle
Back main panel: Passion cycle
Back panel:Entry into Jerusalem
BaHa, Abstract Speed, 1913
Baldassare Estense
Balla, Bankruptcy, 1902
Balla, Dog on a Lead, 1912
Balla, Streetlight, 1909.
Balla, The Hand of the Violinist, 1912
Baltard Les Halles 1853
Banqueting House, Whitehall
Baptistery, doors by Ghiberti
Bar At The Folies-Bergère
Barbara Hepworth
Barberini ivory
Baroncelli altarpiece, c.1328
'Baroque' theatrical architecture
Barr Diagram of the Development of Abstract Art
Barry & Pugin Houses of Parliament 1836
Barry Reform Club 1841
Bartholomeus Spranger
Bartolome Bermejo
Bartolomeo Bellano
Bartolomeo Bon
Bartolomeo Bon, Porta della Carta,1438-42
Bartolomeo di Giovanni
Bartolomeo Montagna
Bartolomeo Vivarini
Bartolommeo Ammanati
Bartolommeo Caporali
Base of Column of Antoninus Pius 161 AD
Basilica Nova / Maxentius / Constantine (cf. S.Maria degli Angeli, Rome)
Basilica of S. Maria Maggiore
Basilica, Paestum
Basilica, Spalato
Bassano Nudes
Bassano Susanna
Baths of Trajan
Batoni, 5th Duke of Devonshire, c. 1770
Baudelaire and Modernity
Bauhaus — Plan of the first training programme in Weimar, n.d.
Bauhaus - The Cabinet-making workshop at the Weimar Bauhaus
Bauhaus - Title pages for Bauhaus Magazine, 1928
Bauhaus - Title pages for Bauhaus Magazine, 1929
Bayer Herbert - Lonely metropolitan, 1932
Bayer Herbert - Self-Portrait, 1937
Bayeux Tapestry
Beardsley, Lysistrata, 1896.
Beaumaris Castle
Beauvais Cathedral exterior (1225- and 1270s-)
Beauvais Cathedral interior (1225- and 1270s-)
Beauvais Cathedral plan (1225- and 1270s-)
Beauvias Cathedral exterior (1225- and 1270s-)
Bechin castle
Belbello da Pavia
Bellini Nude Woman with a Mirror 1515
Bellini Nudes
Benedetto Bonfigli
Benedetto Briosco
Benedetto da Maiano
Benedetto da Rovezzano
Benedetto Ghirlandaio
Benjamin Bracknell Turner, Rievaulx Abbey, albumen print from waxed paper negative, 1852-54.
Benjamin Robert Haydon, 'Christ's Entry into Jerusalem' 1820
Benjamin Robert Haydon, 'Christs Entry into Jerusalem' 1820
Benjamin West, 'The Death of General Wolfe' 1770
Benjamin West, 'The Death of Lord Nelson' 1806
Benjamin West, 'The Death of Lord Nelson' 1808
Benjamin West, 'The Departure of Regulus from Rome' 1769
Benjamin West, 'The Departure of Regulus from Rome' full 1769
Benozzo Gozzoli
Benvenuto Cellini
Benvenuto di Giovanni
Berlin painter 'Athena' (Basel) c.500-480
Bernard Madeleine in the Bois d'Amour 1888
Bernardino Jacopi Butinone
Bernardino Luini
Bernardo Daddi
Bernardo Daddi, polyptych
Bernardo Martorell
Bernardo Rossellino
Bernini (after), Charles I (engraving)
Bernini, A & D (Borghese), det., head of Apollo
Bernini, Angel+ Crown of Thorns (S.A. delle Fratte)
Bernini, Apollo & Daphne (Villa Borghese)
Bernini, bust of Louis XIV
Bernini, Catedra Petri (St Peter's)
Bernini, CatedraPetri
Bernini, CatedraPetri
Bernini, Costanza Buonarelli (Florence, Bargello)
Bernini, David
Bernini, David (Villa Borghese)
Bernini, David. Rome, Villa Borghese
Bernini, Ecstasy of St Theresa, det., light source
Bernini, Ecstasy of St Theresa, group, det.
Bernini, Ecstasy of St Theresa, group, det. 2
Bernini, Francesco d'Este (Modena)
Bernini, Louis XIV (Versailles)
Bernini, Pluto & Persephone (Borghese)
Bernini, Pope Paul V (Vatican)
Bernini, Pope Urban VIII(Vatican)
Bernini, St Longinus (Rome, St. Peter's)
Bernini, St Longinus (St Peter's)
Bernini, St Mary Magdalene (Siena Cath., Chigi Ch)
Bernini, St Peter's Baldacchino
Bernini, St Peter's Baldacchino
Bernini, Sta Bibiana (S. Bibiana)
Bernini's David
Bernt Notke S.George, Stockholm
Berthe Morisot
Berthe Morisot, 'Eugene Manet and his Daughter at Bougival' 1881
Berthe Morisot, 'On the Balcony' 1872
Berthe Morisot, The Cradle, 1872
Berthe Morisot, 'The Harbour at Lorient' 1869
Berthe Morisot, 'The Wet Nurse Angele with Julie Manet' 1880
Berthe Morisot, 'View of Paris from the Tracadero' 1872
Bertoldo di Giovanni
Berze Ia Ville (Cluniac Chapel)
Beverley, Percy Tomb, c. 1340
Biagio d'Antonio da Firenze
Bible of Charles the Bald (Paris, BN lat 1)
Bible of Wenceslas IV, begun l380s?, Vienna, Austrian National Library
Bigger Splash
Bill Viola, Installation of The Messenger in Durham Cathedral (1996).
Bill Viola, Still from The Messenger (1996).
Birkbeck BA History of Art
Birkbeck BA History of Art Lectures
Bishop Aquablanca, Hereford Cathedral
Bishop Evrard de Fouilloy, Amiens Cathedral
Bishop Giles de Bridport, Salisbury Cathedral
Bishop Pontano and the Magdalen
Bishops Eliwinus and Levericus, Wells Cathedral
Bishop's Grounds
Black Death
Blake God Judging Adam
Blake The Ghost of a Flea
Blenheim Palace
Blenheim Palace (Vanbrugh and Hawksmoor)
Blenheim plan
Blessed Damozel
Boccini, Matena, 191 1-12
Boccioni, Automobile 4829, c.1901
Boccioni, Caricature of a Futurist Evening, 1911
Boccioni, States of Mind, Farewells, 1911
Boccioni, States of Mind: Those who go, 1911
Boccioni, States of Mind: Those who stay, 1911
Boccioni, The City Rises, 1910
Boccioni, The Street Enters the House, 1911
Boccioni, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, 1913
Boccioni, Workshop at Porta Romana, 1908
Bohemian Reliquary Cross
Bologna Rape of the Sabine Woman 1583
Book Lists
Book Summaries
Boscoreale, Villa of P.Fannius Sinistor
Botticelli Calumny of Apelles
Botticelli, Birth of Venus
Botticelli, Calumny of Apelles (Florence, Uffizi), c. 1485
Botticelli, Pallas and the Centaur (Florence, Uffizi)
Botticelli, Primavera (Florence, Uffizi), c. 1478
Botticelli, Punishment of Korah (Vatican, Sistine Chapel), c. 1481
Botticelli, St Sebastian (Berlin), c. 1470
Bouguereau, Nymphs and a Satyr
Bouleterion, Miletos, capital
Bourges, former Ste-Chapelle, 1390s for Jean Duc de Berry
Bourges, tomb by Jean de Cambrai and priants (drawings by Holbein)
Boxwood: cell-structure (diagram)
Boys Fishing
Bramante Tempietto, S.Pietro in Montorio, Rome
Bramante, Tempietto
Braque, Bottle, Newspaper, Pipe and Wine glass (1913)
Braque, Composition with Ace of Clubs (1912-13)
Braque, Large Nude (1907-8)
Braque, Le Portugais (1911)
Braque, Maisons a LEstaque (1908)
Braque, Rio Tinto Factory at L Estaque (1910)
Braque, Still-Life with Guitar (1914)
Braque, Still-Life with Violin and Pitcher (1910)
Braque, The Clarinet (or Tenora) (1913)
Braque, Violin and Palette, 1909-10
Brasses, Stoke D'Abernon (Cobham)
Braun Albert - Hoop Dance 2 views, 1928-9
Brett Stonebreaker 1857-8
Bristol Cathedral (choir and Lady chapel)
Bristol Cathedral interior choir
Bristol Cathedral interior vault
Bristol, St Augustine's, begun 1298, Lady Chapel
Bristol, St Augustine's, east end (1298-, 1320s - 1340s)
Bristol, St Augustine's, exterior (1298-, 1320s - 1340s)
Bristol, St Augustine's, plan (1298-, 1320s - 1340s)
Bristol, St Mary Redcliffe
Bristol, St Mary Redcliffe (north porch)
Britain Timeline 1250-1400
Bronze figures from Riace
Bronze Hermes from Marathon
Bronze horses, San Marco, Venice
Bronzino Nudes
Bronzino Venus
Brunelleschi Sacrifice of Isaac reliefs
Brunelleschi, Dome, completed 1436
Bruno Taut, Glass Pavilion at Cologne Werkbund Exhibition, 1914.
Burgundian tapestry: the Trojan War
Burney, Antique Room in Old Somerset House, 1779
Burney, Exhibition of the Royal Academy, 1784
Bust of Marcus Aurelius
Butterfield All Saints, Margaret Street 1849
Byzantine 21-01-2004 Handout and Slides
Byzantine artist, Kahn Madonna, Washington Museum of Art, c.1280
C. Goldstein, Teaching Art: Academies and Schools from Vasari to Albers (Cambridge, 1998)
C.Harrison, and P.Wood, (eds) Art in Theory, 1900-1990: An Anthology of Changing Ideas (Oxford, 1992)
C.Harrison, P.Wood and J. Gaiger (eds), Art in Theory 1648-1815: An Anthology of Changing Ideas (Oxford, 2000)
C.Harrison, P.Wood and J. Gaiger (eds), Art in Theory 1815-1900: :An Anthology of Changing Ideas (Oxford, 1998)
C.W. Cope 'Life Well Spent' 1862
C.W. Cope, 'Life Well Spent' 1862
Ca' Foscari, begun around 1452
Cabanel The Birth of venus
Cabanel Venus of the Waves 1863
Cabanel, Venus of the Waves, 1863, Musee d'Orsay
Caen, St Etienne
Caernarvon Castle
Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas
Caillebotte Man on a Balcony, Boulevard Haussmann 1875
Caillebotte Rainy day Place De L'Europe 1877
Caillebotte, Man at his Bath, 1884
Caillebotte, Nude on a Couch, 1882
Camera Obscura, 1671 (in use since Renaissance)
Cameron Alithea
Cameron Darwin
Cameron Herschel
Cameron Pomona
Cameron Tennyson
Camille Claudel
Camille Pissarro
Camille Silvy, River Scene, 1858, gold toned albumen combination print from 2 negatives
Camillo Mariani
Campus Martius, plan
Canova, The Three Graces
Canterbury cathedral, choir (c.1180)
Canterbury cathedral, exterior (c.1180)
Canterbury cathedral, plan (c.1180)
Canterbury Cathedral, stained glass
Canterbury cathedral, Trinity Chapel
Canterbury cathedral, Trinity Chapel (c.1180)
Canterbury, Archbishop Pecham (d. 1292), by Michael of Canterbury?
Canterbury, Archbishop Stratford (d. 1348)
Canterbury, chapter house with prior's throne, c. 1300
Capability Brown Stourhead Park Cl8
Capability Brown, landscape gardens at Blenheim Palace, 1760s
Capability Brown, landscape gardens at Stowe, 1740s
Capetian royal tombs, Paris, St Denis
Capitol Temple of Jupiter
Capitol, scheme by Michelangelo
Capua, Fred. II's Gateway, det., Juno c. 1240
Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi) The Inspiration of St Matthew 1602, destroyed
Caravaggio The Calling of St Matthew 1599-1600, Rome, Contarelli Chapel
Caravaggio The Conversion of St Paul 1600-1601, Rome, Cerasi Chapel
Caravaggio The Crucifixion of St Peter 1600-1601, Rome, Cerasi Chapel
Caravaggio The Inspiration of St Matthew 1602, Rome, Contarelli Chapel
Caravaggio The Raising of Lazarus
Caravaggio, Boy bitten by Lizard (Florence, Longhi)
Caravaggio, Calling of St Matthew (S. Luigi de'F.)
Caravaggio, Conversion of Saul (S.M. del Popolo)
Card Players
Carl Andre, 144 Magnesium Squares (1969).
Carlo Crivelli
Carlo di Braccesco
Carlton House Terrace
Carpeaux, Dance, 1869
Carrey drawings
Casa di Livia, Palatine c.30BC
Caspar David Friedrich
Caspar David Friedrich Cloister Cemetery in the Snow 1817-19
Cass Gilbert, Woolworth Building, 1913.
Cassatt The Cup of tea
Cassatt Woman in Black at the Opera
Castagno, Last Supper , det., 2 apostles
Cavafy's Poems
Cavallini Annunciation
Cellini, Nymph of Fontainebleau
Cellini, Perseus
Cenotaph - Full View - Side
Cesari Diana
Cezanne The Grand Bathers
Cezanne, La Montagne Ste Victoire, 1904
Cezanne, Selfportrait, 1879
Cezanne, Still Life with Plaster Cupid, 1895
Cezari Nudes
Chalice of Emperor Romanos II, 959-63
Champmol (Dijon), portal, former Charterhouse, founded 1384
Champmol (Dijon), tomb of Philip the Bold by Jean de Marville and Claus Sluter (1389/1406)
Chapels and Chapel Decoration
Charing Cross Bridge
Charles Angrand
Charles I and Henrietta Maria Mytens
Charles IV
Charles Le Brun Salon de Ia Guerre (ceiling painting), 1678-1686, Versailles
Charles R. Mackintosh Hill House, bedroom, Glasgow 1903
Charles R. Mackintosh studio-flat drawing room, Glasgow 1900
Charles R. Mackintosh Willow Tea Room facade and interior, Glasgow 1903-4
Charles the Bold, Codex Aureus (Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek)
Charleston South Carolina
Chartres cathedral
Chartres Cathedral exterior (1190s-)
Chartres Cathedral interior (1190s-)
Chartres Cathedral plan (1190s-)
Chartres Cathedral Transepts North
Chartres Cathedral Transepts South
Chartres Cathedral, south transept
Chartres Cathedral, stained glass
Chartres north facade
Chartres north facade east portal
Chartres west facade
Chartres west facade central portal
Chartres west facade north portal
Chartres west facade north portal typanum
Chartres west facade south portal
Chartres north facade
Chartres, Coronation of the Virgin (north transept)
Chartres, west portal
Chicago Tribune building (Adolf Loos)
Chicago, Lake Shore Drive Flats, 1949-51
Chiswick House
Christ on the Cross. c. 1430 Woodcut
Christo, Project for Wrapped Reichstag (collage, 1994).
Christo, Surrounded Islands Project (collage, 1981).
Church of the Panaghia
Cimabue, Assisi Great Crucifixion c. 1280
Cimabue, Assisi Great Crucifixion negative
Cimabue, Crucifixion, upper church, San Francesco, Assisi, c. 1277-80
Cimabue, S. Croce Crucifix, Florence, c. 1280-85
Cimabue, S. Domenico Crucifix, Mezzo, c. 1275
Cimabue, S. Trinita Madonna, Uffizi, c.1280s
City Picture with Red Domes (1923)
City plans: Canterbury
City plans: Canterbury and Florence

City plans: Florence
Clara Peeters
Class and Labour
Classical period
Classical Tradition
Classical Tradition Renaissance to Baroque Architecture 15-05-2004
Classical Tradition slides 15-10-2003
Classical Tradition slides 17thC Classical Iconography 6-05-2004
Classical Tradition slides 22-10-2003
Classical Tradition slides 29-10-2003
Classical Tradition slides 8-10-2003
Classical Tradition slides Baroque Style 29-04-2004
Classical Tradition slides Byzantine 21-01-2004
Classical Tradition slides Carolingian 28-01-2004
Classical Tradition slides Early Christian 14-01-2004
Classical Tradition slides Fifteenth-century architecture in Italy 11-02-2004
Classical Tradition slides Fifteenth-century Italy Lecture 1 25-02-2004
Classical Tradition slides Fifteenth-century Italy Lecture 2 3-03-2004
Classical Tradition slides Greek and Early Roman Architecture 12-11-2003
Classical Tradition slides Greek and Roman Painting 10-12-2003
Classical Tradition slides High Renaissance 10-03-2004
Classical Tradition slides Imperial Roman Architecture 19-11-2003
Classical Tradition slides Middle Ages 4-02-2004
Classical Tradition slides Revision Strategy 10-05-2004
Classical Tradition slides Roman Sculpture 26-11-2003
Classical Tradition slides Venice 17-03-2004
Claude Glasses
Claude Lorrain
Claude Monet
Claude Monet, 'Bathing at La Grenouillère', 1869, oil on canvas
Claude Monet, Charing Cross Bridge (Overcast Day) (1900).
Claude Monet, Impression: Sunrise (1872).
Claude Perseus and the Origins of Coral 1674, Holkham Hall
Claude, Classical Landscape with Figures, 1652
Claude, Judgement of Paris
Claude, Landscape at Tivoli Temple, 1644
Claude, View of Carthage with Dido and Aeneas
Claydon House, Bucks
Clemente da Urbino
Clown, 1929
Cluny Abbey
Cluny III, begun 1088
Cockerell Bank of England, Manchester 1844
Codussi, Palazzo Vendramin Calergi
Cologne cathedral begun 1248
Cologne cathedral, choir, begun 1248, with Shrine of Three Magi, begun c. 1180
Cologne Cathedral, choir, completed 1322
Cologne, window from former Dominican Church, c. 1280
Colosseum exterior
Colosseum, Rome
Column of Trajan
Column of Trajan, in Forum of Trajan, Rome 113 AD
Complete book list for Art and Society in the Nineteenth Century
Conflict with Persia
Constable A View of Dedham
Constable Landscape: The Leaping Horse
Constable Stonehenge
Constable The Cornfield (1826)
Constable The HayWain
Constantin Guys, 'Balaklava Railway, Crimea' n.d.
Constantinople, H. Sophia, Deesis, Christ ?c1270
Constantinople. S. Sophia
Controposto was the counterbalance
Cordoba, Great Mosque
Cornelis van Dalem
Coronation and Death of the Virgin (V&A)
Coronation of the Virgin
Correggio Jupiter and Io
Correggio Nudes
Cosimo de' Medici, 1389-1464
Cosimo Procris
Cosimo Rosselli
Cosimo Venus
Cosme Tura
Courbet Bonjour M Courbet 1854
Courbet Bonjour Monsieur Courbet
Courbet Funeral at Ornans
Courbet Les Baigneuses 1853
Courbet Les Baigneuses, 1853
Courbet Portrait of the Artist
Courbet Stone-Breakers 1849
Courbet The Bathers
Courbet The Meeting 1854
Courbet The Meeting or Bonjour Monsieur Courbet 1854
Courbet The Painter's Studio 1854-5
Courbet The Painter's Studio; A Real Allegory 1855
Courbet's Reclining Nude
Courts I
Courts II
Courts III
Couture Romains del la Decadence 1847
Couture The Romans of the Decadence
Couture's Romans of the Decadence.
Cover of La Revolution surrealiste, no.1, December 1924.
Crete Cycladic
Crevole Madonna, c.1280, OdD
Cristoforo Mantegazza
Critical Approaches to the History of Art
Critical Approaches to the History of Art - Reading List
critical realism
Crouching Venus
Crown Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1950-56
Crucifixion and Entombment, Book of Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux (NY, The Met)
Crucifixion from a Biblia Pauperum Netherlands. c. 1465 Woodcut
Crucifixion, Arena Chapel
Crucifixion, Assisi
Cruikshank London Going Out of Town 1829
Crystal Palace
Cubiculum Leonis
Cumberland Terrace
Curvature of stylobate
D. Cherry, Painting Women: Victorian Women Artists (London, 1993)
D.Abulafia et al., Church and City 1000-1500 (1992)
D.Preziosi, (ed.) The Art of Art History: A Critical Anthology (Oxford, 1998)
D.Waley, Later Medieval Europe: from St Louis to Luther (2nd ed 1985)
Damascus, Great Mosque
Dancing from Fear, 1938
Danese Cattaneo
Daniel Burnham, Flatiron Building, New York, 1902 (New York's first)
Daniel Mytens the Elder Dutch Baroque Era Painter
Daniele da Volterra
Dante Gabriel Rosetti, 'Monna Pomona', 1864, watercolour and gouache on paper
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Found, 1854
Dante Ganriele Rossetti, 'Dante's Dream at the Time of Beatrice's Death', 1841
Daumier Two Lawyers
David Brutus
David Coronation of Josephine 1805-7
David Hockney
David Hockney, 'Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy', 1970, acrylic on canvas
David Oath of the Horatii
David study drawing for woman and child in Oath of the Horatii
David Wilkie 'The Chelsea Pensioners Reading the Waterloo Dispatch' 1822
David Wilkie, 'Queen Victoria presiding at her first Privy Council' 1837
David, Death of Socrates
David, Oath of the Horatii
David, Oath of the Horatii, 1785
Death and Commemoration I:Italy
Death and Commemoration I:Northern Europe
Death and Fire (1940) o/panel
Death of Edward the Confessor, Bayeux Tapestry
Death of the Artist
Deborah Bright, Dream Girls, 1989-90
Dedham Vale
Degas After the bath - woman drying herself c1895
Degas Rehearsal of the Ballet on the Stage 1873
Degas The Tub 1886
Degas Women in Front of a Café 1877
Degas, Dancer looking at sole of her foot
Degas, Grande Arabesque
Degas, The Tub, 1886
Degas, Women outside a Café, Evening, 1877 (pastel on monotype)
Delacroix Algerian Women in Their Apartments 1834
Delacroix Odalisque
Delacroix Odalisque, 1857, oil
Delacroix The 28th of July: Liberty Leading the People
Delacroix The Barque of Dante and Virgil
Delacroix The Death of Sardanapalus
Delacroix Women of Algiers
Delacroix, Death of Sardanapalous, 1844 oil
Delaroche The Execution of Lady Jane Grey
Delhi, Viceroy’s House
Desiderio da Settignano
Desiderio da Settignano, St Jerome. Washington DC
Dessau Bauhaus - Above - Exterior View Below – Student's apartment
Dessau Bauhaus - Above - The Vestibule - Below - Lecture theatre (Seats designed by Breuer and light fittings by Moholy-Nagy)
Deutsch St. Luke painting the Virgin
Diagram of colour ranges
Diagram: lost wax casting of equestrian monument runners and risers
Didyma Temple of Apollo
Diego de Siloe
Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera, Detroit Industry, (Detroit Institute of Arts, north wall, 1932-3).
Diego Velazquez
Dijon, Chartreuse de Champmol, The fountain of Moses, the portal and the tomb of Philip the Bold
Discobolos (Myron)
Disderi's portrait studio in Paris, 1865.
Doge Francesco Foscari
D'Olivier, Nude Studies, photographs, c. 1855
Domenico Beccafumi
Domenico da Tolmezzo
Domenico di Bartolo
Domenico di Tomaso Bigordi
Domenico Gagini
Domenico Ghirlandaio
Domenico Veneziano
Domenico Veneziano, SS John + Francis, Florence, S. Croce, c. 1455
Domenico Veneziano, St Lucy Altarpiece (Florence, Uffizi)
Domus Augustana / Domus Flavia
Domus Aurea
Domus Aurea (oriental style decoration)
Donald Judd, Untitled (1972).
DonaldJudd, Untitled (1980-86).
Donatello, Annunciation (Florence, Sta. Croce)
Donatello, Apostles Door (Old Sacristy)
Donatello, bronze David (Florence, Bargello)
Donatello, bronze David (Florence, Bargello) from rear
Donatello, Christ before Pilate & Caiaphas
Donatello, David
Donatello, David Florence, Bargello
Donatello, Deposition. Florence, S. Lorenzo
Donatello, Feast of Herod (Siena Baptistery font)
Donatello, Feast of Herod. Siena Bapt, font
Donatello, Gattamelata
Donatello, Gattamelata (Padua, Basilica di S. Antonio),1445
Donatello, Limbo I Resurrection. Florence, S. Lorenzo
Donatello, Madonna and Child (Padua altarpiece)
Donatello, Magdalen. Florence, Museo dell’Opera del Duomo
Donatello, marble David (Florence, Bargello)
Donatello, Miracle of Misers Heart Padua Santo
Donatello, Miracle of the Miser's Heart (Padua altarpiece)
Donatello, Padua Altarpiece (Padua, Basilica di S. Antonio), c. 1450
Donatello, Raising of Drusiana (Old Sacristy)
Donatello, Santo altarpiece, reconstruction
Donatello, St George (OSM)
Donatello, St George, predella (OSM)
Donatello, St John Baptist (Venice, Fran)
Donatello, St John the Evangelist
Donatello, St John the Evangelist (Opera del Duomo)
Donatello, St Louis
Donatello, St Louis (OSM)
Donatello, St Mark (OSM)
Donatello, St Mark. Florence, Orsanmichele
Donato Bramante
Doni Tondo
Dorchester Abbey
Dorchester Abbey, Tomb of a Knight
Dore A Couple and Two Children sleeping on a London Bridge Dore & Jerrold London A Pilgrimage 1871
Doric architecture standardized, Ionic influences appear
Doric order (Olympia)
Doryphoros & Diadoumenos (Polyclitus)
Dosso Dossi
Douce Apocalypse, c. 1270 for Prince Edward, Oxford, Bodleian Library
Dover Castle
Duccio, Madonna of the Franciscans, c 1295
Duccio, Maesta (Siena)
Duccio, Maesta, 1308-11
Duccio, Maesta, 1308-11, formerly cathedral, now Museo dell' Opera del Duomo
Duccio, Maesta, altarpiece, Siena Cathedral, c. 1308-1311
Duccio, panel no.28, Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena, c.1305-10 (originally for S. Domenico, Siena?)
Duccio, panel no.47, Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena, c. 1310-15 (originally for Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala
Duchamp Fountain
Duchamps The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors Even 1915-1923
Dura Europa Christian Church
Dura Europa mural
Dura Europos
Durham Cathedral
Durham Cathedral, choir screen
Durham Cathedral, Neville screen, 1379
Dyce, Virgin and Child, 1838
E. Kris and O. Kurz, Legend, Myth and Magic in the Image of the Artist: A Historical Experiment (New Haven, 1979), translation of Die Legende vom Kuenstler (Vienna, 1934)
E.Fernie, (ed.) Art History and its Methods: a critical anthology (London, 1995)
Early Christian 14-01-2004 Handout and Slides
Early Renaissance
Early Stuart 01 - Early Portrait Miniature
Early Stuart 02 - Jacobean Painting
Early Stuart 03 - The Jacobean Courtiers House
Early Stuart 04 - Henry Prince of Wales
Early Stuart 05 - Nicholas Stone and English Sculpture
Early Stuart 06 - Late Jacobean Painting
Early Stuart 07 - Van Dyck Part 1
Early Stuart 08 - Van Dyck Part 2
Early Stuart 09 - The Jacobean Court
Early Stuart 10 - The Caroline Court
Early Stuart 11 - Inigo Jones 1
Early Stuart 12 - Inigo Jones 2
Early Stuart 13 - Inigo Jones 3
Early Stuart 14 - Inigo Jones 4
Early Stuart 15 - Collecting James I
Early Stuart 16 - Collecting under Charles I
Early Stuart 17 - Status of Painters
Early Stuart 18 - Tapestry and Goldsmith
Early Stuart 19 - Dissenting Voices
Early Stuart 20 - Protectorate
Early Stuart Contents
Easton Neston: model and executed building
Ebbo Gospels (Epernay, B.M. Ms 1)
Ecce Ancilla Domini
Ed Kienholz, State Hospital (1966).
Ed Kienholz, The Portable War Memorial (1968).
Edgar Degas
Edgar Degas, 'After the Bath', 1884
Edmund Crouchback, Westminster Abbey
Edouard Manet
Edouard Manet 'Olympia' 1863
Edouard Manet, Concert in the Tuileries 1862
Edouard Manet, 'Concert in the Tuileries' 1862
Edouard Manet, Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe (1863).
Edouard Manet, Olympia 1863
Edouard Manet, 'Olympia' 1863
Edouard Manet, 'On the Beach' 1873
Edouard Manet, 'The Absinthe Drinker', 1859.
Edouard Manet, 'The Balcony' 1868-9
Edouard Manet, 'The Bar at the Folies-Bergere' 1882
Edouard Manet, 'The Old Musicians', 1862
Edvard Munch
Edvard Munch, Anxiety (1894).
Edvard Munch, Salome (woodcut, 1903).
Edward Hopper
Edward II tomb, Gloucester Cathedral
Edward Steichen, untrimmed gum bichromate print, 1904. (Also carbon prints, and mixed e.g. bichromate over platinum: Pictorialism. Ink based prints, hand-made look)
Edward Weston
Egg Travelling Companions 1862
Egon Schiele
Eiffel Tour Eiffel, Paris, 1889 (postcard / engraving)
Eiffel Tower
Ekkehard and Uta, Naumburg Cathedral
El Greco
El Greco, The Annunciation (1590s).
El Khazneh, Petra
Elaine de Kooning
Eleanor Cross Geddington
Eleanor Cross Hardingstone
Eleanor Crosses at Geddington and Hardingstone in Northants (1290s)
Eleanor Crosses, 1291ff.
Eleanor of Castile, Westminster Abbey
Elisabeth-Louise Vigee-Lebrun
Elizabeth Sirani
Elizabeth Thompson, Listed for the Connaught Rangers, 1878
Elizabeth Thompson, The Roll Call, 1874
Ely Cathedral (choir and Lady Chapel)
Ely cathedral, exterior (1234-52)
Ely Cathedral, ground plan (Romanesque and Gothic)
Ely cathedral, Lady chapel (1321-1340s)
Ely cathedral, nave
Ely cathedral, Octagon (1320s)
Ely cathedral, plan (1234-52)
Ely cathedral, presbytery (1234-52)
Ely Lady Chapel
Emergence of the Modern City
Emil Nolde, Masks Still Life III (1911).
Emil Nolde, The Painter Karl Schmidt-Rottluff(1906).
Emily Mary Osborn Nameless and Friendless 1857
Emily Mary Osborn, 'Barbara Bodichon', before 1891.
Emily Mary Osborn, 'Nameless and Friendless' 1857
Emily Mary Osborn, 'Nameless and Friendless', 1857.
Emperor Augustus, (Prima Porta)
Engraving after Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 'Napoleon on the Pont de Kehl' 1806
Enguerrand Quarton
Ephesos Library of Celsus
Ephesos Temple of Artemis
Equestrian monument of Marcus Aurelius
Equestrian statue of Charlemagne (Paris, Louvre)
Equestrian Statue of Phillipe le Bel, formerly at Paris, Notre Dame
Erectheion frieze
Erectheion, Athens
Erectheion, Athens, capital
Erectheion, Athens, general view
Erectheion, Athens, north porch
Erectheion, column base
Erectheion, west facade
Ernest Laurent
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Bathers at Moritzburg (1909).
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Berlin Street Scene (1913).
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Programme of Die Brücke (woodcut, 1906).
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Striding into the Sea (1912).
Essay 16 Century Italian female nude
Essay Doric and Ionic
Essay 16 Century Italian female nude
Essay Doric and Ionic
Essay essays
Essay French Academy of Art
Essay Introduction to Modern Art - Introduction
Essay Italian Architecture 1250-1400
Essay Jacobean Painting
Essay Manets Olympia
Essay Manet Modernity and Parisian Life
Essay Panel Painters Workshop
Essay Seurats Technique
Essay Technical Problems of Manuscript Illumination
Essay The depiction of the female nude in 16thC Italian art
Essay Wilton Diptych
Essay Writing
Essays and Note Taking 13-10-2003
Essential characteristics of Ionic
Etruscan sarcophagus (Volterra) mid-2ndc BC
Eugen Batz - Ordering of colours and forms from Kandinsky's seminar, 1929-30.
Eugene Delacroix
Eugene Delacroix, 'A Corner of the Studio', c.1825
Eugene Delacroix, Femmes d’Alger, 1834
Eugene Delacroix, 'Liberty Guiding the People', 1831
Eugene Delacroix, 'Paganini' c.1832
Eugene Delacroix, 'The 28th of July: Liberty Leading the People' 1830
Eugene Delacroix. 'Women of Algiers' 1834
Eugene Disdéri, uncut sheet of cartes-de-visite, c. 1858
Eugene Smith, two double-page-spreads from 'Country Doctor', kif 1948.
Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, Brickwork and iron supports for a hall
Eugene-Henri-Paul Gauguin
Eugeune Delacroix, 'The Death of Sardanapalus' 1827-8
Euphronios 'Heracles and Antaeus' c.515
Euphronios 'Youths oiling themselves' (Berlin) c.510
European Architecture
Eva Gonzales
Eva Hesse, Accession 11(1967).
Eva Hesse, Hang Up (1966).
Eva Hesse, Long Life, Several, and Ingerminate (1965).
Eva Hesse, Metronomic Irregularity 1(1966).
Evreux (Normandy), Church of St-Taurin, shrine of St-Taurin, c. 1240
Evreux, Shrine of St Taurin
Evreux, shrine of St-Taurin, completed by 1255
Example of Doric
Exekias 'Achilles and Ajax playing draughts' (Vatican) c.540
Exekias 'Achilles slaying Penthisilea' (B.M) c.530-525
Exeter Cathedral
Exeter cathedral exterior (1280s-1340s)
Exeter cathedral interior (1280s-1340s)
Exeter cathedral plan (1280s-1340s)
Exeter Cathedral, bishop's throne
Exeter, bishop's throne and pulpitum, designed by Thomas of Witney, 1320s
Exhibitions and Art Markets
Extract from the book Nineteenth-Century Art
F.Borzello, and A.L.Rees, (ed.) The New Art History, (London, 1986)
F.Deuchler, Gothic Art (London, 1973)
F.Frascina, and J.Harris, (eds) Art in Modern Culture: an Anthology of Critical Texts (London, 1992)
F.Frascina, N.Blake,, Modernity and Modernism: French Painting in the Nineteenth Centuty (New Haven and London, 1993)
F.Haskell, Rediscoveries in Art (New Haven and London, 1976)
Fannius Sinistor
Farnesina villa, Terme Museum c.20BC
Federico Barocci
Federico Zuccaro
Félix Fénéon
Female Nude
Fernand Léger Rooftops of Paris (1911)
Fernando Gallego
Fernie Art History and its Methods
Fiat F-2, 1907 (Winner of the Grandprix of the Automible Club de France)
Field of Cloth of Gold
Filippino Lippi
Filippo Brunelleschi
Filippo Lippi (shop), 'Drapery study' c. 1450 (Oxford, Ashmolean)
Filippo Lippi Drapery study (s/p c. 1450)
fine art
First oil painting
First Olympic Games
First portrait
First use of canvas
First use of perspective
Five Bathers
Flatford Mill
Florence Duomo exterior
Florence Duomo, facade, 1587 (drawing)
Florence Duomo, façade, reconstr (Weinberger)
Florence Orsanmichele interior
Florence S Maria Novella exterior
Florence S Miniato al Monte exterior
Florence Santa Croce exterior
Florence, Alberti, Palazzo Rucellai
Florence, Baptistry, begun 1046
Florence, Bargello, begun c. 1255
Florence, Cathedral of S. Maria del Fiore, begun 1294 by Arnolfo di Cambio
Florence, Duomo, aerial view
Florence, Duomo, Porta della Mandorla, Hercules
Florence, Orsanmichele, entrance facade
Florence, Orsanmichele, founded 1337, with tabernacle by Andrea Orcagna, 1359
Florence, Orsanmichele, plan
Florence, Palazzo del Popolo/Vecchio/della Signoria, begun 1299
Florence, Palazzo Vecchio, founded 1299
Florence, S. Croce
Florence, S. Croce (Franciscan), designed c. 1292
Florence, S. Croce, Bardi & Peruzzi Chapels Giotto
Florence, S. Croce, Bardi Chapel
Florence, S. Croce, Bardi Chapel, Giotto
Florence, S. Croce, Bardi di Vernio Chapel
Florence, S. Croce, Baroncelli Chapel
Florence, S. Croce, Peruzzi Chapel
Florence, S. Croce, Peruzzi Chapels Giotto
Florence, S. Lorenzo, Old Sacristy, interior
Florence, Santa Maria Novella (Dominican), begun by 1269
Florence, Sta Maria Novella
Florentine Painting 1280-1348
'Fonthill Abbey: The Stair Hall', from John Rutter, Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey, 1823
Ford Maddox Brown Work 1852-63
Ford Madox Brown
Ford Madox Brown Work
Ford Madox Brown, 'Hayfield' 1855
Ford Madox Brown, 'Work' 1852-3
Ford Madox Brown, 'Work' 1862-3
Forest of Fontainbleau
Formalism – Style & Connoisseurship Slide List
Forster Giotto as Shepherd Boy
Forster Giotts as shepherd Boy
Forum of Augustus & Temple of Mars Ultor (c.2 BC)
Forum of Augustus, Rome
Forum of Trajan / Basilica Ulpia
Forum Romanum
Foundry painter lovemaking (Getty) c.480
Four Allegories 1490
Four Evangelists, Aachen Gospels (Treasury)
Fox Talbot, Group of Trees, salted paper print from paper negative,
Fra Angelico
Fra Angelico, Annunciation (Convent of S. Marco)
Fra Angelico, Cortona Altarpiece (Cortona)
Fra Angelico, S. Marco altarpiece (Mus di S. Marco)
Fra Bartolommeo
Fra Bartolommeo, Pitti Altarpiece
Fra Bartolommeo, Salvator Mundi
Fra Carnevale
Fra Filippo Lippi
Francesco Antonio del Cherico
Francesco Benaglio
Francesco Botticini
Francesco del Cossa
Francesco di Giorgio
Francesco di Giorgio Martini
Francesco di Valdambrino
Francesco Francia
Francesco Granacci
Francesco Laurana
Francesco Primaticcio
Francesco Salviati
Francesco the Elder
Francesco the Younger
Francis Cotes
Francis Cotes, 'Paul Sandby', 1761, oil on canvas
Francis Frith, Luxor, Egypt, 1856 (photograph)
Francis Frith, Pyramids and Sphinx, Egypt, 1856 (photograph)
Francis Frith, Pyramids from the Southwest, Giza, 1858, (photograph)
Francis Picabia, I See Again in Memory my Dear Udnie (c.1914).
Francisco de Goya
Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) Who would have believed it? Aquatint
Francois Boucher
Francois Clouet
Francoise Duparc
Frank Gehry, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, 1997
Frank Gehry, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, 1997, roof
Frank Lloyd Wright, 'Failingwater', Bear Run, nr. Pittsburgh, 1936-9
Frank Lloyd Wright, Guggenheim Museum, New York, 1955-59
Frank Lloyd Wright, Guggenheim Museum, New York, Interior 1955-59
Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesing East, Spring Green, Wisconsin, 1911
Frank Parade
Frank US 66
Frans Hals
Frantisek Kupka, Amorpha, Fugue in Two Colours 1912 (o/c) + diagram
Frantisek Kupka, Lake; The piano keys, 1909 (o/c)
Frantisek Kupka, Madame Kupka among Verticles, 1910-11
Frantisek Kupka, Self-Portrait 1905, (o/c)
Frantisek Kupka, The Disks of Newton, 1911-12 (o/c)
Frantisek Kupka, The First Step, 1909-13 (o/c)
Frantisek Kupka, Young Girl with a Ball, 1908 (o/c)
Franz Marc, Blue Horse 1 (1911).
Franz Marc, Blue Horse I (1911) o/c
Franz Marc, Cattle (1913).
Franz Marc, Deer in Monastic Gardens (1912).
Franz Xaver Winterhalter, 'Queen Victoria' 1843
Franz Xaver Winterhalter, 'Queen Victoria with Prince Arthur' 1850
Frederic Leighton, 'Self-portrait', 1852
Frederic Leighton, 'Self-portrait', 1880
Freiburg begun c.1280
French album, portraits of artists, 1850-1 860.
French Revolution
Frida Kahlo
Friederich Overbeck, 'Self-portrait with Bible', 1809
Friederich Overbeck, 'The Painter Franz Pforr', 1810
Friedrich Abbey in the Oak Forest
Friedrich The Wanderer Above the Mists
Frith Paddington Station 1862 ,
Frith The Times of the Day 2: Noon — Regents Street 1862
Fugue in Red, (1921) watercolour
Fulda, Abbey Church
Funeral of Charles VII, Chronicle of Charles VII (Paris, Bib. Nat.)
G. Bellini, Madonna and Child (NYC) c.1470
G. da Como, Pulpit (Pistoia, S. Baa in Panz) 1250
G. di Balduccio, Arca di S. Agostino (c. 1340). Pavia, S. Pietro in Ciel d'Oro
G. di Balduccio, Arca di S. Pietro Martire (1339). Milan, S. Eustorgio
G. di Balduccio, Arca di S. Pietro Martire, det. Funeral of St P.M.
G. Pisano, Massacre of the Innocents (Pistoia)
G. Pisano, Tomb of M. of Luxemburg, det., Justice
G. Pisano, Tomb of Margaret. of Luxemburg (d. 1311), Seidel reconstr.
G.Vasari, Prefaces to the Lives
Gainsborough Mr and Mrs Andrews c1750
Gainsborough Peasant Smoking at Cottage Door 1788
Gainsborough The Harvest Wagon c1767
Gainsborough Wooded Landscape with a Seated Figure c1747
Galla Placida
Garnier Opera 1857 to 1874
Gaudenzio Ferrari
Gauges of Instantaneous Memory
Gaugin The Spirit of the Dead Watching 1892
Gauguin At the Café 1888
Gauguin Be Mysterious 1890
Gauguin Idol with a Pearl 1892
Gauguin Manao Tupapau (Spirit of the Dead Watching) 1892
Gauguin Nude Study, or Suzanne Sewing 1880
Gauguin Portrait of the Artist with the Idol c. 1893
Gauguin Tahitian Women / On the Beach 1891
Gauguin The Loss of Virginity 1890-91
Gauguin The Vision After the Sermon (Jacob Wrestling with the Angel) 1888
Gauguin We Hail Thee Mary 1891
Gauguin Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? 1897
Gauguin, Selfportrait, 1889
Geddington Cross
Gelatine prints from gelatine bromide (1871) stripping (1886) / celluloid film (1889) taken with Kodak camera, Queen Alexandra, 1889-91
Gender and the Body
Gender and the History of Art
genre painting
Gentile Bellini
Gentile da Fabriano
Gentile da Fabriano, Strozzi Altarpiece (Uffizi)
Geometric funerary amphora c.800
Geometric krater c.750
George Elgar Hicks 'Woman's Mission: Companion to Manhood' 1863
George Elgar Hicks, 'Woman's Mission: Companion of Manhood' 1863
George Hayter, 'Queen Victoria' 1863
George Morland, 'The Squire's Door' c.1790
George Segal, Woman Standing in a Bathtub (1964).
George Seurat' An Afternoon at La Grande Jatte', 1884-6, oil on canvas
George Seurat, 'Bathers, Asnières', 1883-4, oil on canvas
George Stubbs, 'Haymakers' 1795
George Stubbs, Reapers 1795
George Stubbs, 'Reapers' 1795
Georges Braque
Georges Braque, Homage to J.S. Bach (1912).
Georges Braque, Houses at L'Estaque (1907).
Georges Braque, Landscape at L Estaque (1907)
Georges Braque, LEstaque (1906)
Georges Braque, L'Estaque, The Harbour (1906).
Georges Seurat
Georges Seurat, Le Chahut (1890).
Gericault Raft of the Medusa
Gericault Severed Heads
Gericault The Raft of the Medusa
Gericault, Raft of the Medusa, 1819
Gericault, Sketch for the Raft of the Medusa, c. 1818-19
Germain Pilon
German Pavilion, Exterior view and ground plan
German Pavilion, International Exhibition, Barcelona, 1929
Gerome The Moorish Bath 1870
Gerome, Dance of the Almah, 1863, oil painting
Gerome, Phryne In Front of the Judges, 1861, oil painting
Gerome, Pygmalion and Galatea, 1882
Gerome, Slave Market
Gerome, Snake charmer
Gerome, The Slave Market, early 1860s, oil painting
get:A.W.N. Pugin
get:Johann Joachim Winckelmann
get:Leon Battista Alberti
get:Michelangelo Buonarroti
get:Sir Leslie Martin
Gherardo di Giovanni
Ghiberti Sacrifice of Isaac reliefs
Ghiberti, 1st Baptistery doors
Ghiberti, 2nd Baptistery doors
Ghiberti, Crucifixion
Ghiberti, Flagellation
Ghiberti, Isaac scenes (2nd doors)
Ghiberti, Jacob and Esau
Ghiberti, North Baptistery doors
Ghiberti, north doors of baptistry, Florence
Ghiberti, St John Baptist
Ghiberti, St John before Herod (Siena Bapt font)
Ghiberti, St John the Baptist in niche (OSM)
Ghiberti, St Matthew in niche (OSM)
Ghirlandaio, Birth of Virgin Florence, S. Maria Novella, Tornabuoni Chapel, c1480
Ghirlandaio, 'Head of a Lady', (drawing) Chatsworth
Ghirlandaio's son and pupil Ridolfo
Giambologna, Apollo
Giambologna, Astronomy
Giambologna, Astronomy. Florence, Palazzo Vecchio
Giambologna, Mercury
Giambologna, Nessus & Deianira
Giambologna, Turkey
Gian Cristoforo Romano
Gil de Siloe
Giorgio Vasari
Giorgione Fete Champetre 1508-9
Giorgione Judith 1504
Giorgione Sleeping Venus
Giorgione Venus
Giorgione Venus Asleep
Giorgione, Sleeping Venus (Dresden)
Giorgione, Tempesta (Venice, Accademia)
Giorgione?/Titian?, Fête Champêtre (Paris)
Giotto bell tower begun 1334
Giotto di Bondone
Giotto, Arena Chapel Crucifixion c. 1305
Giotto, Arena Chapel Noli me Tangere c. 1305
Giotto, Campanile, begun 1334, completed 1359 Donatello
Giotto, Entry into Jerusalem, Arena Chapel, Padua, c. 1302-05
Giotto, Justice c.1305, Arena Chapel, Padua
Giotto, Lamentation (Padua, Arena Chapel)
Giotto, Madonna & Child (Washington) c. 1330
Giotto, Marriage at Cana, Arena Chapel, Padua
Giotto, Ognissanti Madonna, Uffizi
Giotto, Ognissanti Madonna, Uffizi, c. 1310-15
Giotto, Raising of Drusiana, Peruzzi Chapel
Giotto, S. Francesco (upper church)
Giotto, S. Maria Novella Crucifix, Uffizi, Florence, c.1300
Giotto, The Last Judgement c. 1305, Arena Chapel, Padua
Giov Pisano, Prophets & Sibyls in situ on façade
Giov. Bellini/Tiiian, Feast of the Gods (Wash. DC)
Giovanna Gazoni
Giovanni Antonio Amadeo
Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio
Giovanni Battista
Giovanni Battista Moroni
Giovanni Beilini, The Blood of the Redeemer (London, NG), c. 1465
Giovanni Bellini
Giovanni Bellini, Pietà (Correr), c.1460
Giovanni Bellini, S. Giobbe a/p (Venice, Accad.)
Giovanni Bellini, S. Giobbe Altarpiece reconstr, (Venice, S. Giobbe), c. 1480
Giovanni Bellini, S. Zaccana Aitarpiece (Venice, S. Zaccaria), c. 1504
Giovanni Bellini, S. Zaccharia Altarpiece
Giovanni Canaletto
Giovanni da Nola
Giovanni Dalmata
Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici
Giovanni di Francesco
Giovanni di Paolo
Giovanni Francesco Rustici
Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo
Giovanni Morelli (1816-1891)
Giovanni Pisano, Isaiah (Siena, Mus. dell'Opera)
Giovanni Pisano, Moses (Siena, Mus. dell'Opera)
Giovanni Pisano, Pisa Duomo Pulpit (1302-11)
Giovanni Pisano, Pistoia Pulpit, det. Massacre
Giovanni Pisano, Pistoia Pulpit, det., Adoration
Giovanni Pisano, Pistoia Pulpit, det., Nativity
Giovanni Pisano, Pistoia Pulpit, det., Sibyl
Giovanni Pisano, Pistoia, S. Andrea, Pulpit (1298-1300)
Giovanni Pisano, Plato , in situ on façade c. 1285
Giovanni Pisano, Sibyl (Siena, Mus. dell'Opera)
Girlhood of Mary Virgin
Giuliano da Sangallo
Giulio Campagnola
Giulio Romano
Giuseppe Arcimboldo
GL. Bernini, Apollo & Daphne (Borghese)
Glasgow, Iron architecture, Shop and Warehouse by John Baird, 1855-(
Gleaners 1857
Gleizes, Portrait of Army Doctor (1914-15)
Gloucester Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral (choir, transepts and cloister)
Gloucester Cathedral nave
Gloucester Cathedral, Edward II tomb
Gloucester Cathedral, west window
Gloucester, east arm (begun 1337 by Thomas of Canterbury?) and window
Gloucester, Edward II (d. 1327), by Thomas of Canterbury?
Godescalc Gospels (Paris, BN lat 1203)
Good Government
Gorleston Psalter, c. 13 10/25, London, BL
Goro di Gregorio, Arca di S. Cerbone (1324). Massa Marittima, Duomo
Gospels of St Medard of Soissons (Paris, B.N. Ms Lat. 8850)
Gothic Architecture I
Gothic Architecture II
Gothic Architecture III
Goya The executions of the Third of May 1808
Goya's The Naked Maja
Grandes Chroniques de France, c. 1375/80, Paris, BN
Grandes heures for Duke Jean of Berry, by Jacquemart de Hesdin and others, c. 1400, Paris, BN
Grange Park, Hants
Grant Wood, American Gothic (1930).
Greece, Daphni, Baptism; 11th century
Greek and Roman Mythology
Greek Architecture
Greek Dark Ages
Greek Gods
Greek History
Greek Orders
Greek Sculpture
Greenwich Hospital, London (Wren, Vanburgh, Hawksmoor etc)
Gregory XIII
Grinding Pigments
Gris, Guitar with Sheet music (1926)
Gris, The Watch (1912)
Gropius - Director's House, Dessau, 1926
Ground plan of Masaccio Trinity fresco
Ground plan of Piero's Flagellation
Guercino, Aurora (Casino Ludovisi)
Guided Tours
Guido da Siena shop, Annunciation
Guido da Siena, PNS no.7, 127- (signed and dated)
Guido da Siena, San Domenico Madonna (aka Palazzo Pubblico Madonna)
Guido Mazzoni
Guido of Siena, Entry into Jerusalem, linen hanging, PNS no.8
Guidoccio Cozzarelli
Gunta Stolzl, gobelin, 1926-7
Gustav Klimt Poster for the first Secession Exhibition, 1898
Gustave Courbet
Gustave Courbet, 'A Burial at Ornans' 1849
Gustave Courbet, 'Portrait of Baudelaire', 1847?
Gustave Courbet, 'Portrait of Proudhon', 1853.
Gustave Courbet, 'Self-portrait as a desperate man', 1843
Gustave Courbet, The Painter’s Studio, 1855
Gustave Courbet, 'The Stonebreakers' 1849
Gustave Courbet, 'The Stonebreakers', 1850
Gustave Eiffel
Gustave Klimt design for Expectation
Gustave Klimt design for Fulfilment
Gustave Klimt design for Palais Stoclet, dining room back wall
Gustave Klimt Judith I, 1901
Gustave Klimt Judith II, 1909
Gustave Klimt Medicine 1900-7
Gustave Moreau
Gustave Moreau, Mystic Flower (c.1875).
Gustave Moreau, The Apparition (1874-6).
H. Belting, Preface to The End of the History of Art?
H. de Toulouse-Lautrec Dance at the Moulin Rouge 1894
H. de Toulouse-Lautrec Divan Japonais, 1893
H. de Toulouse-Lautrec Jane Avril at The Moulin Rouge 1893
H. de Toulouse-Lautrec poster for La Revue Blanche, 1895
H. de Toulouse-Lautrec poster for P. Sescau, 1896
H. de Toulouse-Lautrec Poster for Reine de Jole, 1892
H. de Toulouse-Lautrec poster for the Moulin Rouge, 1891
H. Wolfflin, Principles of Art History: The Problem of the Development of Style in Later Art
Hadleigh Castle
Hadrian & Sabina
Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli
Haghia Sophia, Deisis
Haghia Sophia, Istanbul, 532-537
Haghia Sophia, mosaic above central door
Haghia Sophia, mosaic of Constantine
Haghia Sophia, South gallery, Zoe and Constantine
Hampstead Heath
Hampton Court Palace
Hannauer, A young unmarried woman from Bethlehem, c.1902 (anthropometry)
Hans Baldung (1484/5-1545) Witches Sabbath 1510 Chiaroscuro woodcut
Hans Namuth, photograph of Jackson Pollock in his studio (1950).
Hans von Aachen
Hardingston Cross
Hawton and Heckington Easter Sepulchres, 1330s
Haymarket Theatre
Heckington, Easter Sepulchre
Hector Guimard Cabinet, c. 1899
Hector Guimard Metro Station c. 1900
Hellenistic, Laocoon (Vatican)
Hellenistic, Venus de Milo, (Paris, Louvre)
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) Englishman at the Moulin Rouge. 1892 Lithograph
Henri Lehmann
Henri Matisse
Henri Matisse, André Derain (1905).
Henri Matisse, Bonheur de vivre (1905-06).
Henri Matisse, Le bonheur de vivre (1905-06).
Henri Matisse, Luxe, calme et volupté (1904-05).
Henri Matisse, 'Portrait of André Derain', 1905, oil on canvas
Henri Matisse, Self-Portrait (1906).
Henri Matisse, The Dance (1909-10).
Henri Matisse, View of St. Trope (1904).
Henry Fantin-Latour, 'Manet', 1867
Henry Fantin-Latour, 'The Batignoles Studio', 1870.
Henry of Blois enamel (London, British Museum)
Henry van de Velde dress with Art Nouveau motif, 1900
Henry Wallis, 'The Stonebreaker' 1858
Hephaesteion, Athens
Hephestaeion, Athens
Hercules & Telephus, Naples
Hereford, Bishop Pierre Aquablanca (d. 1268)
Hereford, tomb/shrine of St Thomas Cantiloupe, 1280s
Hermes from Olympia (Praxiteles?)
Hicks 'Post Office: One Minute to Six' 1860
Hieronyrnous Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights (c.1 500).
High Renaissance
Hildesheim, St Michaels (church and Bernwards column)
Hippolite Bayard, Self-portrait as a Drowned Man, 1840. (One-off direct positive on paper, never patented or used much).
Historic Periods
Histories of the Artist
History of Photography
history painting
Hitler, 1931
Holman Hunt, The Afterglow in Egypt, 1854-63
Holman Hunt, The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple, 1867, see hand out
Holman Hunt, The Great Pyramid, 1854 (water-colour and body-colour)
Honore Daumier Looking for a forest in Champagne Le Charivari 1848
Hosios Loukas, Katholikon Christ and Saints
Hosios Loukas, Narthex, Doubting Thomas
House of Augustus, Palatine c.30BC
House of M.Cornelius Fronto, Pompeii AD40-50
House of M.Lucretius Fronto, Pompeii 3 scenes
House of Raphael (Bramante)
House of Sallust, Pompeii
House of the Griffins, Palatine
House of the Labyrinth floor plan, Pompeii
House of the Labyrinth, Pompeii
House of the Vetii small & large triclinium
House of the Vetii, Pompeii
Housebook Master Holy Family Drypoint
Houses of Parliament
Hubert Gerhard
Hugh Libergier, Reims Cathedral (formerly at St Nicaise)
Humphrey Repton Gott's Mill 1812
I Gesu, Rome
I.B. Nadel, Victorian Artists and the City: A Collection of Critical Essays (New York, 1980)
II Redentore, Venice
Il Gesu, Rome (Vignola)
Il Nosadella
Il Pordenone
Il Redentore, Venice
Il Riccio
Il Sodoma
Illustrated Lectures on Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance Architecture
Illustration, Lord Leighton's House, Artist's Homes No.7, 1880.
Immanuel Kant
Imperial fora, plan
In Pedagogical Sketchbook
Ingres La Grande Odalisque 1808
Ingres The Apotheosis of Homer
Ingres The Turkish Bath
Ingres, La Grande Odalisgue, oil, 1814
Ingres, Turkish Bath, 1862
Ingres, Valpicon Bather, 1808
Ingres: Grande Odalisque
Installation of International Exhibition of Surrealism, New Burlington Galleries, London, 1936.
International Exhibition of Paris of 1889
Interview with former Bauhaus student
Introduction to History of Art
Introduction to Modern Art
Introduction to Modern Art 8/12/03 - Art Nouveau
Introduction to Modern Art 1/3/04 - Constructivism
Introduction to Modern Art 10/5/04 - Post-modernism 1
Introduction to Modern Art 11/11/03 - Impressionism
Introduction to Modern Art 12/01/04 - Symbolism
Introduction to Modern Art 13/10/03 - Academies
Introduction to Modern Art 15/3/04 - Abstraction
Introduction to Modern Art 17/11/03 - Post-Impressionism
Introduction to Modern Art 19/01/04 - Fauvism
Introduction to Modern Art 2/2/04 - Paul Klee
Introduction to Modern Art 2/3/04 - Dada and Surrealism
Introduction to Modern Art 20/10/03 - Realism
Introduction to Modern Art 20/10/03 - Romanticism
Introduction to Modern Art 24/11/03 - Architecture in the 19th Century
Introduction to Modern Art 24/2/04 - Italian Futurism
Introduction to Modern Art 26/01/04 - Expressionism
Introduction to Modern Art 26/4/04 - New York School
Introduction to Modern Art 6 October 2003
Introduction to Modern Art 6/10/03 Introduction
Introduction to Modern Art 8/3/04 - Bauhaus
Introduction to Modern Art 9/2/04 - Cubism
Introduction to Modern Art Slide List
Introduction to Modern Art Slide List Carousel 1
Introduction to Modern Art Slide List Carousel 2
Introduction to the four styles
Ionic order, diagram
Ismail Fattah, The Martyrs Monument, Baghdad, 1983
Italian Sculpture 1250-1400
Italy, Venice, Renaissance, Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale)
Ivory Book co (Munich, Staatsbibliotek)
J. F. Lewis, The Hareem, c.1850, watercolour and bodycolour (guache)
J. Harris, The New Art History: A Critical Introduction (London, 2001)
J. Lavirotte Paris apartment block, entrance, 1899-1900
J. Milner, The Studios of Paris: The Capital of Art in the Late Nineteenth Century (New Haven and London, 1988)
J. Onians, Bearers of Meaning: Classical Orders in Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
J.Barrell, The Dark Side of the Landscape: The Rural Poor in English Painting 1730-1840 (Cambridge, 1983)
J.Barrell, The Dark Side of the Landscape: The Rural Poor in English Paintings, 1730-1840 (Cambridge, 1983)
J.E. Millais, 'Pre-Raphaelite Sketching Inconveniences in Windy Weather' 1853, pen, ink and wash on paper
J.F. Lewis,An Intercepted Correspondence, Cairo, 1869, oil
J.M.W. Turner, 'An Artist Colourman's Workshop', c.1807, oil on pine
J.M.W. Turner, 'Dudley, Worcestershire' c.1830-1
J.M.W. Turner, 'Helvoetslys' 1832
J.M.W. Turner, 'Rievaulx Abbey, Yorkshire' c.1825
J.M.W. Turner, 'Slavers throwing Overboard the Dead and Dying' 1840
J.M.W. Turner, 'Snow Storm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps' 1812
J.R. Herbert, A.W.N. Pugin 1845
J.R. Herbert, 'A.W.N. Pugin' 1845
J.White, Art and Architecture in Italy 1250-1400 (New Haven and London, Pelican History of Art series, 1987)
Jabez Hogg making a portrait in Richard Beard's studio, Daguerreotype, 1843
Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock, Autumn Rhythm (1950).
Jackson Pollock, Autumn Rhythm 1950
Jackson Pollock, 'Autumn Rhythm', 1950, oil and enamel on canvas
Jackson Pollock, Cathedral (1947).
Jackson Pollock, Eyes in the Heat (1946).
Jackson Pollock, Full Fathom Five (1947).
Jackson Pollock, Going West (1 934-5).
Jackson Pollock, Lavender Mist (1950).
Jackson Pollock, Moon Woman (1942).
Jackson Pollock, Pasiphaë (1943).
Jackson Pollock, Scent (1955).
Jacob van Ruisdael, 'Forest Scene' c.1660-5
Jacobello Del Fiore
Jacopo Bassano
Jacopo Bellini, 'Three Roman Tombstones' (Paris)
Jacopo de' Barbari, View of Venice, dated 1500
Jacopo del Sellaio
Jacopo della Quercia
Jacopo Sansovino
Jacopo Sansovino, Apollo (Loggetta)
Jacopo Sansovino, Neptune (Scala dei Giganti)
Jacopo Sansovino, Peace (Loggetta)
Jacopo Torriti, Rome, S.M.Maggiore, apse c1290
Jacques Carrey
Jacques de Baerze and Melchior Broederlam, Champmol altarpiece, 1394/9, Dijon, Musee
Jacques-Louis David, 'Marat at his Last Breath' 1793
Jacques-Louis David, 'Napoleon at his Desk' 1812
Jacques-Louis David, 'Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass' 1800
Jacques-Louis David, 'Napoleon on the St. Bernard Pass' 1801
Jacques-Louis David, Oath of the Horatii 1784
Jacques-Louis David, 'The Coronation of Napoleon and Josephine at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris on 2 December 1804' 1806
Jacques-Louis David, 'The Death of Socrates' 1787
James Gibbs, Gothic Temple to Liberty, Stowe, 1741
James Reeve
James Watson after Sir Joshua Reynolds The Honourable Mrs Bouverie and her child. 1770 Mezzotint
Jamin, Brenn and his share of the plunder
Jan Mytens Dutch Baroque Era Painter
Jan Sanders van Hemessen
Jan van Eyck, 'Ghent Altarpiece' 1432
Jan van Eyck, Ghent Altarpiece, 1432, open
Jan van Eyck, Ghent altarpiece, detail, Adam
Jan van Eyck, Ghent altarpiece, detail, Eve
Jan van Eyck, Margarete van Eyck (Bruges), 1439
Jan van Eyck, Rolin Madonna (Paris), 1436
Jan van Eyck?, St Jerome (Detroit) c. 1434
Jane Bowkett, 'Preparing Tea' 1860s
Jasper Johns Flag 1954-55
Jasper Johns, False Start (1959).
Jasper Johns, Flag (1954-5).
Jasper Johns, Flag, 1954-55
Jasper Johns, Light Bulb I and II (1958).
Jasper Johns, Painting with Two Balls (1960).
Jaume Huguet
Jean Arp, Earth Forms (1917).
Jean Barbet
Jean Bondol (design), Angers Apocalyse tapestry for Duke Louis I of Anjou, 1374/81, Angers, Chateau
Jean Cousin the Elder
Jean de Berry enters Heaven, Grandes Heures de duc de Berry (Paris, Bibi. Nat.)
Jean Fouquet
Jean Francois Millet, 'The Gleaners' 1857
Jean Goujon
Jean Metzinger, Portrait of Albert Gleizes (1912)
Jean Michel Basquiat Early Moses 1983
Jean Pucelle (attr.), Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux, 1325-8, New York, Met
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Bather (1826).
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 'Henry IV surprised by the Spanish Ambassador while playing with his Children' 1818
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 'Jupiter and Thetis' 1811
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 'Madame Moitessier' 1856
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 'Napoleon on the Imperial Throne' 1806
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 'The Apotheosis of Homer' 1827
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, The Golden Age (1862).
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 'The Valpincon Bather', 1808
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 'The Vow of Louis XIII' 1824
Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, Forest of Fontainbleau (c. 1830).
Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, Homer and the Shepherds (1845).
Jean-Pierre Franque, Allegory on France Before the Return from Egypt, 1810
Jemima Stehli, Table 2, 1997-8
Jemima Stheli, Chair, 1997-8
Jerusalem, Holy Sepulchre
Joachim Patinir
Joan Miró, 48 (1927).
Joan Miró, The Cry (1925).
Johan Zoffani 'The Academicians of the Royal Academy', exhibited 1772
Johan Zoffany, 'The Royal Academicians' 1771
Johann Joachim Winckelmann
Johannes Itten - In robe he designed himself, nd
John Brett
John Brett, 'The Stonebreaker' 1858
John Calcott Horsley, 'A Portrait Group of Queen Victoria with her Children' c.1865
John Constable
John Constable Haywain 1821
John Constable, 'Chain Pier, Brighton', 1827, oil on canvas
John Constable, 'Dedham Vale with Ploughman' 1814
John Constable, Flatford Mill Scene of a Navigable River, 1816
John Constable, 'Flatford Mill', 1817, oil on canvas
John Constable, Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows, 1831
John Constable, 'The Haywain' 1821
John Constable, 'The Opening of Waterloo Bridge' 1832
John Constable, 'The Wheatfield' 1815-6
John Everett Millais, 'Mariana' 1851
John Everett Millais, 'The Princes in the Tower' 1878
John Everett Millais, 'The Woodman's Daughter' 1851
John Hill after Thomas Rowlandson and Augustus Pugin 'Exhibition Room, Somerset House' 1808
John Martin, 'Belshazzar's Feast' 1821
John Nash
John Ruskin, Moss and Wild Strawbeny, c.1850 (pencil)
John Ruskin, The Rockey Bank of a River, c. 1845-50 (pen and ink and bodycolour over pencil)
John Sell Cotman
John Sell Cotman, 'Norwich Market Place', 1806, watercolour on paper
John Singer Sargent
John Singer Sargent, 'Claude Monet Painting at the Edge of a Wood', 1888, oil on canvas
John Steuart Curry, Kansas Pastoral (Kansas Murals, 1937-42).
John Whistler, Young Girl Standing by a Fence, salted paper print,
Jones, Grammar of Ornament, 1856
Joseph Hoffmann Dining room
Joseph Hoffmann Palais Stoclet, Brussels, 1906-11 models and exterior
Joseph Mallord William Turner
Joseph Wright of Darby, Vesuvius in Eruption, C.1776-1780
Joseph Wright of Derby, 'An Academy by Lamplight' 1769
Joseph Wright of Derby, Joseph Arkwright's Mill, View of Cromford, near Matlock, 1783
Joshua panels
Joshua Roll
Joubert Apollo Belvedere 1755
Juan de Juni
Judith Leyster
Julia Margaret Cameron
Julia Margaret Cameron, The Little Angel, wet collodion, albumen print, 1872
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Justinian I
Kandinsky Composition IV
Kandinsky Cossacks
Kandinsky, 1925, Swinging
Kariye Caami (Chora monstery), Istanbul
Kariye Caami, Parakklesion, Anastasis
Karlstein Castle
Karlstein Castle, St Catherine's, Lady and Holy cross Chapels, 1357-65
Karlstejn Castle, Luxembourg genealogy (13 55/7; lost); panels and murals in the Holy Rood Chapel by Master Theodoric (c. 1360/5) and Tommaso di Modena
Kasimir Malevich, Black Square (1913).
Kasimir Malevich, Black Square, 1914-15 (o/c)
Kasimir Malevich, Suprematist Painting (1917).
Kasimir Malevich, The Knife-Grinder (1912).
Kasiniir Malevich, Bringing in the Harvest (1911).
Kathe Kollwitz, Pietà, 1935
Kauffmann, Self-Portrait Hesitating Between Painting and Music, 1791
Kay Sage
Kettledrummer (1940) paste colour on paper
Khludov Psalter
Kings Cross
Kirchner The Street
Kirchner, Bathers at Moritzburgm
Kleitas & Ergotimos Francois vase (Florence) c.560?
Klodzko (Glatz) Madonna for Archbishop Arnost of Pardubice, c. 1345, Berlin, Gemaldegalerie
Klostemeuburg near Vienna, panels added to Nicholas of Verdun's ambo, 1331
Konstantin Medunetsky, Spatial Construction (1920).
Kore (including Euthydikos)
Kota (Gambon) Reliquary figure
Kouros (Aristodikos)
Kouros characteristics were: rigidity
Kouros from Volomandra
Kritios boy
Kurt Kranz - Portraits and the Bauhaus, 1930
Kurt Schwitters, Merzbau (Hanover, 1923).
Kutna Hora (Czech Republic)
L. Maitani ?, Orvieto Duomo, Genesis pier
L. Maitani, Tomb of Pope Benedict XI (c. 1320). Perugia, S. Domenico
L. Maitani?, Eagle of St John (Orvieto Duomo façade)
L. Nead, Myths of Sexuality: Representations of Women in Victorian Britain (Oxford, 1988)
L. Nead, The Female Nude: Art, Obscenity and Sexuality (London, 1992)
L. Nochlin, Realism and Tradition in Art 1848-1900 (Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1966)
L. Nochlin, The Politics of Vision: Essays on Nineteenth-Century Art and Society (London, 1991)
La Donna Velata
Lambert Sustris
Landscape - Further Notes
Landscape 01 - Introduction
Landscape 02 - The Language of Landscape
Landscape 03 - A Picture of Britain
Landscape 04 - Nature and Machine
Landscape 05 - Figure in the Landscape
Landscape 06 - The Eye in the Landscape
Landscape 07 - Landscape Visions
Landscape 08 - Ruskins Eye
Landscape 09 - Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Landscape 10 - Pre-Raphaelites Part 2
Landscape 11 - Seen and Unseen
Landscape 12 - Oriental
Landscape 13 - The Crowd
Landscape 14 - Whistler
Landscape 15 - Realism
Landscape 16 - Realism 2
Landscape 17 - English Impressionism
Landscape Contents
Landscape Introduction
Landscape with the Setting Sun (1919)
Landscapes and People
Landseer Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort at Windsor 1841-45
Lanfranco, Ecstasy of St Marg. of Cortoiza (Naples)
Langham Place
Laon cathedral
Laon Cathedral exterior (c. 1160-)
Laon Cathedral interior (c. 1160-)
Laon Cathedral plan (c. 1160-)
Laon west facade
Laon west façade
László Moholy-Nagy - Design for title page 14, Bauhaus Bucher, 1929
László Moholy-Nagy - Funkturm (radio tower) Berlin, 1926
László Moholy-Nagy - Title Page, Qualitat, 1931
László Moholy-Nagy, Composition with Yellow Cross (1922).
László Moholy-Nagy, Large Railway Painting (1920).
Late 13th century Painting in Italy Slide List
Late 13thC Painting in Italy
Late 14thC Northern Painting
Later Greek nudes, Praxiteles, Hermes and Dionysus, C4th
Laudesi Madonna (aka Rucellai Madonna), comm. 1285, originally in S. Maria Novella, Florence, now in the Uffizi
Laurence Shafe
Lavinia Fontana
Lazar Lissitsky, Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge, poster, 1919
Lazzaro Bastiani
Le Brun Alexander and Porus 1663-1667
Le Brun, Grief, c.1660
Le Chahut
Le Corbusier, 2 Houses in Auteuil, 1926
Le Corbusier, Skeleton of the Domino House
Le Dejeuner Sur l'Herbe
Le Figaro, 20 February 1909, Futurist Manifesto
Le Valentin The Four Ages of Man c. 1626, London, NG
Leandro Bassano
Lecture Notes
Lecture Notes Gothic I
Lecture Notes Gothic II
Lee Krasner
Léger, Le Déjeuner (1921)
Léger, Smokers (1911)
Léger, The Three Figures (1921)
Leighton Elijah in the Wilderness
Leighton Self Portrait 1852
Leighton, Dadalus and Icarus
Leighton, Man with Python
Leighton, The Sluggard
Leon Baptista Alberti
Leon Battista Alberti
Leonardo Bust of a warrior (s/p c. 1470)
Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci, Adoration (Florence, Uffizi) c. 1480
Leonardo da Vinci, Benois Madonna (St Petersburg)
Leonardo da Vinci, Cecilia Gallerani
Leonardo da Vinci, Last Supper (Milan, S Maria delle Grazie), 1497
Leonardo da Vinci, Last Supper c. 1497
Leonardo da Vinci, Last Supper, det., 3 apostles
Leonardo da Vinci, Last Supper, general view
Leonardo da Vinci, Last Supper, persp. diagram
Leonardo da Vinci, Sforza monument, drawing (Windsor, Royal Library), c. 1485
Leonardo da Vinci, Sjbrza Horse in wooden frame
Leonardo Study for old warrior ( c. 1504)
Leonardo, Louvre M&C + St Anne
Leonardo, Louvre Virgin of the Rocks
Leonardo, Madonna oft/ic Rocks (Paris), 1483
Leonardo, Rearing horse study
Leonardo, Sketch for Last Supper
Leonardo, Study for Battle of Anghiari
Leonardo, Study for Judas
Leonardo, study for St Philip
Leonardo, Study for the Trivulzio monument
Leonardo, Study for young soldier
Leonardo/Verrocchio, Baptism, detail, angel
Les Invalides, Paris (Bruant and Hardouin-Mansart)
Liber Viaticus (portable breviary) of Jan of Streda, c. 1355/64, Prague, Library of National Museum
Libreria, Venice, detail of corner
Lila Cabot Perry
Lilly Martin Spencer
Limoges, dove-shaped host
Lincoln Cathedral interior choir
Lincoln Cathedral interior vault
Lincoln cathedral, Angel Choir (1256-80)
Lincoln Cathedral, Angel Choir Triforium
Lincoln cathedral, exterior (1190s-)
Lincoln cathedral, Nave (1220s)
Lincoln cathedral, plan (1190s-)
Lincoln cathedral, St Hugh's Choir (1190s-)
Link to 19thC Academies Notes
Links to Gothic web sites
Lippo Memmi(?) Madonna della Misericordia
Lloyds Building
Lo Scheggia
London triptych, National Gallery London
London, Painted Chambre
London, St Etheldreda's Chapel, 1280s for John de Kirkeby, Bishop of Ely
London, Temple church
Lorenzo Costa
Lorenzo di Alessandro da Sanseverino
Lorenzo di Credi
Lorenzo Ghiberti
Lorenzo Lotto
Lorenzo Monaco, Coronation (London, NG), c1415
Lorenzo Valles
Lorenzo Valles Spain
Lorenzo Valles The Artists Studio
Lorsch Gospels Covers (London, V&A)
Lorsch, Gatehouse
Lotharkreuz (Aachen treasury)
Lotto Venus and Cupid
Louis Comfort Tiffany Folding Screen, c. 1900
Louis Comfort Tiffany Vase, c. 1900
Louis IX
Louis Sullivan Guaranty Building, Buffalo, 1894
Louis Sullivan Wainwright Building, St Louis 1890-91
Louise Bourgeois, Cells (1990-93).
Louis-Jacques Mandé Daguerre, The Louvre from the Left Bank, Paris, 1939. (Daguerreotype: One off positive on metal plate, in a glass and leather case) (Ambrotype,Tintype; in 20 C: Polaroid).
Louvre metope
Louvre, Pyramid
Luca Cambiaso
Luca della Robbia
Luca Signoreili, Resurrection, detail
Luca Signorelli
Luca Signorelli, Resurrection, (Orvieto, Duomo, Cappella di S. Brizio) c. 1500
Lucia Anguissola
Lucia Moholy - Table Lamp
Lucia Moholy-Nagy - Portrait of László Moholy-Nagy, 1926
Lucia Moholy-Nagy, New Bauhaus Building, 1926
Lucia Moholy-Nagy, Views of New Bauhaus Buildings, 1925
Lucien Pissaro
Ludwig Meidner, Apocalyptic Landscape (1913).
Ludwig Meidner, I and the City (1913).
Luis Dalmau
Luis de Morales
Lyubov Popova, Constructivist Composition (1921).
Lyubov Popova, Painterly Architectonics (1917).
Lyubov Popova, Spatial Force Construction (1920-21).
M. Pointon and P. Binski, eds., 'National Art Academies in Europe, 1860-1906: Educating, Training, Exhibiting', Art History, 20, 1 (March 1997)
M.A. Caws (ed.) Manifesto: A Century of Isms (London, 2001)
M.Gee, Art Criticism since 1900, (Manchester, 1993)
M.Podro, The Critical Historians of Art (New Haven and London, 1982)
Machine Gun Corps Memorial (MGC) - Hyde Park Corner - Francis Derwent Wood - 1925
Madonna Alba
Madonna Connestabile
Madonna degli Occhi Grossi, early thirteenth century, OdD
Madonna del Granduca
Madonna del Voto, Siena Cathedral, C. 1270
Madonna dell Granduca
Madonna della Sedia
Madonna della Tenda
Madonna di Foligno
Madonna of the Franciscans, PNS no.20
Madonna of the Steps
Magritte The Betrayal of Images 1929
Maison Carée, Nimes
Maison Carrée, Nimes
Major Artists
Major Periods
Man Ray, photograph of the Surrealists, c. 1922.
Man Ray, photograph of trance session, c.1923.
Manet A Bar at the Folies-Bergere 1881-82
Manet Execution of Emperor Maximillian 1867
Manet Le Dejeuner sur l'Erbe 1863
Manet Lola de Valence. 1862
Manet Olympia
Manet Olympia 1863
Manet Portrait d'Emile Zola 1868
Manet sketch Le Dejeuner sur l'Erbe 1863
Manet The Balcony l868-69
Manet, A Bar at the Folie-Bergere, 1881
Manet, 'Berthe Morisot' or 'Repose', 1869-70.
Manet, Le dejeuner sur l'herbe, 1863
Manet, Nana
Manet, Portrait of Zola
Manet's Olympia
Mantegna, Bacchanal with a Wine-Vat engraving, c. 1480
Mantegna, Caesar's chariot (Triumphs, 9th canvas), Hampton Court, Royal Coll., c. 1485
Mantegna, Expulsion of the Vices from the garden of Virtue (Paris, Louvre), c. 1500
Mantegna, Introduction of the Cult of Cybele into Rome (London, NG), c. 1495
Mantegna, Martyrdom ofSt James (formerly Ovetari Chapel)
Mantegna, Parnassus (Paris, Louvre), c. 1496
Mantegna, S. Zeno altarpiece (Verona, S. Zeno)
Mantegna, S. Zeno Altarpiece (Verona, S. Zeno), 1459
Mantegna, Scenes of St James (formerly Padua, Eremitani, Ovetari Chapel), c. 1452
Mantegna, St James Baptising (formerly Ovetari Chapel)
Mantegna, St James before Herod Agrippa (formerly Ovetari Chapel)
Mantegna, St James before Herod, Padua, Eremitani
Mantegna, Study for a statue of Virgil
Mantegna, The Corselet-bearers (Triumphs, 6th canvas), Hampton Court, Royal Coll., c. 1490
Mantegna, Triumph of Scipio
Mantgna, St Sebastian (Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum), c. 1460
Mantua, Castello di S. Giorgio, begun c. 1395 by Bartolino da Novara
Mantua, cortile of the Palazzo Ducale
Mantua, Virgil Monument
Map and model of Rome
Map of Ancient Rome
Map of Ephesos
Map of Middle East
Map of Renaissance Italy
Marathon boy
Marble carvers' tools
Marcantonio Raimondi (c. 1480-1534) Jupiter and Cupid (after Raphael) Engraving
Marcel Breuer - Dressing Table with movable mirrors, 1923
Marcel Breuer - Kitchen, 1923
Marcel Breuer - Tubular Chair - 'Wassily' Chair, 1925
Marcel Duchamp
Marcel Duchamp, Bicycle Wheel (1913).
Marcel Duchamp, Bottle Rack (1914).
Marcel Duchamp, Comb (1916).
Marcel Duchamp, Etant données (1946-66).
Marcel Duchamp, Fountain (Readymade, 1917).
Marcel Duchamp, LH.O.O.Q (1919).
Marco Zoppo
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius (Rome, Capitol)
Maria Maggiore
Maria Van Oosterwyck
Marianne Brandt - Me, 1927
Marienstatt altarpiece (Germany), 1360s
Mariko Mori, Empty Dream, 1995, display film and light box.
Marinetti, Scrabaang, 1919
Marinetti, Zang Tumb Tumb, 1914
Mariotto Albertinelli
Mark Rothko, Number 26 (1947).
Mark Rothko, Ochre and Red on Red (1954).
Mark Rothko, Subway Scene (1938).
Mark Rothko, Tiresias (1946).
Mark Rothko, Untitled (1 948-9).
Mark Rothko, Untitled (1958).
Markets of Trajan, hall and via Biberatica
Marriage of the Virgin
Marriage of the Virgin, Baroncelli Chapel
Martin Bernat
Martin de Vos
Martin Schongauer (d. 1491) Temptation of St Anthony 1470s Engraving
Martin Schongauer The Large Carrying of the Cross. 1470s Engraving
Martin The Bard
Martin The Deluge
Mary Ann Hobart scrapbook album, 1837 — 73. Early page with lithographs
Mary Cassatt
Mary Cassatt, 'At the Opera' 1879
Masaccio, The Tribute Money c.1425, Brancacci Chapel, Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence
Masaccio, Tribute Money (S.M. del Carmine)
Masaccio, Tribute Money, (Florence, S. Maria del Carmine, Brancacci Chapel), c.1427
Masaccio, Tribute Money, det., head of Peter
Masaccio, Tribute Money, det., head of St John
Masaccio. Trinity (S. Maria Novella)
Maso di Banco
Maso di Banco, Sylvester and the Dragon, Bardi di Venuo Chapel, Santa Croce, c. 1340
Masolino da Panicale
Master ES Madonna of Einsiedeln. 1466 Engraving
Master ES Nativity. 1460s Engraving
Master of Flémalle Annuciation Musée des Beaux Arts, Brussels
Master of Pratovecchio
Master of the Avignon School
Master of the Castello Nativity
Master of the Duke of Bedford
Master of the Griselda Legend
Master of the Manna
Master of the Marble Madonnas
Master of the Mascoli Altar
Master of the Osservanza
Master of the Playing Cards Nine of Birds. 1440s Engraving
Master of the Playing Cards Queen of Stags 1440s Engraving
Master of the Retablo of the Reyes Catolicos
Masters of the Fontainebleau
Materials and Techniques
Materials and Techniques (Building Materials) 15-3-2004
Materials and Techniques (Design Process:Memorials) 9-2-2004
Materials and Techniques (Digital Reproduction) 1-3-2004
Materials and Techniques (Drawing) 26-01-2004
Materials and Techniques (Easel Painting 2) 19-01-2004
Materials and Techniques (Easel Painting) 12-01-2004
Materials and Techniques (Installations) 28-4-2004
Materials and Techniques (Institutions of Art) 8-3-2004
Materials and Techniques (Photography) 24-2-2004
Materials and Techniques (Printmaking) 2-2-2004
Matta, Here Sir Fire, Eat (1943).
Matta, Here Sir Fire, Eat! (1942).
Matta, Inscape (Psychological Morphology no. 104, 1939).
Matta, The Earth is a Man (1942).
Matteo Civitale
Matteo di Giovanni
Matteo Raverti and Bon workshop, Ca' d'Oro, 1421-1436
Matthew Digby Wyatt, Paddington Station, main arch,
Matt's Old Masters Matthew Collings
Maurice Vlaminck
Maurice Vlaminck, Reclining Nude (1905).
Maurice Vlaminck, The Bridge at Chatou (1905).
Mauro Codussi, Palazzo Corner-Spinelli & Palazzo Vendramin Calergi
Mauseoleum of Galla Placidia
Mausolea of Augustus
Mausolea of Augustus and of Hadrian
Mausolea of Hadrian
Mausoleum of Augustus
Mausoleum of Galla Placidia
Mausoleum, Castle Howard
Mausoluem of Augustus model
Max Ernst, Drawing (1942).
Max Ernst, Europe After the Rain (1940-42).
Max Ernst, The Great Forest (1927).
Max Ernst, The Horde (1927).
Max Pechstein, Invitation for the Die Brucke exhibition (woodcut, 1906).
Maximilien Luce
Maxwell Armfield
Maxwell Armfield, 'This England — Portrait of an Owner', 1943, tempera on paper
Melchior Broederlam, wings of Champmol Altarpiece, 1394, Dijon, Musee
Meleager Sarcophagus (Paris, Louvre)
Melozzo da Forli
Meret Oppenheirn, Fur Cup, Spoon, and Saucer (1936).
Merrit, Loved Locked Out
Merton College Chapel
Metope 26 South
Metope 30 South
Metope 31 S
Metzinger, Woman with a Coffee Pot (1919)
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Michelangelo Study for Lybian Sibyl ( c. 1510)
Michelangelo The Raising of Lazarus
Michelangelo, 1st Design for Julius II tomb
Michelangelo, 2nd design for Julius II tomb
Michelangelo, Battle of Cascina
Michelangelo, Bruges Madonna
Michelangelo, Brutus (Bargello), detail
Michelangelo, David
Michelangelo, David (Florence, Accademia)
Michelangelo, David, detail, torso
Michelangelo, David. Florence, Accademia
Michelangelo, Dying slave
Michelangelo, Fall and Expulsion (Sistine ceiling)
Michelangelo, ignudi above Persian Sibyl
Michelangelo, ignudo above Ezechiel
Michelangelo, ignudo above Libyan Sibyl
Michelangelo, Isaiah
Michelangelo, Jeremiah
Michelangelo, Jonah
Michelangelo, Julius II tomb
Michelangelo, Libyan Sibyl
Michelangelo, Moses
Michelangelo, Night (Florence, Cappella medici)
Michelangelo, Nude study for Cascina (
Michelangelo, Nude study for Cascina (pen+ink)
Michelangelo, Pith Tondo, head of child
Michelangelo, Rebellious slave
Michelangelo, Rebellious slave (Paris)
Michelangelo, Risen Christ (Rome, S. M. sopra M.)
Michelangelo, sonnet + caricature
Michelangelo, St Matthew (Accademia, Florence)
Michelangelo, Study for ignudo
Michelangelo, study for Libyan Sibyl
Michelangelo, Victory
Michele Giambono
Michele Pannonio
Michelozzo di Bartolomeo
Michelozzo, Palazzo Medici, 1444-69
Mikhail Larionov, Portrait of Tatlin (1913-14).
Mikhail Larionov, Rayonnist Composition (1913).
Mikhail Larionov, The Baker (1909).
Milan Duomo exterior
Milan, cathedral, begun 1386
Milan, monument to Bernabo Visconti, by Bonino da Campione, c. 1363
Miletos Gate (Berlin, Pergamon museum)
Millais Ophelia
Millais, 'Bubbles', see handout.
Millais, 'Grandmother's Apology', 1859. Illustration for Once a Week
Millais, Illustrations for Trollope's Novels, see handout.
Millet Gleaners 1857
Millet L'Angelus du Soir 1858-9
Millet Winnower 1847-8
Millias, The Knight Errant, 1863
Milllet A Huguenot
Minerva Victorious over Ignorance: Allegory on Rudolf II
Mino da Fiesole
Mino da Fiesole Bust of Piero de’ Medici
Minoan Civilization
Minor Greek Gods
Mis sorium of Theodosius (Madrid, Ac. de Ia Historia)
Modena Cathedral, façade
Modern Chromatics
Mona Hatoum, Light Sentence (1992).
Monet Autumn Effect at Argenteuil
Monet Boulevard des Capucines 1873
Monet Old St. Lazare Station
Monet The Gare St-Lazare 1877
Monet, Autumn Effect at Argenteuil, 1873
Monet, Boulevard des Capucines, 1874
Monet, Footbridge over the Water Lily Pond, 1919
Monet, Spring on the Ile de Ia Grande Jatte
Monet, Vase of Flowers, 1882
Monreale Cathedral, Mithras Capital
Monument of Lysicrates, Athens
Monument to the Third International, Vladimir Tatlin, 1929
Moonrise at St Germain (Tunis), 1915
Morality and Architecture Revisited, David Watkin
Moreau L'Apparition
Moreau The Apparition 1874-76
Moretto da Brescia
Morisot, The Wet Nurse, 1880
Mount Ida
Muche - Haus am Horn, exterior, 1923
Muche Georg - Reflection: Weaving workshop in sphere, 1921
Munch Madonna 1894/5
Munch the Scream 1893
Munich Statuette
Muybridge, Galloping Horse, from The Horse in Motion, 1818
Muybridge, Woman Pirouetting, from Animal Locomotion, 1887
Mycenaean Civilization
Mycenean Age
Mystic Flower
N frieze: general
N. Mirzoeff (ed.), The Visual Culture Reader (London, 1998, reprint 1999)
N. Mirzoeff, An Introduction to Visual Culture (London, 1999, reprint 2002)
N. Pevsner, Academies of Art, Past and Present (London, 1940)
N. Pisano w/shop, Arca di S. Domenico (c.1264). Bologna, S. Domenico
N. Pisano w/shop, Arca di S. Domenico, det. caryatid (London, V&A)
N. Pisano w/shop, Arca di S. Domenico, det., Burning of the Books
N. Pisano w/shop, Arca di S. Domenico, det., Madonna & Child
N. Pisano, Arca di S. Dom., lower part (Pope-Hennessy reconstruction)
N. Rosenblum, A World History of Photography (New York, 1984)
Nadar, study for Gerome, 1860-61, photograph
Nan Goldin, Jimmy and Paulette, 1991, Dye-destruction print (Cybachrome 1958)
Nanni di Banco
Nanni di Banco, 4 Santi Coronati (OSM)
Nanni di Banco, 4 Santi Coronati in niche (OSM)
Nanni di Banco, 4 Santi Coronati, det., head
Nanni di Banco, 4 Santi Coronati, predella (OSM)
Nanni di Banco, Qualtro Santi Coronati
Nanni di Banco, Quattro Santi, detail, predella
Nanni di Bartolo
Natalia Goncharova, Haycutting (1910).
Natalia Goncharova, Picking Apples (1909).
Natalya Goncharova
National Gallery, Sainsbury Wing
Natoire The Awakening of Venus
Nature and Nationalism
Naum Gabo, Column (conc. 1921, cx. 1929, rebuilt, 1937).
Naum Gabo, Construction in Space (c. 1925, rebuilt, 1985-6).
Naumburg Cathedral (Ekkehard and Uta; Last Supper)
Naval Battle, House of Vetii, Pompeii
Navicella mosaic (copy)
Naxos, unfinished Kouros
Nerezi, S Panteleimon
Neri di Bicci
Nessos painter 'Herakles and Nessos' (Athens) c.620
Niccolo dell'Abbate
Niccolo Dell'Arca
Niccolo di P. Lamberti, St Mark (Opera del Duomo)
Niccolo Fiorentino
Niccolo Tribolo
Nicholas von Verdun, Klosterneuberg altarpiece
Nicholas von Verdun, The Virgin Shrine, Tournai
Nicola Pisano Siena Duomo Pulpit (1265-8)
Nicola Pisano, Adoration, Pisa Bapt Pulpit
Nicola Pisano, Charity. Pisa Bapt Pulpit
Nicola Pisano, Pisa Baptistery Pulpit
Nicola Pisano, Pisa Baptistery Pulpit (1258-60)
Nicola Pisano, Presentation. Pisa Bapt Pulpit
Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Adoration
Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Annunciation
Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Charity from front
Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Fortitude, from below
Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Nativity from below
Nicola, PB Pulpit, det., Presentation
Nicola, Siena Pulpit, det., Adoration
Nicola, Siena Pulpit, det., Humility
Nicola, Siena Pulpit, det., Nativity
Nicolas Froment
Nicolas Poussin The Israelites gathering the manna 1639, Paris, Louvre
Nicolas Poussin, Echo and Narcissus (c. 1629-30).
Nimes, Maison Carre
Nine Worthies tapestry, 1380s?, New York, Met
Niobid painter 'Apollo & Artemis slaying Niobids' (Paris) c.460
Niobid painter 'Ceriauromachy & Amazonomachy' (Agrigento) c.460
Noli me tan gere, Arena Chapel
Noli me tangere Assisi
Northern Renaissance
Northern Sculpture 1250-1400 1
Northern Sculpture 1250-1400 2
Notre Dame St Annes portal
Notre Dame west front south Virgin and child
Nuno Goncalves
Nuremberg St Sebaldus exterior
Nuremberg St Sebaldus interior
Nuremberg, Frauenkirche
Nuremberg, Schoner Brunnen, begun c. 1385?
Octave Tassaert, The Piano, c. 1830
Odyssey landscape (Vatican from Esquiline c.40BC)
Offering the Keys of the City to the Virgin account book cover of Office of the Gabella, 1482
Office of the Dead, Rohan Hours (Paris, Bibi. Nat.)
Oil paint stored in pig bladders, glass syringes and collapsible tubes
Old Master
Old Masters
Old Sarum
Old St Paul's
Olga's Gallery The Maestà
Olympia - metopes and pediments
Olympic Games
Oppenheim Object:Fur Breakfast
Opus Caementicium
Opus Reticulatum
Opus Testaceum
Or San Michele
Orazio Gentileschi Joseph and Potiphers Wife
Orientalism and Photography
Origins of Doric, diagram
Orvieto D., façade, 1st pilaster, Creation of Eve
Orvieto Duomo façade, Eagle of St John
Orvieto Duomo, façade
Orvieto Duomo, façade (c. 1320)
Orvieto Duomo, façade, 1st pilaster, angels and trees
Orvieto Duomo, façade, 3rd pilaster
Orvieto Duomo, façade, 4th pilaster
Orvieto Duomo, façade, 4th pilaster det. damned
Orvieto Duomo, façade, 4th pilaster,, det., blessed
Orvieto Duomo, façade, Madonna and Child
Oskar Kokoschka, The Friends (1917-18).
Oskar Kokoschka, Two Nudes: The Lovers (1913).
Ottery St Mary interior
Otto III Gospels (Munich, BS)
Otto van Veen
Out break of fear III (1939) watercolour
Outerbridge Paul - The Triumph of the Egg, 1932
Overbeck Portrait of Franz Pforr
P. Barlow and C. Trodd eds., Governing Cultures: Art Institutions in Victorian London (Aldershot, 2000)
P. da Cortona, Div Providence, det. Fall of Giants
P. da Cortona, Divine Providence (Palazzo Barberini)
P. da Cortona, Divine Providence, det., Hercules
P. da Cortona, Rape of the Sabines (Capitoline)
P. da Cortona, Virgin appears to St Francis (Vatican)
P. Gillet, The Victorian Painter's World
P. Gillet, The Victorian Painter's World (Gloucester, 1990)
P.G. Goldshtein, Lenin addressing the troops outside the Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, May 5,
Pablo Picasso, Glass and Bottle of Suze (1912).
Pablo Picasso, Guitar (construction, 1912).
Pablo Picasso, Guitar (wire and metal construction, 1912).
Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles dAvignon (1907)
Pablo Picasso, Portrait of Kahnweiler (1910).
Pablo Picasso, Still-Life (painted wood and cloth relief, 1914).
Pablo Picasso, The Studio(1927-8).
Padua, Palazzo della Ragione, early thirteenth century and 1306
Padua, Scrovegni (Arena) Chapel, 1304/13
Paintings by Matteo Giovanetti
Palazzo Branconio dell'Aquila, Rome (Raphael)
Palazzo Chiericati, Vicenze
Palazzo dei Priori, begun 1292
Palazzo del Te, Mantua (Giulio Romano)
Palazzo Loredan, Venice
Palazzo Pubblico
Palazzo Thiene, Vicenza
Palazzo Valmarana, Vicenza
Pall Mall
Palladio Quattro Libri (1570)
Palladio, San Giorgio Maggiore
Palma Giovane
Palma Vecchio
Palmer A Hilly Scene
Palmer In a Shoreham Garden
Palmyra Colonnaded streets
Palmyra Temple of Bel ceiling
Palmyra Temple of Bel
Paoline Chapel
Paolo Romano
Paolo Uccello
Paolo Veronese
Parement de Narbonne, c. 1375, Paris, Louvre
Paris Bordone
Paris Psalter David playing the harp
Paris, Notre Dame
Paris, Notre Dame, aerial view
Paris, Notre Dame, N and S transepts by Jean de Chelles and Pierre de Montreuil, begun c. 1240
Paris, Notre-Dame, begun 1163
Paris, Notre-Dame, choir chapels
Paris, Notre-Dame, nave chapels
Paris, Notre-Dame, west portal
Paris, Palais de la Cite
Paris, Palais de la Cite, Grand Salle
Paris, Sainte-Chapelle choir
Paris, Sainte-Chapelle crypt
Paris, Sainte-Chapelle exterior
Paris, Ste-Chapelle
Paris, Ste-Chapelle Grande Chasse, enamels, stained glass
Paris, Ste-Chapelle, 1241-8
Parri Spinelli
Parthenon - metopes, frieze and pediments
Parthenon begun
Parthenon destruction
Parthenon Door
Parthenon Loviot
Parthenon Metope 26 South
Parthenon Metope 27 South
Parthenon Metope 30 South
Parthenon Metope 31 South
Parthenon Paccard
Parthenon Plan
Parthenon Plan2
Parthenon reconstruction interior
Parthenon West Frieze: 2 horsemen
Parthenon, E facade
Parthenon, section
Parthenon, stylobate
Parthenon, W facade
Parthenon: cut-away perspective
Pastoral scene, Pompeii & Paris on Mount Ida
Patterns of Intention On the Historical Explanation of Pictures Michael Baxandall
Paul Cezanne
Paul Cezanne, Five Bathers (1885-7).
Paul Cezanne, Mont Sainte-Victoire (1904-6)
Paul Cezanne, Still-Life with Plaster Cupid (c. 1895)
Paul Cezanne, 'The Castle of Médan', 1880, oil on canvas
Paul Delaroche, 'Cromwell' 1831
Paul Delaroche, 'Edward V and the Duke of York in the Tower' 1831
Paul Delaroche, 'The Execution of Lady Jane Grey' 1834
Paul Gaugin, 'Manao Tupapau: The Specter Watches her' 1892
Paul Gaugin, The Spirit of the Dead Watching, 1892
Paul Gauguin
Paul Gauguin, Nevermore, 1897
Paul Gauguin, Te Arii Vahine (woodcut, 1890s).
Paul Gauguin, The Yellow Christ, 1889
Paul III
Paul Klee
Paul Klee, Botanical Theatre, 1924/23
Paul Klee, Gestirn Uber Bosen Hausern (1916).
Paul Signac, St. Tropez Pinewood (1896).
Paula Modersohn-Becker, Kneeling Woman and Child, 1907
Peaches & Glass jar (Herculaneum, c.56AD)
Pedro Berruguete
Pedro Sanchez
Peloponnesian War
Percy Tomb, Beverly Minster
Pergamon, Great Altar of Zeus
Pergamon, victory monument of Attalus I
Pericles brings democratic reforms to Athens
Pericles dies
Perino del Vaga
Perseus frees Andromeda, Naples
Persia defeated
Persian domination of Ionia
Persian Wars
Persians repelled at the Battle of Marathon
Perugia, Fontana Maggiore
Perugia, Fontana Maggiore, by Nicola Pisano, completed 1278
Perugia, Fontana Maggiore, det. caryatid
Perugino, Battle of Love and Chastity (Paris, Louvre), c. 1505
Perugino, Christ giving the Keys to St Peter
Perugino, Christ's Charge to Peter (Vatican, Sistine Chapel), c. 1481
Perugino, St Sebastian (Paris, Louvre) c. 1495
Perugino, 'Study for head of the Virgin' (Windsor)
Peruzzi St John Evangelist cycle, + pontate c. 1330
Peter Behrens, trade mark for the AEG company c.1908 and electric fun, 1908
Peter Cornelius, Friederich Overbeck, 'Double Friendship Portrait', 1812 (drawing)
Peter de Wint, 'The Cornfield' 1815
Peter de Witte
Peter Paul Rubens
Peter Paul Rubens Landing of Marie de' Medici at Marseilles 1622-25, Paris, Louvre
Peter Paul Rubens, Rape of the Sabines (c.1635).
Peter Paul Rubens, 'Susanna Lunden', c.1620-5, oil on oak
Peterborough Cathedral
Peterhans Walter - Still Life with slice of lemon, tulle and feathers, 1929
Petra Khasneh
Philip assassinated/Alexander succeeds
Philip Calderon, 'Broken Vows' 1856
Philip de Loutherbourg Coalbrookdale by Night 1801
Philip defeats Athens - supreme power in Greece
Philippe de Champaigne Portrait of Cardinal Richelieu c. 1637, London NG
Phillips William Blake
Photo of Klee and Kandinsky imitating Rietschels sculpture of Goethe and Schiller
Photocopies, Helen Chadwick, The Oval Court, ICA 1986. (Installation view detail)
Photograph of Duchamp's twine installation for 'First Papers of Surrealism' (1942).
Photograph of Exhibition of Surrealist Objects, galerie Charles Ratton, Paris 1936
Photograph of First International Dada Fair, Berlin 1920.
Photograph of Jackson Pollock in his studio.
Photograph of Millais in his studio 1886
Photograph of Richard Serra throwing lead, 1969.
Photograph of Rodchenko.
Photograph of view of third OBMOKhU exhibition, Moscow, May 1921.
Photograph of Willem de Kooning in his studio (c.1
Photographic album with printed floral decoration, c. 1870
Piacenza, Palazzo Comunale, begun 1280
Piazza Navona, Rome (Bernini)
Picasso Au Bon Marche 1914
Picasso Demoiselles d'Avignon
Picasso Demoiselles d'Avignon 1907
Picasso Demoiselles d'Avignon medical student study
Picasso Demoiselles d'Avignon sailor study
Picasso Demoiselles d'Avignon seven figures
Picasso Demoiselles d'Avignon sketch
Picasso Jars with Lemon 1907
Picasso Le Demoiselles d'Avignon
Picasso Les Demoiselles d'Avignon 1907
Picasso Life 1903
Picasso Ma Jolie 1911
Picasso Portrait of Gertrude Stein
Picasso Two Nudes
Picasso Woman with a Large Ear 1907
Picasso, Factory at Horta de Ebro (1909)
Picasso, Guitar (sheet metal and wire) (1912)
Picasso, Guitar, Sheet music and Wine glass (1912)
Picasso, Le Verre dAbsinth (painted bronze and spoon) (1914)
Picasso, Ma Jolie, 1911-12
Picasso, Ma Jolie, Woman with Zither or Guitar (1911)
Picasso, Portrait of Marie-Therese (1937) o/c
Picasso, Still-Life with Chair-caning (1912) + details
Picasso, Table with Loaves and Bowl of Fruit (1909)
Picasso, Woman with Mandolin (1910)
Picture Album, 1937
Pier Francesco Fiorentino
Piero d. Francesca, Annunciation (Arezzo)
Piero d. Francesca, Montefeltro A/P (Milan, Brera)
Piero d. Francesca, Senigallia Madonna (Urbino)
Piero della Francesca
Piero della Francesca, Flagellation (Urbino)
Piero della Francesca, Flagellation (Urbino). c. 1455
Piero della Francesca, Madonna del Parto c.1460
Piero della Francesca, St Michael (NG)
Piero della Francesca., Madonna del Parto, Monterchi
Piero di Cosimo
Piero di Niccolo Lamberti
Piero Pollaiolo
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Pierre Dumoustier the Elder
Piet Mondrian, Broadway Boogie-Woogie, 1942 (o/c)
Piet Mondrian, Composition III, with colour planes, 1917 (o/c)
Piet Mondrian, Composition No.10 (Pier and Ocean), 1915 (o/c)
Piet Mondrian, Composition No.3, 1912 (o/c)
Piet Mondrian, Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue, 1921 (o/c)
Piet Mondrian, Grand Composition, 1919 (o/c)
Piet Mondrian, Self Portrait, c. 1900 (o/c)
Piet Mondrian, The Grey Tree, 1912 (o/c)
Piet Mondrian, The Red Cloud, 1907 (o/c)
Piet Mondrian, Victory Boogie-Woogie, 1943-44 (o/c)
Piet Mondrian, Windmill, 1905 (o/c)
Pietro Bernini
Pietro Cavallini
Pietro Cavallini, Madonna, Child & donors (Rome, S. Maria in Trastevere), c1300
Pietro da Cortona The Glorification of Urbain VIII's Reign 163 3-1639, Rome, Barberini Palace
Pietro da Rho
Pietro di Giovanni d'Ambrogio
Pietro Lombardo
Pietro Lombardo, Santa Maria dei Miracoli, 1481-9
Pietro Lorenzetti, Birth of the Virgin (S. Savinus altarpiece), 1342
Pietro Lorenzetti, Carmelite polyptych, c. 1329
Pietro Lorenzetti, Passion cycle, south transept, lower church, Assisi, c. 1316-19
Pietro Lorenzetti, polyptych, S.Maria delle Pieve, Arezzo, c. 1320
Pietro Lorenzetti, Uffizi Madonna, panel, 1340
Pietro Martini after J.H. Ramberg, 'The Exhibition of the Royal Academy' 1787
Pietro Oderisi, Tomb of Pope Clement IV (d.1268). Viterbo, S. Francesco
Pietro Perugino
Pietro Perugino, Apollo and Marsyas (Paris, Louvre) c. 1490
Pietro Torrigiano
Pirro Ligorio
Pisa S Maria della Spina exterior
Pisa S Maria della Spina interior
Pisa, Baptistery and Duomo, general view
Pisa, Baptistery, interior
Pisanello, Arthurian cycle (Mantua)
Pisanello, Gianfrancesco Gonzaga medal
Pisanello, Medal of Alfonso of Aragon
Pissarro Avenue de l'Opera 1898
Pissarro The Boulevard Montmartre at Night 1897
Plan of Campus Martius
Plantagenet tombs, Westminster Abbey
Plate from S.R. Wells, New System of Physiognomy (1866)
Plato begins teaching at Athens
Pleiades, Aratea (Leiden University)
Poggio a Caiano, near Florence (Giuliano da Sangallo)
Polidoro da Caravaggio
Pollaiuolo Hercules & Hydra (p/i c. 1460)
Pollaiuolo, Apollo and Daphne (London, NG) c. 1465
Pollaiuolo, Battle of the Nude Men, engraving c. 1475
Pollaiuolo, Hercules & Antaeus
Pollaiuolo, Hercules and Antaeus (Florence, Bargello) c. 1475
Pollaiuolo, Hercules and Antaeus (Florence, Uffizi) c. 1475
Pollaiuolo, Martyrdom of St Sebastian (London, NG) c. 1470
Pollock Autumn Rhythm
Pollock Cathedral 1947
Pollock Number 1
Pollock The Cup of Tea
Polykleitos, Doryphoros
Polykleitos, Doryphrous (Spear Bearer) C5th BC, Roman copy
Polyphemus & Galatea, Boscotrecase
Pompeian wall paintings
Pompidou Centre, Paris
Pont du Gard
Pont du Gard (Augustan)
Pont du Gard, Nimes
Pontomo Leda and the Swan
Pope Nicholas IV
Pope Sixtus IV
Porta Maggiore, Rome
Portable Camera Obscura, late 18 C. (popular accessory to sketching)
Portable Camera Obscura, late Cl8th
Portrait of a girl with stylus (Naples Museum, 3rd qtr lst Century AD)
Portrait of a Lady in Yellow
Portrait of a philosopher
Portrait of Agnolo Doni
Portrait of Alexander (after Lysippos?)
Portrait of Archduke Rudolf IV of Austria, 1358/65, Vienna, Diocesan Museum
Portrait of Baldassare Castiglione
Portrait of King Jean le Bon of France, c. 1349/64, Paris, Louvre
Portrait of law student and his wife (Naples, c.60-70AD)
Portrait of Maddalena Doni
Portrait of Pope Julius II
Portrait of Richard II, c. 1390?, Westminster Abbey
Portrait of Tommaso Inghirami
Portrait Victorine Meurant
Portraiture: The Hero and the Sovereign
Poseidon/Zeus (National Museum, Athens)
Possible reconstruction of Siena Cathedral altarpiece, 1270s
Poussin Landscape Phocion 1648
Poussin The Death of Germanicus 1627, Minneapolis, Institute of Arts
Poussin, Mars and Venus
Poynter, Andromeda, 1865
Poynter, Catapult, 1868
Poynter, Cave of the Storm Nymphs
Pozzo, Apotheosis of St Ignatius (S. Ignazio)
Prague Cathedral
Prague Cathedral, Tomb of Otakar I and triforium busts
Prague Old Town Bridge Tower tracery
Prague St Vitus Cathedral choir
Prague St Vitus Cathedral exterior east end
Prague St Vitus Cathedral exterior view
Prague St Vitus Cathedral plan
Prague St Vitus Cathedral sacristy
Prague St Vitus Cathedral St Wenceslas chapel
Prague St Vitus Cathedral vault
Prague, Karlov (St Charlemagne's), comp. Aachen
Prague, New Town, Corpus Christi (destroyed)
Prague, New Town, Our Lady of Snows, comp w. Ste Chapelle
Prague, Old Town Bridge Tower
Prague, sacristy, c. 1360 by Peter Parler
Prague, St George and the Dragon
Praxiteles, Aphrodite of Cnidos
Praxiteles, Aphrodite of Cnidos, rear view
Pregnant Woman
Previati, The Madonna of the Lilies, 1893-4
Prima Porta statue of Augustus
'Prima Porta' statue of Augustus
Prince Albert's album of photographic reproductions of Raphael's drawings for Agony in the Garden, photos by Caldesi, published by Colnaghi & Agnew
Principle of the Camera Obscura, 1671
Priscilla catacomb
Projecta casket
Pronomos painter 'Satyr play' (Naples) c.410
Propylaea, Athens, column bases
Propylaea, Athens, facade
Propylaea, Athens, plan
Psalter of Robert de Lisle, 'Madonna master', c. 1310, London, BL
Psalter of St Louis, 1258/70, Paris, BN
Puccio Capanna, Crucifixion, Chapter house, S. Francesco, Assisi, c.1340
Pugin Contrasts
Pugin Own house, Ramsgate 1841
Purgatory, Trés Riches Heures (Chantilly)
Puvis de Chavannes Women on the Beach 1879
Puvis de Chavannes, The Poor Fisherman, 1881
Pyramid of G.Cestius 12 BC
Queen Anna and George of Denmark
R. Barthes, The Death of the Author
R. Rosenblum and H.W. Janson, Art of the Nineteenth Century: Painting and Sculpture (London, 1984)
R. Strong, 'And when did you last see your Father?': The Victorian Painter and British History (London, 1978)
R.B. Martineau, 'The Last Day in the Old Home' 1861
R.C. Denis and C. Trodd, Art and the Academy in the Nineteenth Century (Manchester, 2000)
R.N.Swanson, Religion and Devotion in Europe c.1215-c.1515 (Cambridge, 1995)
R.Nelson, and R.Shiff, (eds.) Critical Terms for Art History, (Chicago, 1996)
R.Toman ed., Gothic: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting (English edition, Cologne 1999)
RA Memorial Detail - Shell Carrier
Rachel Ruysch
Rachel Whiteread, Ghost (1990).
Raimondi Judgement of Paris
Raising of Drusiana, Peruzzi chapel
Raphael (1483-1520) Jupiter and Cupid Farnesina, Rome
Raphael Study of girl with a mirror ( c.1515)
Raphael The School of Athens
Raphael, 1st design for Disputa, left hand side
Raphael, Adam & Eve (Stanza della Segnatura; c1509)
Raphael, Death of Ananais, det.,Ananais
Raphael, Disputa
Raphael, Expulsion of Heliodorus, detail
Raphael, La Belle Jardiniere
Raphael, Madonna of the Meadow
Raphael, Nude study for Disputa, left hand side
Raphael, School of Athens
Raphael, School of Athens, RH group
Raphael, sketch after Michelangelo's David
Raphael, Study for Adam
Raphael, study for Diogenes
Raphael, study for recumbent soldier
Raphael, 'The Blinding of Elymas' 1515-6
Raphael, 'The small Cowper Madonna' 1505
Ravenna, S. Vitale
Realism Linda Nochlin
Rebecca Solomon, 'A Fashionable Couple', 1854
Reconstruction of 1505 Julius II tomb project
Red-figured style in pottery developed
Ref: Galla Placida was married to a Goth and was half sister of the Eastern emperor. ]Galla Placida (388 - 450) Empress. Daughter of Roman Emperor Theodosius
Reims Cathedral
Reims cathedral, begun 1211
Reims Cathedral, central and north portals
Reims, bishop's palace chapel, 1230s
Reims, St Remi
Reliefs from the tomb of the Haterii late 1 stc AD
Reliquary Bust of Charlemagne, Aachen Treasury
Rembrandt Blinding of Samson (Frankfurt)
Rembrandt Christ presented to the People. State V Etching. 1655
Rembrandt Christ presented to the People. State VIII Etching
Rembrandt Presentation in the Temple Etching with drypoint
Rembrandt Presentation in the Temple. c1654 Etching with drypoint. Clean-wiped
Rembrandt The Raising of Lazarus
Rembrandt van Rijn, 'The Feast of Belshazzar' c.1635, oil on canvas
Rembrandt, Self-portrait 'open-mouthed' (etching)
Remedios Varo
Renaissance medal: Alfonso of Aragon
René Magritte, The Explanation (1952).
René Magritte, The Rape (1934).
Renier de Huy, Liege Font
Renoir La Loge 1874
Renoir, La Grenouilliere, 1869
Renoir, Monet reading, 1872
Renoir, The Bathers, 1887
Renoir, Woman of Algiers, 1870, oil
Renunciation of the Father, Assisi
Renunciation of the Father, Bardi Chapel
Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, Pompidou Centre, detail rear.
Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, Pompidou Centre, Paris, 1971-7.
Restormel Castle, from Fishers Drawing Room Scrapbook, 1832
Re-used column drums in wall
Rev. Calvert Jones, Porta della Ripetta, Rome, 1840. Calotype.
Rev. William Gilpin, 'Tintern Abbey' 1782
Revolt of the Viaducts 1937
Reynolds Commodore Keppel
Reynolds Lady Sarah Bunbury sacrificing to the Muses
Reynolds Self-Portrait
Reynolds, Mrs Siddons as the Tragic Muse, 1784
Ricci, Christ in the House of Simon
Riccio, Satyr & Satyress
Richard Earlom after Charles Brandoin, 'The Exhibition of the Royal Academy' 1771
Richard Earlom after Charles Brandoin, 'The Exhibition of the Royal Academy' 1771
Richard Hamilton, Just What is it that Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing? (1956).
Richard II and Ann of Bohemia, Westminster Abbey
Richard II Panel
Richard III
Richard Parkes Bonington, 'Henry IV and the Spanish Ambassador' 1827-8
Richard Redgrave, 'The Outcast' 1851
Richard Redgrave, 'The Poor Seamstress' 1846
Richard Serra, Tilted Arc (1981-9).
Richard Wilson, Caernarvon Castle c.1744-5
Ridolfo Ghirlandaio
Rigaud, Louis XIV, 1701
Rigaud, LouisXIV, 1701
Rise of Athenean Empire
Rise of Macedonian Empire
Robert Capa, Death in Spain (of a Loyalist Soldier), Life, 1937, from 35 mm negative (uses cinema film, Leica 1914)
Robert Delaunay, Fenetres Ouvertes Simultanement, 1912 o/c
Robert Desnos, The Death of Morise (1922).
Robert Frank
Robert Howlett, Kingdom Brunel, 1857. Collodion on glass (wet) plate, albumen paper print, (available since c1851).
Robert Morris, 'Felts' exhibition (1968).
Robert Morris, Installation photograph of exhibition at Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, 1965.
Robert Morris, Untitled (1962).
Robert Rauschenberg, Bed (1955).
Robert Rauschenberg, Coca Cola Plan (1958).
Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty (Great Salt Lake, Utah, 1970).
Robert Venturi, Sainsbury Wing Nat. Gal., 1988-90, facade
Robert Venturi, Sainsbury Wing Nat. Gal., 1988-90, glass curtain wall
Robert Venturi, Sainsbury Wing Nat. Gal., 1988-90, staircase
Rodchenko Chauffeur 1933
Rodchenko Magazine cover 1924
Roger Fenton, Odalisque, photograph, 1856
Roger van der Weyden, The Seven Sacraments (Antwerp)
Roman Emperors
Roman holding busts of his ancestors
Roman, Bust of Hadrian
Roman, c.20 AD, Togate figure (Munich)
Roman, Marcus Aurelius (Rome, Capitolini)
Roman, Marcus Aurelius
Roman, Phaedra sarcophagus (Pisa, Caniposanto)
Roman, Tomb of Cardinal Fieschi (d.1256). Rome, S. Lorenzo f.l.Mura
Romans in the Decadence of the Empire
Rome Pantheon
Rome, Arch of Constantine
Rome, Baths of Caracalla (plan)
Rome, Baths of Diocletian
Rome, Lateran, the Triclinium mosaic (copy of)
Rome, Pantheon
Rome, S Clemente
Rome, S Prassede
Rome, S, Maria del Popolo, Chigi Chapel, general
Rome, S. Giovanni in Laterano
Rome, S. Maria della Vittoria, Cornaro Chapel
Rome, S. Maria della Vittoria, Cornaro Chapel, plan
Rome, S. Paolo fuori le Mura, interior in 1823
Rome, St Peters
Rome, Sta Constanza
Rosa Bonheur
Rosa Bonheur, 'The Horse Fair' 1853
Rosalba Carriera
Rosalba Carriera, 'Allegory of Painting', c.1730, pastel on paper
Rossetti Found 1853
Rosso Fiorentino
Rouen Cathedral
Roy Lichtenstein, Masterpiece (1962).
Royal Academy
Royal Academy Antique School
Royal Artillery Memorial - Hyde Park Corner - Charles Jagger - 1925
Royal Mews
Rubens Apotheosis of Henri l 1622-25, Paris, Louvre
Rubens Portrait of Helena Fourment
Rubens Study of a female nude ( c. 1620)
Rubens The Miracles of St Ignatius Loyola 1617, Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum
Rubens, Assumption of Virgin (Hamburg)
Rubens, Descent from the Cross (Antwerp Cathedral)
Rubens, Helen Fourment, C17th
Rubens, Raising of the Cross (Antwerp Cathedral)
Rubens, Samson and Delilah (London, NG)
Runge Morning
Runge Night
Runge The Hulsenbeck Children
Ruskin and Revivalism
Russolo, Intonarumori, 1916
Russolo, Memories of a night, 1911
Russolo, The Revolt, 1911
Ruth Hollos-Consemuller - gobelin, c. 1926
S. Clemente, Temple of Mythras in the Crypt
S. Edwards (ed.), Art and its Histories (London, 1999)
S. Maria delle Carceri, Prato
S. Vitale
S.Ambrogio, cloister, Milan
S.Andrea al Quirinale, Rome (Bernini)
S.Biagio, Montepulciano
S.Biagio, Montepulciano (Antonio da Sangallo)
S.Carlino, Rome
S.Carlo alle Quattro Fontane (S. Carlino), Rome (Borromini)
S.Carlo alle Quattro Fontane (S.Carlino), Rome
S.F. Eisenman, Nineteenth-Century Art; A Critical History (London, 2002)
S.Geneviève (Pantheon), Paris
S.Ivo della Sapienza, Rome (Borromini)
S.Lorenzo, Florence
S.Maria del Popolo, Rome
S.Maria delle Carceri, Prato (Giuliano da Sangallo)
S.Maria in Campitelli, Rome
S.Miniato al Monte, Florence
S.Moise, Venice
S.Moisé, Venice
Sacra Parallela
Sacrifice of Iphigenia, Naples
Sagrestia Vecchia
Sailboats in Gentle Motion (1927)
Saint Louis Psalter (Paris, BN)
Saint-Aubin, Exhibition at the Louvre, 1753
Saint-Denis, abbey church exterior (c.1140 and 1231 onwards)
Saint-Denis, abbey church interior (c.1140 and 1231 onwards)
Saint-Denis, abbey church plan (c.1140 and 1231 onwards)
Saint-Denis, Paris
Sainte Chapelle, Paris exterior (c.1243-8)
Sainte Chapelle, Paris interior (c.1243-8)
Sainte Chapelle, Paris plan (c.1243-8)
Salisbury cathedral
Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali, The First Days of Spring (1929).
Salvador Dali, 'The Persistence of Memory', 1931, oil on canvas
Salvador Dali, William Tell (1930).
San Bernardino Madonna, PNS no.16, 1262 (dated)
San Domenico
San Francesco
San Francesco, Assisi, lower church, north transept
San Francesco, lower church, view of Magdalen Chapel
San Galgano exterior
San Gimignano
San Giovanni Crisostomo
San Lorenzo, begun 1425
San Marco
San Michele in Isola, c. 1469-75
San Zaccaria, begun by Antonio Gambello and completed by Codussi
Sandro Botticelli
Sangallo/Benedetto da Maiano, Palazzo Strozzi
Sano di Pietro
Santa Maria Formosa
Santa Maria Novella
Sant'Elia, Drawing of a Power Station for the New City, 1914-16
Sarah Lucas Christ you know it ain't easy 2003
Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus
Sarcophagus of Mourning Women
Sarcophagus of mourning women (Istanbul)
Savelli Sperandio
Scarisbrick Hall, Lancashire, c.1838: garden front
Scenes from the Lives of the Virgin and St John the Baptist
Schiavone Jupiter
Schism of Churches
Schloss Tirol Altarpiece, 13 75/86, Innsbruck, Landesmuseum
Schloss Tirol altarpiece, Innsbruck, Landesmuseum, c. 1370
Schwabisch Gmund Holy Cross exterior
Scipione Borghese
Scott Foreign Office 1860
Scott St Pancras Hotel Barlow Train Shed 1865
Scuola Grande di San Marco, begun in 1487 by Giovanni di Antonio Buora and Pietro Lombardo; completed by Codussi
Sebastiano del Piombo
Sebastiano Mainardi
Sebastiano Ricci
Seminar on Olympia
Senecio (1922)
Senlis Coronation of the Virgin
Senlis jamb figures
Senlis jamb figures right
September 9th 490BC
Septimius Severus
Sepulchral figures of Gratidius and Gratidia Libanus
Seurat Un Baignade Asniers
Seurat, Antinous, c. 1875-6
Seurat, Copy of Ingres's 'Angelica', c. 1878
Seurat, Final Study for Une Baignade
Seurat, La Grande Jatte, 1886
Seurat, Male Nude Hands Crossed, 1875-6
Seurat, Male Nude, c.1878-9
Seurat, Study for La Grande Jatte
Seurat, Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, 1884- 86
Seurat, Une Baignade, Asnieres 1883-4
Severing the Snake 1938
Sherman Untitled no.3
She-Wolf (Rome, Capitol)
Ships in the Dark (1927)
Shop 'L' Art Nouveau' exterior view
Siegfried Bing
Siena Cathedral
Siena Duomo exterior
Siena Duomo, façade (lower part, 1280s)
Siena Duomo, plan (reconstruction) c. 1260
Siena, aerial view
Siena, Campo
Siena, Cathedral 1220-60
Siena, Cathedral east facade
Siena, Cathedral facade design
Siena, Cathedral nave
Siena, Cathedral new construction begun 1316
Siena, Cathedral west facade begun 1284
Siena, San Francesco, begun 1326
Sienese Painting 1
Sienese Painting 2
Sigismondo Malatesta
Silvestro Dell'Acquila
Simeon Solomon, Bacchus
Simone Martin
Simone Martini
Simone Martini, Christ Blessing, c. 1340
Simone Martini (shop), S. Domenico, Orvieto, polyptych, c. 1 320s
Simone Martini and Lippo Memmi, Annunciation (S. Ansano altarpiece), 1333
Simone Martini, Annunciation (Uffizi)
Simone Martini, Annunciation (Uffizi), 1333
Simone Martini, Annunciation, 1333
Simone Martini, Beato Agostino altarpiece, c. 1324-26
Simone Martini, Maesta, 1315, Siena, Palazzo Pubblico, Sala del Mappamondo
Simone Martini, Maesta, fresco, Sala del Consiglio, Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, c. 1315/6
Simone Martini, S.Caterina polyptych, Pisa, 1319
Simone Martini, St. Martin's chapel, lower church, San Francesco, Assisi, c. 1317
Simone Martini, underdrawing for Salvator fresco, Avignon, cathedral, before 1344
Simone Martini? and Lippo Memmi?, 'New Fresco' (view of Arcidosso) and Guidoriccio da Fogliano (c. 1352?) above former Mappamondo by Ambrogio Lorenzetti, 1345
Sinope Gospels
Sir Anthony van Dyck, 'The Children of Charles I' 1637
Sir David Wilkie, 'Chelsea Pensioners Reading the Waterloo Dispatch' 1822
Sir Edward Landseer, 'Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at the Bal Costume of 12 May 1842'
Sir Edward Landseer, 'Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at the Bal Costume of 12 May 1842' 1842
Sir Edwin Landseer, 'Windsor Castle in Modern Times' 1841-5
Sir James Thornhill
Sir Joshua Reynolds, 'Mrs Hartley as a Nymph with Young Bacchus' 1772, oil on canvas
Sir Joshua Reynolds, 'Self-Portrait' 1780
Sir Leslie Martin
Sistine Chapel
Sistine Madonna
Sistine vault, West end
Six Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
slide Cameron Herschel
slides Materials and Techniques
slides Materials and Techniques (Carving) 24-11-2003
slides Materials and Techniques (Casting) 1-12-2003
slides Materials and Techniques (Mural Painting) 8-12-2003
slides Visual Analysis
slides Visual Analysis (Architecture) 10-11-2003
slides Visual Analysis (Photography) 17-11-2003
slides Visual Analysis (Sculpture) 27-10-2003
Socrates, tried and condemned
Sodoma The Death of Lucrezia
Sofonisba Anguissola
Sofonisba Anguissola, Self Portrait Miniature, 1560s
Soissons Cathedral
Somerset House
South Seas
Southwell Minster, Chapter House capitals
Southwell, pulpitum, c. 1330
Spartan Hegemony
Specimens of Gothic Architecture
Speyer Cathedral
Spilt, Mausoleum of Diocletian
Spinello Aretino
Sponge Umbrella
Spranger Venus and Adonis 1597
Square Root of 2
St Andrew foot reliquary (Trier, Cathedral treasury)
St Barbara, Kutna Hora
St Catherine¡'s Monastery, Sinai
St Catherine¡'s Monastery, Sinai, Icon Christ
St Catherine¡'s Monastery, Sinai, St Luke painting the Virgin
St Catherine¡'s Monastery, Sinai, Virgin and Child
St Catherine's, Sinai
St Christopher. 1423 Woodcut
St Denis
St Denis ambulatory
St Denis exterior
St Denis interior
St Denis west facade
St Denis west front
St Denis west front jamb figures by Montfaucon
St Denis west front north tympanum
St Denis west front south tympanum
St Etheldreda's, Holborn
St Foy, Conques
St Gall, Plan of a monastery
St George, Weltenberg
St Gilles Master, Mass of St Giles (London, National Gallery)
St Gilles-du-Gard
St Jerome
St John the Baptist
St Luke Painting the Virgin
St Martins Lane Academy
St Pancras Church
St Pancras station
St Pancras, London
St Paul’s Cathedral
St Paul's, London (Wren)
St Peter’s: Sangallo model and executed building (Michelangelo)
St Peter's
St Peter's piazza, Rome (Bernini)
St Peter's, Rome, schemes by Bramante, Raphael, Sangallo and Michelangelo
St Peter's: Sangallo model
St Stephen's Chapel
St Urbain, Troyes exterior (1264-)
St Urbain, Troyes interior (1264-)
St Urbain, Troyes plan (1264-)
St Vitus Virgin, c. 1400, Prague, National Gallery
St. Eirene, Istanbul, nave and apse
St. Francis cycle, Assisi: Funeral of St. Francis
St. Luke Painting
St. Michael
St. Peter dossal, PNS no.15
Stanza della Segnatura, general
Start of Mycenaean Civilization
St-Denis, begun 1137 for Abbot Suger
St-Denis, begun 1231
Ste-Chapelle choir
Stefano di Zevio
Stereoscopic card (albumen prints from stereoscopic camera wet plates)
Stereoscopic viewer (1 850s - 70s)
St-Germer-de-Fly, Lady Chapel, c. 1260
Stigmatisation of St. Francis, Pisa altarpiece
Stigmatisation, Bardi chapel, S. Croce, Florence, 1320s
Stigmatisation, St. Francis cycle, Assisi
Stokesay Castle, Herefordshire
Strasbourg cathedral begun 1277
Strasbourg Cathedral, Doomsday Pillar
Strasbourg cathedral, interior (1275 -)
Strasbourg Cathedral, Madonna and King Solomon (west gable)
Strasbourg cathedral, plan (1275 -)
Strasbourg Cathedral, west façade, begun 1277, designs 'A' and 'B'
Strasbourg cathedral, west front (1275 -)
Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, c.1750-90
Style and Connoisseurship
Summer reading book list for Art and Society in the Nineteenth Century
Supremacy of Sparta
Surrender of Briseis by Achilles, Pompeii (c.70AD)
Susanne Kunjappu-Jellinek, West-Berlin 1998 Curriculum Vitae
Suzanne Valadon
Synthetic Cubism
Syon House
T. Eagleton, Literary Theory. An Introduction (Oxford, 1983)
T. Gaddi, Presentation of Virgin, S. Croce, c. 1330
T. J Clark, On the Social History of Art
T. Lombardo, Coronation of Virgin alp (S. G.C.)
T. Lombardo, Miracle of Miser's Heart (Padua)
T. Lombardo, Vendramin monument, Adam
T. Riemenschneider, St John Baptist
T.J. Clark The Paintings of Modern Life, Paris in the Art of Manet and His Followers, Thames & Hudson 1984, Revised Edition 1999
T.J. Clark, The Painting of Modern Life: Paris in the Art of Manet and his Followers (London, 1984)
Taddeo Gaddi
Taddeo Gaddi, view of Baroncelli Chapel, S. Croce, c.1328
Taddeo Zuccaro
Talk on the Field of Gold
Talman and Archer, design for the west front of Chatsworth, Derbyshire, 1685-1707
Tansey Mont Sainte-Victoire 1987
Tansey Mont Sainte-Victoire rotated 1987
Tatlin Monument to the Third International 1920
Telematic Dreaming
Tempietto, S.Pietro in Montorio, Rome
Tempietto, S.Pietro in Montorio, Rome (Bramante)
Temple at Assos, entablature
Temple at Assos, facade
Temple of Aphaia, Aegina
Temple of Aphaia, Aegina, capital
Temple of Aphaia, Aegina, interior
Temple of Apollo, Bassae
Temple of Apollo, Bassae, Corinthian cap.
Temple of Apollo, Bassae, interior
Temple of Apollo, Bassae, plan
Temple of Apollo, Corinth
Temple of Artemis, Ephesos
Temple of Artemis, Ephesos, capital
Temple of Artemis, Ephesos, plan
Temple of Artemis, Magnesia
Temple of Artemis, Magnesia, plan
Temple of Artemis, Sardis, capital
Temple of Athena Nike, Athens
Temple of Athena Nike, Athens, capital
Temple of Athena Nike, Athens, frieze
Temple of Athena, Delphi, capital
Temple of Athena, Priene
Temple of Athena, Tegea, capital
Temple of Augustus (Maison Carée), Nimes
Temple of Castor and Pollux (Augustan AD 6)
Temple of Concord (AD 10)
Temple of Mars Ultor
Temple of Peace (Forum of Vespasian)
Temple of Priene
Temple of Venus and Rome
Temple of Vespasian, entablature
Temple of Vesta, Tivoli
Temple of Zeus, Olympia
Temple of Zeus, Olympia, capital
Temple of Zeus, Olympia, plan
Temple on the Illissos, Athens
Terence Comedies (Vatican 1 Lat)
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testing just storing links
Tewkesbury Abbey
Tewkesbury, apse windows for the dispensers and de Clares, 1330s
Tewkesbury, Chantry Chapel for Edward Despencer (d. 1375)
The Apotheosis of Homer
The Apparition
The Artist at the Window (1909) ink, wash and chalk
The Balcony
the beautiful and to eu
The Birth of Venus
The Blessed Damozel
The Canon
The Cornfield
The Counter Monument Against War and Fascism and for Peace at its unveiling, Jochen Gerz and Esther Gerz, Havberg 1986
The Dance
The Discourses
The Domestic Sphere
The Eiffel Tower
The Emmaus Monastery
The Erinyes
The Expulsion of Heliodorus
The Fates
The Fife Player
The Functions of History Painting
The Funeral service, Boucicaut Hours
The Futurist Manifesto 1909
The Girlhood of Mary Virgin
The Golden Age
The Graces
The Harbour
The Historical Present
The Holocaust Void at the Jewish Museum Extension to the Berlin Museum, Daniel Libeskind, 1997
The House of Lords: the throne end of the Chamber
The Houses of Parliament, c.1834-64
The Krumlov Madonna (Vienna, KHM)
The Lady's Own Paper, 'Mrs Jameson', 1867
The Lady's Own Paper. 'Elizabeth Barrett Browning', 1868
The Leaping Horse
The Lugubrious Game
The madder plant from George Field's notebook, 1804
The Madeville Travels
The Maestà (1308-11)
The Meaning of Art History
The Muses
The Nude
The Orders
The Persistence of Memory
The Propylea-Acropolis gateway begun
The Raising of Lazarus
The School of Athens
The Seven Lamps of Architecture
The Social History of Art
The Spartan Hegemony
The Sublime
The Three Graces
The Three Living and the Three Dead, F. Traini, Pisa Camposanto
The Tightrope Walker (1923), lithography
The Transfiguration
The Triumph of Galatea
The White Horse
Theatre Francais
Théâtre Français
Theatre of Marcellus (cf. Tabularium)
Theodore Gericault, 'Severed Limbs' 1818
Theodore Gericault, 'The Charging Light Cavalryman' 1812
Theodore Gericault, 'The Raft of the Medusa' 1819
Theodore Gericault, 'The Wounded Heavy Cavalryman' 1814
Theodore Rousseau
Theodoric Mausoleum
Theokiste instructing her granddaughters
Tholus, Epidauros, capital
Thomas Barker
Thomas Cole Course of Empire-Arcadia 1838
Thomas Cole Romantic Landscape, c. 1826
Thomas Couture
Thomas Couture, 'Romans of the Decadence' 1847
Thomas Gainsborough The Market Cart 1786
Thomas Gainsborough, 'Cornard Wood' 1748
Thomas Gainsborough, 'Cottage Door with Children Playing' c.1778
Thomas Gainsborough, 'Portrait of Margaret Gainsborough', c.1778, oil on canvas
Thomas Gainsborough, 'The Three eldest Princesses' 1784
Thomas Girtin
Thomas Girtin, 'Bamburgh Castle', c. 1797-9, watercolour on paper
Thomas Girtin, 'Interior View of Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire' c.1799
Thomas Hart Benton, America Today: Deep South (1930).
Thomas Hart Benton, Cotton Loading (1928).
Thomas Jeavons after J.M.W. Turner, 'Arundel Castle and Town, Sussex' c.1830-3
Thomas Phillips, 'William Blake' 1807
Thomas Rowlandson An Artist Travelling in Wales 1799
Thomas Rowlandson Vale of Langothlen, North Wales, c. 1797
Thomas Seddon, Excavations Around the Sphinx, 1856 (water-colour)
Thompson (Lady Butler), 'The Roll Call, 1874 (see handout)
Thornham Parva (Suffolk), Retable, and Frontal in Paris, Musee de Cluny, 1330s
Three Graces, from Pompeii
Tino di Camaino, Altar of S. Ranierino (c. 1310). Pisa, Museo dell'Opera
Tino di Camaino, Tomb of Card. R. Petroni (d. 1314). Siena, Duomo
Tintoretto Ariadne
Tintoretto Arsinoe
Tintoretto Milky Way
Tintoretto Susanna
Tintoretto Suzanna2
Tintoretto Vulcan
Tintoretto Women Playing Music
Tintoretto, Susannah and the Elders, 1555-6
Titian Bacchanalia
Titian Danae 1545
Titian Danae and the Shower of Gold 1554
Titian Danae with Nursemaid 1553-54
Titian Jupiter and Anthiope (Pardo-Venus)
Titian Jupiter and Anthiope Pardo-Venus
Titian Portrait of a Gentleman 1512
Titian Portrait of a Man
Titian Sacred and Profane Love
Titian Venus
Titian Venus Anadyomene 1520
Titian Venus and Cupid with a Partridge 1550
Titian Venus and Cupid with an Organist 1548-49
Titian Venus at her Toilet
Titian Venus d'Urbino, C16th
Titian Venus of Urbino
Titian Venus Pardo
Titian Venus Toilet
Titian Venus with Organist
Titian, Assunta (Venice, I Frari)
Titian, Bacchanal of the Andrians (Madrid, Prado)
Titian, Bacchus and Ariadne (London, NG)
Titian, Bacchus and Ariadne (London, NG), c. 1525
Titian, Brescia a/p (Brescia, SS Nazaro e Celso)
Titian, Brescia a/p, det. St. Sebastian
Titian, Danae (Naples, Capodimonte)
Titian, Diana and Actaeon
Titian, Martyrdom of St Peter Martyr (lost)
Titian, Miracle of Jealous Husband (Padua)
Titian, Miracle of Speaking Babe (Padua)
Titian, Perseus and Andromeda (Wallace Coll)
Titian, 'Portrait of a Gentleman', active 1506-1576
Titian, Rape of Europa (Boston, ISG Museum)
Titian, St Mark a/p (Venice, Salute)
Titian, Venus and Adonis (New York, Met Mus)
Titian, 'Venus of Urbino' (Florence, Uffizi)
Titian, 'Venus of Urbino' 1538
Titian's Jupiter and Antiope
Titian's Venus of Urbino
Tivoli Temple of Vesta
Tiziano Vecellio
Tom Wesselmann, Bathroom Collage no. 2 (1963).
Tomb of Eurysacis, Rome late Istc BC
Tomb of the Haterii
Tomb of the Pancratii, Rome (c. 150AD)
Tomb slab of an architect
Tommaso Cazzaniga
Tony Cragg Britain seen from the North 1981
Top Left - Albert Speer - German Pavilion - 1937 Paris Universal Exhibition
Tower of London (St Johns Chapel)
Trebon Altarpiece, 1380s, Prague, National Gallery
Trent, Castel del Buonconsiglio, murals in Torre Aquile, by Master Wenceslas?, c. 1400
Tres belles Heures/Brussels Hours for the Duc de Berry, by Andre Beauneveu?, Jacquemart de Hesdin and others, begun c. 1390, Brussels, Bibliotheque Royale
Tres Riches Heures (Chantilly)
Tres Riches Heures for the Duc de Berry, by Limbourg brothers, begun 1413-16, Chantilly, Musee Conde
Tribal Masks
Trier Basilica (formerly Aula Regia)
Trier, Aula
Trojan War
Tropez Pinewood
Tullio Lombardo
Tullio Lombardo, ?Bacchus and Ariadne, Vienna
Tullio Lombardo, Andrea Vendramin monument
Turner Bridport 1811
Turner Burning of the Houses of Parliament 1834
Turner Leeds 1816
Turner Ploughing up Turnips near Slough (Windsor) 1809
Turner Rain, Steam and Speed
Turner Rain, Steam and Speed 1844.
Turner Snow Storm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps
Turner The Fighting 'Temeraire' Tugged to Her Last Birth to be Broken Up 1839
Turner The Sun of Venice Going to Sea 1843
Turner, Dido Building Carthage, 1815
Two Men Meet, Each Believing the Other to be of Higher Rank, etching, (1903-05).
Two O'Clock Regents Street Sala Twice Around the Clock: Or the Hours of the Day & Night in London 1859
Uccello, The Flood (S. Maria Novella)
Ugo da Carpi (d. 1532) Diogenes Chiaroscuro woodcut
Umberto Boccioni, The City Rises (1910-1 1).
V. Malevich, Suprematist Painting (White on White), 1917-18
V. Stoss, Madonna & Child (V&A)
Valentine Green after Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-92) Mary Isabella, Duchess of Rutland Mezzotint 1780
Vallou de Villenueve, 'Nude Study' for Courbet Les Baigneuses, 1853
Van Gogh A Pair of shoes 1885
Van Gogh Joseph-Etienne Roulin 1889
van Gogh Self-Portrait 1889
Van Gogh The Outskirts of Paris 1886
Van Gogh, Road with Cypress and a Star, 1890
Van Gogh, Selfportrait, 1888
Van Gogh, The Shepherdess after Millet, 1889
Vanessa Bell
Varvekeion statue
Vase painters: Amasis painter, Exekias, Berlin painter and Niobid painter
Vaseely]) chair made of steel tubes with two stripes as the seat. They had funding from Dessau but also started generating income from designs. Ruth Hallos carpet design.
Vatican, Sistine Chapel, interior reconstr.c. 1485
Vatican, Sistine Chapel, right wall det.
Velazquez The Toilet of Venus (The Rokeby Venus)
Venice, Arsenal gateway
Venice, Doge's Palace, Scala dei Giganti
Venice, Library of St Mark's
Venice, Loggetta
Venice, Palazzo Ducale, begun 1340
Venice, Palazzo Ducale, Piazzetta wing begun 1424
Venice, Palazzo Ducale, water façade begun 1341
Venice, Piazza, central flagstaff, base detail
Venice, S. Marco, south transept; 12th century?
Venus from Cnidos (after Praxiteles)
Venus of Urbino
Veroli Casket
Verona, monument to Cansignorio della Scala, by Bonino da Campione, c. 1375
Verona, S. Zeno doors, Dance of Salome
Verona, S. Zeno, Bronze doors
Veronese, Venus and Adonis (Madrid, Prado)
Verrocchio, Baptism (Florence, Uffizi) c. 1470
Verrocchio, Bartolommeo Colleoni (Venice, Campo di SS Giovanni e Paolo) c. 1480
Verrocchio, David
Verrocchio, David (Florence, Bargello)
Verrocchio, Doubting Thomas (Orsanmichele) c. 1465
Verrocchio, Forteguerri Monument, bozzetto
Verrocchio, Putto with Dolphin
Verrocchio, 'Study of head of Woman', 1475 (London, British Museum)
Verrocchio/Leonardo, Baptism (Uffizi) detail, landscape
Verrocchio/Leopardi, Colleoni monument+ pedestal
Versailles (Le Vau and many others)
Victor Horta Tassel house, staircase and landing, 1893
Victoria & Albert
Victorine Maurent
Victorine Meurent
Vienna Genesis
Vienna Genesis Temptation of Joseph 500-600
View from Propylaea (Von Klenze)
Villa Barbaro, Maser
Villa of Mysteries, Pompeii, Cubiculum 16
Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii
Villeneuve-les-Avignon Virgin and Child ivory (Luxembourg)
Vincennes, Ste-Chapelle, founded 1379 by Charles V of France
Vincent van Gogh, Evening Walk (1889).
Vincent van Gogh, Night Cafe'(1888).
Vincenzo Danti
Vincenzo Foppa
Virgin and Child ivory (Paris, Louvre)
Virgin in a Tree etching, 1903
Virgin of Jeanne d'Evreux (Paris, Louvre)
Visual Analysis: Architecture
Visual Analysis: Painting 20-10-2003
Vittore Carpaccio
Vittorio Crivelli
Vladimir Tatlin, Corner Relief (1915).
Vladimir Tatlin, Corner Relief (1915, remade 1980).
Vladimir Tatlin, Monument to the Third International (1920).
Vladimir Tatlin, Relief (1913, remade 1980).
Vladimir Tatlin, Relief (1914, remade 1979-80).
Vladimir Tatlin, Relief (1914, remade 1979-81).
Votive Panel of archbishop Jan Ocko for Roudnice palace chapel, 1371, Prague, National Gallery
Vyssi Brod Altarpiece, c. 1350, Prague, National Gallery
W. Morris, 'Willow and Vine' wallpaper, 1870s
W.A. Bouguereau, The Bathers, 1887
W.R. Smith after J.M.W. Turner, 'Harlech Castle, North Wales' c.1834-5
Wall painting from Herculaneum, 'Hercules and Telephus'
Wallis Stonebreaker 1857
Walnut: cell-structure (diagram)
Walter Gropius - Above - Diesel railway locomotive, 1912 – below - Compartment in a Mitropa Sleeping Car, c.1914
Walter Gropius & Adolph Meyer - Above - Fagus Factory at Aifred-an-der-Leine, 1910-11 Below - Office Building at the Cologne Werkbund exhibition, 1914
Walter Gropius as cavalry officer during the First World War
Walter Gropius, Monument to the March Dead in the main cemetery of Weimar, 1921
Wassily Kandinsky
Wassily Kandinsky, Battle + detail, 1910 (o/c)
Wassily Kandinsky, Bedroom in Ainmillerstrasse (1909).
Wassily Kandinsky, Blue Mountain (1908) o/c
Wassily Kandinsky, Blue Mountain, 1908 (o/c)
Wassily Kandinsky, Cover of Concerning the Spiritual in Art, 1911
Wassily Kandinsky, Deluge, 1913 (o/c)
Wassily Kandinsky, First Abstract Watercolour (1910 or 13)
Wassily Kandinsky, Fugue, Controlled Improvisation (1914).
Wassily Kandinsky, Improvisation (1911).
Wassily Kandinsky, Lyrically (1911).
Wassily Kandinsky, Succession 1935 (o/c)
Wassily Kandinsky, The Blue Rider, 1903 (o/c)
Wayneflete chantry, Winchester Cathedral
Wells Cathedral
Wells Cathedral interior choir
Wells cathedral west facade
Wells cathedral, chapter house (1290s-)
Wells cathedral, exterior (1190s-)
Wells Cathedral, ground plan
Wells cathedral, Lady chapel (1320s-40s)
Wells cathedral, nave (1190s-)
Wells cathedral, plan (1190s-)
Wells, bishop's palace chapel, 1280s for bishop Robert Burnell
Wells, Cathedral close
Wells, Lady Chapel
Wenceslav Hall, Prague
Westminster Abbey (and Tombs)
Westminster Abbey (Cosmati pavement; tomb of Henry III)
Westminster Abbey exterior (1244 -)
Westminster Abbey plan (1244 -)
Westminster Abbey, 'Crouchback'
Westminster Abbey, Liber Regalis, begun 13 80s?
Westminster Abbey, Retable, c. 1270
Westminster Abbey, Sedilia, 1307/08
Westminster Abbey, shrine area
Westminster Abbey, Tomb of Edmund Crouchback
Westminster Abbey, tomb of Edmund 'Crouchback' (d. 1296), by Michael of Canterbury?
Westminster Abbey, Tomb of Eleanor of Castile
Westminster Hall
Westminster palace, lost murals for Edward II, 1290s
Westminster Palace, Painted Chamber, former murals for Henry III, 1263/72
Westminster Palace, St Stephen's Chapel, begun 1292
Westminster Palace, The Painted Chamber (copies of paintings by Stothard, 1819)
Westminster Retable
Westminter, St Stephen's Chapel, begun 1292 by Michael of Canterbury
Weston Anita Nude 1926
Weston Church Door 1940
Weston Excusado 1925
Weston Nude on Sand Oceano 1936
Weston Nude on the Beach 1937
Weston Pelican 1945
Weston Tina on the Azotea 1925
Weymouth Bay
WH Barlow
What a book is to those who can read, a picture is to the ignorant people who look at it. Because in a picture even the unlearned may see what example they should follow; Because in a picture they who
When Alfonso d'Este
Wife of Septimius Severus
Willem de Kooning, of Hearts (1946).
Willem de Kooning, Woman II (1952).
William Blake, 'Sir Jeffery Chaucer and the Nine and Twenty Pilgrims on their Journey to Canterbury'
William Blake, 'The Body of Abel Found by Adam and Eve', c.1825, tempera? on wood
William Collins, 'Rustic Civility' 1832
William Frederick Yeames, 'And When did You Last See your Father?' 1878
William Gilpin Tour of the River Wye 1782
William Gilpin, Landscape Composition
William Gilpin, Picturesque Mountain Landscape
William Gilpin, View of Tintern Abbey from the Road
William Henry Fox Talbot, Nelson Column under construction, London, 1843. (Calotype: negative-positive, on paper, also described as 'salt' prints).
William Hogarth
William Hogarth, 'Beer Street' 1751
William Hogarth, 'Gin Lane' 1750-1
William Hogarth, 'The Analysis of Beauty: Plate I' 1753
William Hogarth, 'The Lady's Last Stake' 1758
William Holman Hunt, 'The Awakening Conscience' 1853
William Holman Hunt, 'The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple' 1862
William Holman Hunt, 'The Light of the World' 1851-3
William Hunt Hireling Shepherd
William Hunt Our English Coasts
William Measom after Archibald Samuel Henning, 'The Jew Old-Clothes Man', from Henry Mayhew, London Labour and the London Poor (1861)
William Morris, Settee from the Sussex Range, 1865
William Powell Frith, 'Derby Day' 1856-8
William Powell Frith, 'The Derby Day' 1856-8
William Powell Frith, 'The Railway Station' 1862
William Turner, 'Snowstorm', 1842, oil on canvas
Wilton Diptych, for Richard II of England, 1395/9, London, National Gallery
Wilton Dyptich
Winchester Hall
Winchester, chantry chapel for Bishop Wykeham (d. 1404)
Winchester, chantry chapels for Bishop William of Wykeham (d. 1404)
Winchester, chantry chapels for Cardinal Henry Beaufort (d. 1447)
Wivenhoe Park
Wolfgang Paalen
Woman of Flavian period
Women Artists
Women Painters
Wooden effigy of a knight, Southwark Cathedral
Work in progress on Orozco's Dartmouth College frescoes (photograph, c.1932).
Wright of Derby, The Corinthian Maid, c. 1783-4
Wykeham chantry, Winchester Cathedral
Yves Tanguy, Sleeping Woman (1927).
Yves Tanguy, The Ribbon of Excess (1932).
Zanobi Machiavelli
Zeus of Artemission
Zoan Andrea
Zoffany The Academicians of the Royal Academy 1771-2
Zoffany, Tribuna of the Uffizi, 1772
Zucchi Bathsheba
Zucchi Coral Fishers